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Season 3

79 :03x01 - Ten Minutes to Doomsday

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Guest Stars: James Bell (2) as Jonas Blecker | Ross Elliott as Sergeant Smith | Ann Morrison as Mrs. Blecker | Francis DeSales as Dr. Arthur May | Jeanne Bates as Nurse | J. Pat O'Malley as Elevator Operator
Director: Don Medford

80 :03x02 - The European Plan

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Guest Stars: Frank Albertson as Walter Ashton | Gail Bonney as Mrs. Lenore Ashton | Paul Burke (1) as Harry Klorr | Lili Kardell as Elsa Berksen

81 :03x03 - Sunday Punch

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Guest Stars: Barry Kelley as Mr. Whittaker | Robert Knapp as Bill Franklin | Jo Kaiser as Judy Franklin | Hugh Lawrence as Det. Carl Laughton | Smoki Whitfield as Boxer | Phil Phillips as Franklin | Fred Graham as Tiger Kelly
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Joel Murcott

82 :03x04 - Jeopardy by Fire

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Guest Stars: Marc Lawrence (1) as Vince Cronin | William Keene as Captain Bates | Harlan Warde as Wally | Penny Edwards as Ellie Sims | Harry Harvey as Store Clerk | David McMahon (1) as Owens
Director: Don McDougall

83 :03x05 - Murder in C-Sharp Minor

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Guest Stars: Lawrence Dobkin as Barney | Harry Jackson (1) as Ben | Howard McNear as Carl Hoganson | Peter Leeds as Larry Blair | Jody Lawrance as Rebecca Traxler | Herb Vigran as Danny | Robert Osterloh as Joe DaLiso | Peter Brian as Detective Hedburg
Director: Herman Hoffman

84 :03x06 - The Human Bond

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Guest Stars: Grant Richards as Edward J. Carty | Carolyn Craig (1) as Jean Woodley | Raoul De Leon as Michaels | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Doris Michaels | Don Oreck as Paul Michaels | Claire Carleton as Bar Owner | Leonard P. Geer as Kenny Fowler / Joe Jackson

85 :03x07 - Mama's Boy

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Guest Stars: William Allyn as Bill Leonard | John Beradino as Cordell | Katherine Warren as Mrs. Leonard | Joseph Vitale as Carter | Julie Scott as Nicky | Mary Alan Hokanson as Police Woman | Mike Bradford as Jim Wilson | Joe Connelly as Moreno | Larry Perron as Mapes | Sue Randall as Mrs. Wilson
Writer: Arthur Rowe

86 :03x08 - Shred of Doubt

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Guest Stars: Don Dubbins as Stick Wilson | Kendrick Huxham as Alfred Beasley | Peter Adams (2) as Paul Cratner | Vicki Raaf as Eemployee At Record Shop | Henry Hunter as Floyd Gilbert | Cynthia Lourdes as Hostage
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Earl Baldwin

87 :03x09 - Death by Adoption

Mrs. Coleman (Gail Kobe) suffers a double blow in the loss of her husband and her adopted daughter.
Guest Stars: Gail Kobe as Mrs. Coleman | Rayford Barnes as Art Brunswick | David Leland (2) as Larry Coleman | Danny Davenport as Gus Lasanik | Bill Quinn (1) as Detective Donovan | Bill Erwin as Gene Lasanick | Robert Jordan (1) as Salesman | Judith Paige as Judy | Joanna Barnes as Unknown
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Joel Murcott

88 :03x10 - Another Face, Another Life

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Guest Stars: James Douglas (1) as Rick Cummings | Barbara Stuart as Barbara Cummings | Jay Novello as Max Williams | John Archer (1) as Brad Morgan | Ethel Shutta as Mrs. Colfax | Will J. White as Detective | John Bryant as Albert Taylor | Charles J. Conrad as Stagehand | Wally Rose as Lab Tech
Director: Sidney Lanfield

89 :03x11 - Voice from the Grave

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Guest Stars: Carole Mathews as Ruth Webster | Nan Leslie as Martha Conklin | Robert Karnes as Harry Conklin | Lyle Latell as Anson | Edward H. Kramer as Bowie
Director: Francis D. Lyon

90 :03x12 - The Upset

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Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Denny Sutton | Richard Newton as Cliff Howard | Tommy Cook as Pete Sutton | Rosemary Day as Mrs. Howard | John McKee (1) as Joe | Barbara Knudson as Tina
Director: Herman Hoffman
Writer: Jerry Sohl

91 :03x13 - One of Our Armored Cars Is Missing

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Guest Stars: Laurie Mitchell as Carla | Richard Carlyle as Shorty Conlon | Joyce Meadows as Jane Barkley | Jerry Oddo as Pete | Logan Field as Unknown | William Forrest as Unknown | Joe Haworth as Barkley | Norman Leavitt as Unknown
Director: Herman Hoffman

92 :03x14 - The Ivy League Bank Robbers

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Guest Stars: Carol Ohmart as Edna Reed | James Lydon as Joseph Rinehart | Ron Starr as Noel Reed | Steve Gravers as Det. Vince Mariani | Ben Hammer as Talaferio | Denny Niles as Mel Crowell | Dick Taylor as Phil Dehner | Howard Wright as Bank Guard

93 :03x15 - The Twisted Way

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Guest Stars: Charles Cooper as Sandy Malone | Joanna Barnes as Tammy Worth | Walter Coy as Det. Gargan | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Jake Fassard | Tetsu Komai as Fred Keyoto | S. John Launer as Carl Wright | Eddie Parker as Plain Clothesman | Don Turner as Patrolman

94 :03x16 - The Man Who Went Straight

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Guest Stars: Robert H. Harris as Manny Franchette | Harry Bartell as John 'Johnny' Clavell | Jarl Victor as Carbo | Harry Landers as Torrance | Rand Brooks as Purser | Don Kohler as Sergeant Brighton

95 :03x17 - The Second Best Killer

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Guest Stars: Ray Stricklyn as Vern | Penny Santon as Mrs. Ryder | Aline Towne as Gloria | Ralph Votrian as Herb 'Herbie' Ryder | Mari Lynn as Eva | Carl McIntire as TV Interviewer | Dick Wilson (2) as Moe Norton

96 :03x18 - Pitched Battle at Bluebell Acres

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Guest Stars: George Keymas as Ken Frost | John Dennis as Piggy Cole | Frank Richards as Jim Diggers | Jack Mather (1) as Jack Cassidy | Jon Locke as Bill Cassidy | Bill Cassady as Officer | Ken Christy as Farley
Director: Earl Bellamy

97 :03x19 - The Man Who Lost His Brain

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Guest Stars: Vinton Hayworth as Russell Madison | Howard Petrie as Mr. Patrick - Head of heist team | Steve Conte as Tony Damen | Jean Howell as Miss Welles | Fred Coby as Cochran | Vince Williams (2) as Cochran
Director: Francis D. Lyon

98 :03x20 - Debt of Honor

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Guest Stars: William Phipps as Al 'Bugsy' Page | Nesdon Booth as Joe Engel | Robert Clarke (2) as Ralph Mattson | Judy Bamber as Ava Lane | Eddie Foster as Frenchie Dulac | Larry J. Blake as Gino Machetti | Simon Prescott as Danny Boy
Director: Herman Hoffman

99 :03x21 - The Man with Frank's Face

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Guest Stars: Robert Bailey as Cal Droso | Herb Ellis as Wayne Taylor | John Harmon (1) as Babe | Wolfe Barzell as Maxie 'The Dip' | Tom Reese as Monk | Greta Thyssen as Lisa

100 :03x22 - Burglar's Nightmare

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Director: Herman Hoffman
Writer: Scott Flohr

102 :03x24 - Race to Death

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Director: Jerry Hopper

103 :03x25 - The Velvet Stake-out

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104 :03x26 - Anything for Joe

Vic Parker, a young pharmacy student, confesses he stole narcotics from his school.

105 :03x27 - A Kid Up There

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106 :03x28 - Diary of a Bomber

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Director: Jerry Hopper

107 :03x29 - Let There Be Light

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109 :03x31 - The Man with the Ice

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112 :03x34 - Two Days for Willy

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Director: Don McDougall

114 :03x36 - Closed Season

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115 :03x37 - Fire in the Sky

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Director: Dann Cahn

117 :03x39 - The Bad Apple

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1957
Ended: September 06, 1960
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