Pilot - Recap

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Nicky Korzak drives a sports car in a high-speed chase. Matt Korzak is in the passenger seat and urges him to just give it to them. Nicky says they can have it over his dead body. They are being pursued by a black SUV but soon the police are in on the chase as well. As the chase nears Antonio Clemente at Gold Star, Matt gives them what they want and he dumps the money out the sun roof. Antonio comes outside and finds that it is raining money from the chase.

In the morning, everyone prepares for work. Bob Harris prepares for work and talks with his wife. He is waiting to hear back from corporate about their decision. The lottery continues to grow and they hope to win it. Antonio gives his wife some money to buy a new toaster. Their old one, which they received as a wedding gift, has broken. Denise tries to curb her eating and manages to not eat a donut. She complains that they went over their minutes again. Her husband says it was from texting the cable guy. Denise sneaks a donut before she leaves for work. She is trying to walk to work everyday and lose one pound a week until she is back at her old weight.

As Denise walks to work, Samira cheers her on from a cab. Her dad is driving her to work. Her dad has found a man for her to marry and he is a doctor. Samira wants to take music at Julliard but can't afford it. Leanne drops her daughter off at school and hand her some money to pay for pizza with. She says goodbye to her daughter and promises to see her later at her recital.

At the Korzak household, the mother is yelling at everyone. Matt is still asleep and trying to avoid the yelling. He hands his girlfriend a pamphlet for an apartment building. He can't afford it yet but his girlfriend convinces him to talk to Bob about a raise.

Inside Gold Star, Denise asks Antonio and Leanne for some advice. She wants to know what they think of all the text messages that her husband has been sending. Antonio says it sounds fine but quickly excuses himself. Leanne suggests that she call the number and see if the cable guy answers. Nicky and Matt enter the building just as Denise asks for money to pitch in for the lottery drawing. She covers Matt's part for him because he has no money on him. She proceeds to pull various good luck charms out of her purse.

Samira smiles at Nicky as she walks by him but when he tries to kiss her she says she isn't like that. She tells Nicky that she thinks he is really sweet but just wants to take things slow.

Matt asks Bob if he can have a cash advance and explains his situation. Bob would love to help but the owner of the Gold Star is considering selling the place to a national chain and he isn't sure everyone will have jobs if that happens. Matt gets a call from his girlfriend and he rushes to the hospital to be with her while she gives birth. She asks if Matt got the money for them to get an apartment but he needs more time.

Two men call Nicky over and ask where he has been. The two men say they want their $60,000 but he says he paid for it by going to jail and not ratting them out. Later that night Nicky calls an old friend to beg for some money. Nicky can't find anyone to help him out.

Nicky meets Matt at the hospital. Matt needs three months of security deposits or else he will lose the apartment. Nicky says he knows a way to get some money. He suggests robbing the Gold Star as a way to pay off their debts. Matt refuses and wants no part of it. Nicky says that insurance will cover it and no one will get hurt. Matt looks over to his girlfriend and baby and reconsiders Nicky's offer.

Matt visits Gold Star and Leanne and Denise congratulate him. Bob hands him a gift basket and congratulates him on the new baby. Just before closing time Nicky prepares and puts a gun in his pocket. Matt offers to close up by himself to allow Bob to go home. After Matt closes the store, Nicky comes in to rob the place. To the cameras it looks like a normal robbery. Nicky forgets a bag so he has to rip open a cereal box and use that to carry the money. The front bell rings: Bob is back because he forgot his phone. Bob turns to Matt and asks if everything is alright. Before he has a chance to answer, Nicky smashes a bottle over Bob's head, takes the money and runs. Matt calls the police and waits for them with an unconscious Bob.

The police question Matt in the Gold Star. When he gets home Nicky says that they need to control the things they can and leave the things they can't. Matt wants to confess to what happened but Nicky tells him he can't do that. Matt wouldn't survive jail and he has a girlfriend and daughter to take care of. There is a knock at the door and they think it's the policeman and that he didn't believe Matt's story. However, it's Denise and she asks if they have heard the big news. Matt worries that Bob has died but that's not what happened.

The $145 million dollar jackpot is drawn on TV and each employee watches it. They start to get excited when the numbers match up. They all go crazy when the numbers match up. While initially excited, Matt soon remembers what happened to Bob.

Antonio arrives home to find many people in his apartment. He takes his wife into the other room and tells her that he has been saving his money rather than contributing toward the Gold Star lottery pool. His wife is furious when she finds out that they aren't millionaires. She tells him that he is a great father and husband but he will have to explain this to her mother who she bought a first class plane ticket for.

Matt's girlfriend plans out some of their purchases. She assures him that Bob will be okay and the cops will find the man who injured him.

The next day at work, everyone is very excited, except Antonio. He calls in sick from outside because he doesn't want to face them.

A member of the lottery commission enters and congratulates them on their win. They go over details and asks Matt to leave the room for a minute. Since he didn't actually pay in to the ticket he may or may not be eligible for the split. The man takes a blind vote from the other winners. Matt stresses out as he waits for their decision. He will have to wait longer though because the vote was a tie. Bob will be the deciding vote.

At the hospital, the lottery man talks to Bob. A police officer exits the room and says that Bob has regained his memory of the night of the robbery. The officer wants to talk to Nicky about his past as a convict. Bob motions for Matt to enter the room. He tells Matt that he is the best employee and he votes yes to include him in the winnings.

Matt asks Nicky if the police know what happened but Nicky said he took care of it. Denise frets about her husband to Leanne. He stayed at a friend's house overnight and has still not returned. Denise feels like she deserves him cheating on her because their relationship isn't the same as it used to be.

Samira is paged to the hospital front desk and she meets a doctor, the one that her parents wanted her to marry. Nicky watches the two flirt from a distance.

The next day, Antonio congratulates everyone on their win. He says they are still family and should remain friends. The five winners (Bob is still in the hospital) exit through the garage to face the media. Denise's husband is in the crowd, along with the men who Nicky owes money to, Samira's father and doctor friend, and the police officer who is still suspicious of the Korzaks. A reporter asks how they feel winning all that money and Matt says they feel pretty damn lucky. Inside Gold Star, Antonio is happy to find a $10 bill inside of a car.