Angels of Death - Recap

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A dejected D.A. Klein trudges through the hallway to his office. He looks over a pegboard which outlines Ike and his connections to the mafia and smiles.

Elsewhere, Sy and Ben Diamond meet at Sy's greenhouse, where they discuss his trouble with Ike. Ben has been told that the gambling legalization bill is a lock -- Ike doesn't know anything about casinos, so it wouldn't make sense to keep him on. Sy puts a pin in the conversation, finding no sense in discussing it until the gambling bill passes, much to Ben's chagrin. He also warns Ben that it's getting harder and harder to protect him, both in legal avenues and with the mafia. Evidence is being gathered on one side, while his partners in crime are rumbling about not getting a fair cut of Ben's business. Again, Ben objects, and Sy is at his wit's end. He feels Ben is playing too fast and loose, while not paying enough attention to other people moving in on his territory. Sy gives Ben a tulip to give to Lily. On the drive away from the house, Ben tosses the flowers out of the car.

Vera and Lauren set the table for dinner as Ike enters. He asks what the special occasion is, and Vera reminds him of the Jewish holiday. Vera is still upset with Meg's new role as business partner in the hotel, seeing it as a slight against her and embarrassed to sit across from her in business meetings. Ike remarks that until recently Vera didn't even have any interest in business, and she responds that she was hoping to lighten his burden. Ike tells Vera why he had no choice but to take the loan from Meg -- his former father-in-law runs all the banks in town and turned him away when he attempted to borrow to build the Miramar, intent on shutting Ike down. Vera asks who the other stakeholder in the business is, the mysterious Minnesota Investment Corporation. Ike is irate, telling Vera anything he does is to protect his family.

At a jazz bar, Lily and Stevie enjoy time together as Ben is away in Chicago for the next few days. She remarks how nice it is to be on a date, with their clothes on for once. The fun is interrupted by a fight breaking out between Bel Jaffe and another bar patron, which quickly erupts into a full-fledged brawl until Bel fires off his gun into the ceiling. He and Stevie leave together and Bel thanks him for the help. They get in Bel's car and Stevie notices the black man who Bel started to fight approaching with a gun. He grabs Bel's gun, shoots the man, and the two flee the scene.

Ike talks business with Sol Drucker about Vera's upcoming show, telling him to pack the house. His lawyer arrives, worried about Ike's move to take over business in Cuba and the repercussions with Ben. He calls Ben a shark, but Ike is certain that the plan will work. Ike says he is the shark, Ben is just a parasite that needs to be cast off. Elsewhere, Stevie and Lily talk in bed after sex; Stevie is shaken after killing the man at the jazz bar. Lily comforts him as he lies awake.

The next morning, Ben is furious to that Nicky Grillo is moving in on his territory -- somehow it slipped past him and Sy had to bring it up to him. He stabs a knife into the table, accidentally sending the blade through a servant's hand as he is collecting dishes. As the man leaves screaming, Ben tells Bel to find out what Grillo is up to. At the hotel, Vera goes over the show with her choreographer. He is uncertain that she can be the lead in the show after so long away from the stage. Ike enters and he and his wife flirt over her costume for the show. Ike lets Vera know that he has to leave for Havana for a short business trip.

Outside the hotel, Victor meets 'El Tiburon' Carlos Ruiz at the entrance. Victor personally checks him in and gives him his personal number in case he needs anything. He inquires about whether Maria Lazaro was Victor's wife -- Carlos was also shot on the night that Maria was killed attempting to sneak into Miami from Cuba. He lets Victor know that she called for her husband as she died. Carlos blames himself for her death, as Castro's soldiers were on assignment to kill him, but several others were caught in the crossfire. Victor tells him that her body is still in Cuba, preventing them from having a proper mass, and that if he returns to Cuba he will be killed too. Ike pledges to bring her back to Victor.

Danny stops by Mercy Lazaro's house with lunch. She is still grieving over the death of her mother, and Danny comforts her. She lets him know that she quit her job with Pan Am to take care of her father, who is also taking his wife's death hard. They kiss, and Danny promises her that things will get better. Elsewhere, Ike meets with Pierce Fuller to follow up on his promise to get Maria Lazaro's body from Cuba. He knows Pierce is a government spook under the guise of a businessman and knows he has pull in this area. Pierce notes the difficulty of the situation: Castro doesn't want an innocent woman who was shot up by his soldiers brought to the US to become a martyr. Ike promises him that if he can at least get Maria's ashes, he will bug Carlos' room at the hotel, as he is a person of interest with the US government given his rivalry with Castro. Later, Victor mourns over pictures of he and his wife while Mercy calls him to dinner.

The next day, Ben gets a massage at the hotel with a senator, discussing the gambling bill. The senator assures him that if Ben greases the wheels a bit more, the bill will pass and surely be signed by the governor. Judi gets a makeover with a new blonde hairdo, and surprises Stevie at the hotel bar. She knows about Stevie's affair with Lily and teases blackmail, something which he doesn't take with good humor. She assures him she was kidding, and he commends her for standing up to Klein on the stand. He gives her an easy mark for a customer, but as she and the man are leaving they are stopped by D.A. investigator Doug Feehan. He arrests the man for solicitation of a prostitute. He tells Judi to leave town or she's dead, but Stevie steps in and pushes him away. Before things can go any further, Vince steps in.

Meg is skeet shooting in her yard when Ike arrives. They reminisce briefly about when they first met, Meg remarking that if her sister hadn't gotten to Ike first she would have made a move. He invites her to seder. She is happy to accept but somewhat concerned that Vera will object. He insists that she will be fine. At dinner, Vera is clearly perturbed, angry when Meg asks what certain aspects of the dinner symbolize. Ike notices that Lauren is wearing white gloves, which his daughter tells him were given to her by Meg. The gloves once belonged to Molly, Lauren's mother and Ike's deceased wife, and still hold the scent of her perfume.

At Ben's house, he has a far rowdier seder, more of a house party. He snorts cocaine with Nicky Grillo. He is introduced to Lily, flirting with her as Ben looks on unamused. Ben inquires about what Nicky is doing in Miami, but he plays it off as just visiting town and having fun. When Lily goes to fetch more wine, she is cornered by Nicky. She and Nicky have a past together -- he makes reference to her screwing her way up the food chain after tossing him aside. She warns him to stay out of her way and out of her life, although it's clear she is afraid of him, and he leaves fuming.

Back at the Miramar, Ike puts Lauren to bed. She remarks that she remembers her mother's perfume, and that Meg wears the same kind. Ike returns to the dining room to find Vera clearing the table. The two kiss, Ike hiking up her dress and lifting her onto the table. Elsewhere, Meg is seen skinny dipping in the pool at her house. She stops at the pool's edge and takes a drag on a cigarette, smiling as she looks at the Miramar in the distance. Elsewhere, Ben paces while drunk and high on cocaine, looking through the two-way mirror above his wife's bed at several naked women making love. He manically recites bible passages about the Angel of Death before urinating on the glass.

Ike leaves on a flight to Havana.