Warless - Recap

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Katsuko hears three point of veiws on a day that Ritsuka spent at the amusment park.
Kio's POV tells on how he followed his "perverted friend" who wanted to spy on Ritsuka as he spent time at the amusment park with his classmates and teacher. He even teased Soubi when they saw Yuiko sitting in Ritsuka's lp on the ferris wheel. Soubi had rushed to the amusement park and tried to force Ritsuka onto the ferris wheel, which Ristuka refused.
Katsko later finds Ritsuka's teacher at the bar with several empty glasses in front of her. Hitmoe sadly tells how at the end of the day at school, Yuiko had invited Ritsuka and Yayoi to the amusment park. On the way she kept thinking she was seeing Soubi everywhere. SHe had decided to chaperone for them. On the ferris whel, Ritsuka and Yuki shared one car and Yayoi shared her car. Yayoi had gotten upset when he saw Yuiko sitting on Ritsuka's lap. Then she got surprised when Soubi had arrived and tried to force Ritsuka onto the ferris wheel. Later, during a ferry ride, both Soubi and Ritsuka's attitudes had changed. After her narative, Katsuko orders another drink, which turns out to be a non-alchoholic melon-watermelon fruit jucie blend.
the next day, at Ritsuka's session, he tells how he and some of his friends and his teacher spent the day at the amusment park. In his and Yukio's cart, Yuiko lost her balance and accidentaly landed on top of Ritsuka.
Katsuo interupts saying "so THAT'S what happened" with a light chuckle. When Ritsuka asked what she meant, she told him to continue.
After they got off the ride, Soubi suddenyl apeard and tried to take him on the wheel. Rituka had goten angry because eariler that day he ahd ordered Soubi to stay away from him, so he could make some memories that didnt have him in them. During the ferry ride, Kio sat next to him and told him thatat first he was glad that Seimei had died, because Soubi seemed overtly obsessed with him. But after Seimei had died Soubi had become distant, almost like a zombie. But then after he had found Ritsuka, Soubi became happy again, so in a way he's glad that Soubi and Ritsuka are friends.