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Lost in Space: The Flaming Planet

Violating orders, Doctor Smith has grown an alien plant in his cabin. Space radiation turns it into a monstrous mutant that thinks he's its “mother!” Ordered to dispose of it into the jets, Smith instead lazily flushes it out an airlock, and it promptly attaches to the ship, causing engine problems! To remove the plant, John proposes a close passage through the dense atmosphere of a nearby planet – but that planet is inhabited, and the residents do not want visitors. The Jupiter 2 lands anyway, and then discovers that the planetary inhabitants demand a high price for their safe departure!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x22
Production Number: 1517
Airdate: Wednesday February 21st, 1968

Director: Don Richardson
Writer: Barney Slater

Guest Stars

Harry MontyHarry Monty
As Little Plant Monster
Jeffrey TraylerJeffrey Trayler
As First Plant Monster
Jonathan Hunt (1)Jonathan Hunt (1)
As Second Plant Monster
Paul KesslerPaul Kessler
As Third Plant Monster
Main Cast
Guy WilliamsGuy Williams
As Professor John Robinson
June LockhartJune Lockhart
As Dr. Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard (1)Mark Goddard (1)
As Major Donald West
Marta KristenMarta Kristen
As Judy Robinson
Bill MumyBill Mumy
As Will Robinson
Angela CartwrightAngela Cartwright
As Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris (1)Jonathan Harris (1)
As Dr. Zachary Smith
Dick TufeldDick Tufeld
voiced Robot / Narrator
Bob May (1)Bob May (1)
As Robot
Episode Quotes
Will: Doctor Smith, I'm not sure that's an orange tree.
Doctor Smith: Of course it's an orange tree. Any day now a crop of sweet Valencia oranges will burst forth!

The Robot: (about Doctor Smith) I have computed his condition. The good doctor is only paralyzed with fear!
Doctor Smith: Why shouldn't I be? There's just so much a man can stand!

Judy: We've been traveling in space for hours! How could a plant attach itself to the spaceship?
John: That's a good question, Judy.

Sobram: You are about to enter a restricted zone. Alter your flight pattern immediately. Leave the area. We repeat – this is a restricted zone.
John: This is John Robinson of the planet Earth. We're having some trouble up here.
Sobram: A final warning: leave this are at once! Do not attempt to enter out atmosphere, or you will be destroyed!

Don West: We're still trying to make contact with the planet. So far, no luck. Something has to be done, and we have to do it.
Doctor Smith: Did you say 'we,' Major?
Don West: Someone has to go down to that planet and convince them we're not their enemies.
Doctor Smith: And how do you propose to accomplish this miraculous mission? Do we grow wings and fly?
Don West: No. By using the space pod we can get to the attack area before the Jupiter 2. You see, the pod's small enough to go undetected.
Doctor Smith: That's a splendid idea, Major! I suggest you go along, and my blessings go with you.
Don West: I'm glad you approve, Doctor Smith. Because you're going with me.

Don West: Which would you rather face, Smith? What's inside there, or me?
Doctor Smith: Let us proceed.

Sobram Book: Hear, then, the story of this ancient world. In the beginning the planets fought among themselves. For ten thousand years, civilizations battled with each other. And then, the Sobrams appeared – a race whose sole enjoyment was the making of war. They had created an indestructible planet, capable of moving through the galaxy at will. But if the world of the Sobrams was indestructible, they themselves were not. They fought to their own extinction. Now, nothing remains of this warrior race except this world, and the history you have heard.

Sobram: The end of my life is near. But before it is over, there is a legacy I must leave.
Doctor Smith: Oh, my dear sir. I shall be more than happy to help you with your will. You see, as something of a legal brain, I can avoid all but the most complicated of probates.
Sobram: Yes, well, that's not what I meant.
Don West: Just what did you mean? And what is your legacy?
Sobram: One of you must stay behind and take over this planet. Either that, or you will all be destroyed.

The Robot: The alien seeks one thing: someone to play against him in one last war game. A game that eventually will destroy this entire world!

Don West: There's only one person I know who's totally without any standards.
(Don hauls Doctor Smith in front of Sobram.)
Sobram: Perhaps. He certainly has the sneaky look of a dirty fighter.

Episode Goofs
A view from inside the Jupiter 2 during a missile attack shows the missile approaching the forward viewing ports. When the perspective changes to an exterior view, the missile is approaching from the aft side of the ship, where it would be invisible to the forward ports.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorIrwin Allen
ProducerIrwin Allen
Associate ProducerWilliam Dario Faralla
Unit Production ManagerJames M. Walters Jr.
Music EditorGeorge Probert
Music SupervisorLionel Newman
Costume DesignerPaul Zastupnevich
Set DecoratorJames Hassinger  |  Walter M. Scott
Production CoordinatorLes Warner
Post Production SupervisorGeorge E. Swink
Supervising Sound EditorDon Hall
Director of PhotographyFrank G. Carson
Story EditorAnthony Wilson
Production SupervisorJack Sonntag
Art DirectorFrank O. Barnette  |  Jack Martin Smith
Post Production CoordinatorRobert Mintz
Film EditorFred Baratta
Assistant DirectorGilbert Mandelik
Executive In Charge Of ProductionWilliam Self (2)  |  Guy Della-Cioppa
Production AssociateHal Herman
Sound Effects EditorBob Cornett
Supervising Music EditorLeonard A. Engel
Theme MusicJohn Williams (3)
Special Photographic EffectsL.B. Abbott
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