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Final: 1x12 -- Endless (Jun/29/2005)

Junko MinagawaJunko Minagawa
voiced Aoyagi Ritsuka
Katsuyuki KonishiKatsuyuki Konishi
voiced Agatsuma Soubi

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1x12: Endless recap: When Ritsuka finds a code that looks exactly liek the code he received from that pair, Sleepless, taped to Yayoi's gvideo game, he asks him about it.ITs a time place and area in an online game. Ritsuka logs on, in his REAL name, Loveless, and plays around. He finds the special room that matches the code he has and finds a strange character there. He soon gets knocked out by a weird insense.
In school the next day, Ritsuka passes out in school and wakes up in katsuko's office. She asks about his sleeping habits, then has him lay back down and sleep some more.
After having a strange dream about the lst time he saw his brother alaive, he awakes to find Katsuko dead. He runs to his home and finds it ablaze. He tries to get his mother out, but she avoids hims saying how he's not her Ritsuka. Confused, Ristuka leaves the burning apartment and soon finds Yayoi hanging from a street post. When he tries to get him down, Yayoi tells him to go and save Yuiko instead, then he passes out. On the way to her apartment, Ritsuka crosses a bridge and finds Hitome-sensei floating in the frozen river. When she says that she doesnt derve to be their teacher, and how she couldnt protect her students, Ritsuka deducts that Yuiko is actualy at the school. Hitome-sensei goes quiet in his arms.
Ritsuka finds the homeroom barred. He enters the room and finds Yuiko leaning against the desk. She tells him that she's happy to die for him. Ritsuka tells her not to die, and she says "okay" and soon dies.
Confused nd upset, Ritsuka calls out Soubi's name. When Soubi arrives, instead of helping, he reaches for risuka with a bloody hand. Ritsuka asks him if he was the one who killed everyone he loved, and Soubi grabbs him by the throat and starts chocking him saying he was ordered to do it. He says that it is all just a dream, and if Risuka dies within that dream, the old Ritsuka will awaken, just like he wanted. Ritsuka says that he doesn't want that now that he knows how to love, and Soubi says that its not in his destiny to love. His name, "Loveless" says so.
as Soubi shoves Ritsuka into the flames, Ritsuka shouts at him that he'll make his OWN destiny. Those words cause Soubi to let go and reel backwards. "that was an interesting spell" Soubi compliments, as he starts to turn to dust. He then turns into Seimei and wishes Ritsuka well.
Ritsuka wakes up again, in Katsuko's office. He cautiously aproches her still form and discovers she is only sleeping. Ritsuka goes about town, he finds his mother returning from grocery shopping, and finds Yayoi giving Yuiko some mangas. He also finds his teacher safe, and talking about what she'll make for dinner that evening. Ritsuka is glad that everyone is safe.
Soubi aprouches him and says he was worried because he couldnt call him on the cell phone. Ritsuka is still wary of him due to the dream he had and asks Soubi that if his brother were to come back and order Soubi to kill him, would he? Soubi answers "Probably." Ritsuka shouts "I knew it" and starts to run awa. Soubi stops him and pulls him into an embrace and tells him that IF that were to happen, He(Soubi) would die first because life with Ritsuka is..." Ritsuka stops struggling and relazes into the embrace, calling Soubi and idiot.
The episode clsoes with Seimei's voice saying that he cant wait to see Ritsuka's performance.. read more.

1x11: Warless recap: Katsuko hears three point of veiws on a day that Ritsuka spent at the amusment park.
Kio's POV tells on how he followed his "perverted friend" who wanted to spy on Ritsuka as he spent time at the amusment park with his classmates and teacher. He even teased Soubi when they saw Yuiko sitting in Ritsuka's lp on the ferris wheel. Soubi had rushed to the amusement park and tried to force Ritsuka onto the ferris wheel, which Ristuka refused.
Katsko later finds Ritsuka's teacher at the bar with several empty glasses in front of her. Hitmoe sadly tells how at the end of the day at school, Yuiko had invited Ritsuka and Yayoi to the amusment park. On the way she kept thinking she was seeing Soubi everywhere. SHe had decided to chaperone for them. On the ferris whel, Ritsuka and Yuki shared one car and Yayoi shared her car. Yayoi had gotten upset when he saw Yuiko sitting on Ritsuka's lap. Then she got surprised when Soubi had arrived and tried to force Ritsuka onto the ferris wheel. Later, during a ferry ride, both Soubi and Ritsuka's attitudes had changed. After her narative, Katsuko orders another drink, which turns out to be a non-alchoholic melon-watermelon fruit jucie blend.
the next day, at Ritsuka's session, he tells how he and some of his friends and his teacher spent the day at the amusment park. In his and Yukio's cart, Yuiko lost her balance and accidentaly landed on top of Ritsuka.
Katsuo interupts saying "so THAT'S what happened" with a light chuckle. When Ritsuka asked what she meant, she told him to continue.
After they got off the ride, Soubi suddenyl apeard and tried to take him on the wheel. Rituka had goten angry because eariler that day he ahd ordered Soubi to stay away from him, so he could make some memories that didnt have him in them. During the ferry ride, Kio sat next to him and told him thatat first he was glad that Seimei had died, because Soubi seemed overtly obsessed with him. But after Seimei had died Soubi had become distant, almost like a zombie. But then after he had found Ritsuka, Soubi became happy again, so in a way he's glad that Soubi and Ritsuka are friends... read more.

Editor: Masahiro Goto
Music: Masanori Sasaji
Art Director: Rie Ota
Character Designer: Kazunori Iwakura
Based On The Works Of: Yun Kouga

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: April, 2005
Ended: June, 2005
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