Season 5

71 :05x01 - Of Kings and Queens

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72 :05x02 - Full Disclosure

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73 :05x03 - Daddy's Home

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74 :05x04 - Blackmail

Joseline returns to Atlanta with a vengeance. Scrappy and Rasheeda hash out their issues. Karlie lets it all hang out with Lyfe Jennings. K.Michelle pops up, and Scrapp DeLeon pops off at KK over her relationship with Tiarra.

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75 :05x05 - Watch Your Back

Joseline dishes on Karlie Redd, Stevie J and KK. Kirk's daughter asks for help with her music career. Tommie's suspicions about Scrapp come to a fever pitch, and Mimi agonizes over Stevie J and Chris coming face to face.

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76 :05x06 - Mother of All Problems

Everybody is at odds after a surprise guest shows up at Joseline's party. Momma Dee's marriage shows signs of stress.

77 :05x07 - Playing With Fire

Karlie gets closer to a new man whilst Stevie J threatens to end things with Joseline.

78 :05x08 - Common Ground

Scrapp receives devastating legal news; K.Michelle faces D. Smith and Betty Idol; Jessica takes her relationship to the next level; Tiarra and KK search for common ground.

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79 :05x09 - Free At Last

Joseline turns to Mimi for help but Mimi finds out some secrets that are being kept by Stevie.

80 :05x10 - Final Goodbye

Deb's panel discussion on bullying has a surprising outcome. D. Smith helps Ariane find her voice. Scrapp has an emotional goodbye with his son, King, and spends his final night of freedom with his family before he faces the judge.

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81 :05x11 - Mystery Solved

Scrapp is sentenced; Mimi and Stevie take a road trip, Joseline confesses, D. Smith and Scrappy face-off.

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82 :05x12 - Lovers or Friends?

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83 :05x13 - Funny Business

Stevie and Joseline come face-to-face since separating. Joseline pushes the limits by inviting Tommie to join them, and Stevie flaunts his new artist, Dime. Karlie comes clean with Tiarra about Scrapp, and Lyfe surprises Karlie with a ring. Rasheeda and Kirk have big plans for DLO that don't involve Kelsie. Momma Dee suspects Ernest is up to no good. D. Smith shares her music with CeeLo.

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84 :05x14 - Confessions

All hell breaks loose at Stevie J's pool party when Karlie confesses to Tiarra and when Dime comes face-to-face with Joseline. K.Michelle takes Ariane under her wing. Scrappy tries to win back Bambi while Tammy and Deb share a tearful moment.

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85 :05x15 - Heart to Heart

KK extends an olive branch to Tiarra. Mimi decides to handle unfinished business with Chris. Scrappy turns to Tammy for advice on how to win back Bambi. Karlie confronts Lyfe about another secret she's uncovered while Joseline confronts Tommie about an incident in LA.

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86 :05x16 - Final Outcome

Stevie and Joseline's relationship comes to a bitter end while Scrappy pops the question in front of family and friends. The real Tommie is revealed during a counseling session and when Joseline attends Ariane's listening party, all hell breaks loose.

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87 :05x17 - Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 1

Coming off of the most explosive Atlanta season to date, concerns of cast violence compel producers to reunite the cast in small groups at a secret location. Bambi and Betty Idol face off over Scrappy while Tommie gets word that her legal issues just got worse thanks to Joseline.

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