Season 1

1 :01x01 - Outdated Basement Overhaul

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2 :01x02 - Incredible Kitchen Contraption

Vinnie wants his kitchen to combine his two passions - cooking and healthy eating. However, this cramped, 100-year old room hardly encourages culinary creativity. Flux overhauls the space by replacing the lighting, floors, and walls. They install custom cabinetry to create a breakfast bar peninsula. Back at the shop, Scott assists Jesse in building a mechanical pot rack so that Vinnie can raise and lower pots from an overhead structure with a telescoping lever. Using acrylic panels, Andre fabricates vertical window treatments that function as a louver system, and Dave creates a multipurpose butcher block that fits neatly under the counter. Finally, they give Vinnie new appliances and electronics including a wall-mounted television, audio components, and recessed speakers. With a custom kitchen, Vinnie is ready to prepare nutritious meals while finally being able to enterain properly in his new space.

Source: DIY Network

3 :01x03 - Fireman Without a Place

P.J. is a fireman for the city of Milwaukee who loves spending time outdoors, but the style of his home doesn't reflect his passions. His living and dining rooms are outdated and lack any style. Host and interior designer Jeremy Sham and his team at Flux Design upgrade this fireman's space with contemporary rustic elements reminiscent of the outdoors. The unattractive faux fireplace is replaced with a fully functional natural gas-burning unit covered in fieldstone, and a custom TV console and mantel are built to add function and flare to his boring space. By redesigning the layout and updating the furniture, P.J. and his two young boys get more usable square footage to kick back and relax.

Source: DIY Network

4 :01x04 - Hideous Beer Hall Basement Gets Modernized Flux Style

Mark and Carly want a room perfect for entertaining family and friends. When they bought their home, they envisioned the basement becoming that ideal space. However, the outdated red flannel carpet and sharp stucco walls make the room a total eyesore. The Flux Design team and owner Jeremy Sham tear the basement apart to rebuild and redesign this area from scratch. They repurpose leftover ipe wood to create original furniture pieces including a bar, bistro table and salon-style shelving to give the room a contemporary feel. New electronics, comfortable seating and decorative inset shelves transform the drab basement into a sleek and modern space. When the team is finished, Mark and Carly finally have a stylish bar and comfortable entertainment area to relax with friends.

Source: DIY Network

6 :01x06 - From Dingy to Durable Family Fun Basement

An unfinished basement is transformed into a family-friendly living room featuring modular shelving units, an entertainment center, hardwood flooring and more.

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7 :01x07 - Bedroom Storage With Warmth and Style

The crew update a cramped bedroom and add extra storage space.

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8 :01x08 - Decked Out Backyard With a Sculpture Garden

Flux Design makes the most out of a couple's backyard space by adding a large deck, a custom tree sculpture and an oversized picnic table.

Source: DIY Network

9 :01x09 - Urban Loft-Style Bonus Room

The Flux Design team turn an unused living space into an urban loft with artistic wood-block walls and bold accents.

Source: DIY Network

10 :01x10 - Vintage Brick and Rustic Locker Baseball Clubhouse Basement

Flux Design gives a basement a baseball-inspired makeover.

Source: DIY Network

11 :01x11 - Industrial Art Studio Garage

The Flux Design team transform a disorganized garage into an art studio with plenty of light, space and mobility.

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12 :01x12 - Boss Gets a Bar

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