Inside Job - Recap

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Leanne sings as she cleans the store. She sees Denise on the other side of the store emptying her purse and freaking out. Outside, Nicky assures Matt that they will be fine, no one can track the crime to them. Leanne comes outside and tells them that Denise thinks she has lost the lottery ticket. Matt asks her how and she says she brought it out to work with her to keep it safe. Leanne reminds them that if they don't formally submit the ticket they won't get the money. Everyone tears apart the store in search of the ticket.

Antonio comes in from the garage to put some money into the cash register. In the register he finds the missing lottery ticket. He whistles to them and asks if this is what they are looking for. They all run over and hug him.

Leanne helps her daughter to rehearse what to tell if a stranger asks her questions. She asks Leanne if someone is going to find them because of the lottery. Leanne assures her that no one will find them.

Matt is in the hospital with his girlfriend and their baby. His girlfriend really wants to know who voted against him for the lottery winnings but he doesn't really care. She says that Nicky shouldn't have let Matt close the store. If the brothers had their roles reversed, Matt wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Samira gets a ride to work from her father, he wants to share her money and offer free cab rides on Fridays. She tells him she will be out late at a party the lottery is throwing them. He tells her that she will have a great time with the doctor, Navide he is trying to set her up with. Her father thinks they are a perfect match since they now have money.

Leanne is shocked that Denise has taken her husband back after all he has done. She says they just needed some time apart though. Denise suggests that the two of them go shopping before the party with Samira. Leanne asks about the arranged marriage thing and Samira says that Navide is actually cut and smart. Nicky enters the store and recognizes a local newscaster. Leanne asks if the piece will be shown locally and worries when the reporter says that sometimes these stories go national. When asked how she will spend the money and Denise says that as long as she has her health and husband, everything else is just icing on the cake.

Matt visits Bob in the hospital to talk about the robbery. He gets teary eyed before he is going to confess but Bob stops him. He says there's no reason to cry about it. A detective, Minetti, comes in just then to discuss some new details with Bob. First he brings Matt into the hallway and says there are a few inconsistencies in his story. Matt is asked to come to the station later and tell the whole thing one more time.

Some kids in the store tell Antonio they saw him in the paper. They ask what it's like to be the town's biggest loser. Nicky clears them out of the store and goes to talk to Samira. He asks her what he can do to get back on her good side but she just says nice try and walks away.

The reporter asks Antonio how it feels not to win the lottery. He pretends not to speak English but his cover is blown when Denise tells him that Bianca is on the phone for him.

Minetti, watches the surveillance tape with Matt. They have a few suspects and the officer asks Matt if he would like to see a line up. Matt agrees to do it right then but he just has to call his girlfriend. Matt calls Nicky, who says that he should man up and just pick a man to take the blame.

Leanne wants to avoid being interviewed so she volunteers to go shopping with Samira and Denise. While Samira gets ready to leave, Nicky confronts her again. She refuses to go out with him and he accuses her of being afraid of disappointing her dad and going after something she really wants for once in her life. Samira kisses him and leaves when Denise interrupts them.

Antonio arrives home and Bianca tells him that their son was suspended for a week. Antonio talks to his son in private. His son has been having trouble with bullies that make fun of him because Antonio missed the lottery.

At the mall the girls go on a shopping spree. The first personal shopper they meet refuses to help them but another one offers to help. They end up spending just over $9,000 and Denise gives their shopper a $700 tip and wishes all salespeople were as nice as her.

Matt takes a look at the men in the lineup. Minetti says that it doesn't matter if he's 100% sure and suggests that he chooses #5. Matt can't bring himself to turn the wrong man in though and says it is none of the men in the lineup. After Matt leaves, Minetti talks to #5 who was an undercover police officer. They were hoping to catch him lying and so they decide to have another look at Nicky.

Back at Gold Star, Leanne freaks out at the camera crew when they ask her too many questions. Matt asks if she is alright and Leanne says she doesn't want her story told. Nicky talks to Matt alone and asks how it went with the police. Matt says he handled it but suggests they come clean to at least Bob. Nicky feels terrible too because he doesn't want to go back to jail for betraying Bob's trust. If they come clean it will ruin everybody's second chance at life. Matt asks if he voted against him and Nicky says no because they are blood.

Bob's wife visits him in the hospital and gets him to agree to go on a vacation with her. The doctor enters the room and says he needs to talk with Bob.

That night Nicky meets Samira at a bar. He tells her she is a rich rebellious teenager that can do whatever she wants. As they leave, the men that Nicky owes money to watch him. Outside, Nicky tells Samira that it feels like anything is possible now. He tells her she is a great musician and they kiss. The men that Nicky owe money to beat him up. They say now that he won the lottery their terms have changed. Nicky is supposed to keep paying them until they say otherwise.

The next day at the party that the lottery throws, Matt apologizes about bothering Leanne yesterday. He says that she was the only employee that hasn't talked about her life. She admits that Emma isn't her daughter. She has fostered her since she was born. Emma's real mother was a drug addict so Leanne ended up saving her by kidnapping her.

Antonio arrives at the party with his family but he has second thoughts. He worries that his son will always be bullied about losing the lottery. He wants his son to be proud of him. Elsewhere at the party, Samira tells Nicky that she can't see him. Navide shows up and hands Samira some ice cream.

When Bob arrives the crowd cheers for him. Matt asks to talk to him in private but Bob tells him to gather everyone. Inside Bob announces to his employees that the doctors found a brain tumor. Bob says that he never would have known about the tumor if he hadn't been hit in the head.

Everyone gathers to watch the news report about the lottery. The news report doesn't focus on the winners at all but instead stars Antonio. After the piece Bob starts a round of applause for Antonio. His son congratulates Antonio and says he is proud of him.

Bob's wife asks why he downplayed the tumor and he responds that it's nothing. His wife worries though and thinks it could be everything.

The police have a break through in their case. Nicky had a parking ticket near Gold Star an hour after he claimed to be on a date. The police plan to turn the brothers against each other.

At home Denise prepares to seduce her husband. His phone receives a text and it's from 'the cable guy'. The text asks when he is free. Denise responds that he will be home alone at 1pm on Wednesday. She hopes to find out what is really going on with her husband.