Season 4

75 :04x01 - The People's Choice, pt. 1

Mac receives a visit from his domineering father, and Polly makes the decision to run for Mayor of the city.
Director: Howard Storm
Writer: Rick Hawkins

76 :04x02 - The People's Choice, pt. 2

Mac's father moves in with Hollowachuk after having a falling out with each other and becomes a father figure for the lieutenant.
Director: Howard Storm
Writer: Jim Evering

77 :04x03 - Here's Looking at You, Pol

Polly's political career comes to a quick halt after some revealing photos of her appear in the newspaper.
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Barry Gold

78 :04x04 - Catered Affair

Elizabeth pushes Mac to hire her to cater the upcoming reception for Gen. Louis H. Wilson's visit.
Director: Mary Lou Belli

79 :04x05 - There's No Place Like Farlow

Casey has nightmares in which her family has turned into monsters while she is stuck in bed, sick on Halloween after having messed up the camp's computers by touching a button.
Director: Skip Collector

80 :04x06 - The Election Show

Mac decides to take leave to support Polly for her campaign to be elected mayor of Farlow.
Director: Gerald McRaney

81 :04x07 - Gunny's Veiled Threat

Gunny becomes part of a harem when she is working undercover to lend protection to the visiting Emir of Katodd who has been threatened to be assassinated.
Director: Howard Storm
Writer: Liz Sage

82 :04x08 - One for the Road

Elizabeth becomes afraid to drive her new convertible after one of her friends is in an accident.
Guest Stars: Bert Rosario as Brian, glass repair man | Lucy Boryer as Melissa
Director: Michael Lembeck

83 :04x09 - Blue Tenant Holowachuk

Holowachuk starts up a rent strike in an apartment building which is owned by General Craig.
Guest Stars: Dennis Cockrum as Louie | Meg Wyllie as Mrs. Gilroy | Laura Fabian as Rita
Director: Jim Evering
Writer: Barry Gold

84 :04x10 - Old Acquaintance

Polly can not believe the changes she sees in two old college buddies who come for a visit.
Guest Stars: Nancy Linari as Flower | Sherman Howard as Kip
Director: Skip Collector
Writer: Sydney Blake

85 :04x11 - About Face

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Guest Stars: Lois De Banzie as Sister Justina | Ruth Anderson as Nurse Bennett
Director: Jim Evering

86 :04x12 - I'll Be Seeing You

Polly is enlisted as a host to a 1940's themed party for the USO Ball at Camp Hollister.
Guest Stars: Kim Johnston Ulrich as Lt. Kent | Tim Schnabel as Billy Sparling | Todd Eckert as Justin
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Liz Sage

87 :04x13 - Night School

Mac is not too happy when he discovers that the general has signed up to the same classes as he has in a night school.
Guest Stars: Belita Moreno as Ms. Whitlin | Thomas Richard Ryan as Mr. Gomberg
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Barry Gold

88 :04x14 - Piano Lesson

Polly signs up Mac for piano lessons, and he feels out of his element when the other students are kids, and nearly misses his first recital when he goes out on maneuvers.
Guest Stars: Pamela Myers as Ms. Cooksey
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Rick Hawkins

89 :04x15 - Come Rain or Come Shine

A torrential downpour and flooding has Gunny, Hollowachuk, Major and the General remembering why they became marines when they are sent in to help keep the town safe.
Guest Stars: Gregory Itzin as Mitch Hewitt | Chris Sparks as Marine #1 | Betsy Sweatt as Marine #2
Director: Michael Lembeck

90 :04x16 - Colonel of Truth

Mac may be leaving the marines after he fails to be promoted to colonel once again.
Guest Stars: Anita Morris as Connie
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Jim Evering

91 :04x17 - From Russia with Like

Although the US and the Russian's have been at peace for some time now, mac and a visiting Russian major can't put their past ideals behind them, causing each to mistrust one another.
Guest Stars: Yakov Smirnoff as Major Sasha Sarotsky | David Hayter as Misha Sarotsky | Donald L. Davis as Capt. Caldwell
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Liz Sage

92 :04x18 - The Spell of Grease Paint

A love scene between Polly and Holowachuk in a play has him feeling nervous, and the major feeling a tad jealous.
Guest Stars: George Hearn as Thurgood Dewitt, Director | Laura Julian as Mrs. Shaker | Joshua Peevyhouse as Tommy Shaker | Jill Pierce as Debbie | Joe Bays as Floyd Simmons | Dick Monahan as Audition Player #1 | Kenny Davis (1) as Audition Player #2 | R. Leo Schreiber as Audition Player #3 | Ron Ross as Audition Player #4 | Jobie Gayer as Audition Player #5
Director: Michael Lembeck

93 :04x19 - Gunny Gets Robbed

Gunny feels insecure after her home is robbed, and the guys try to make her feel safe once again.
Guest Stars: Andrew Hill Newman as Mr. Ingles
Director: Michael Lembeck

94 :04x20 - Conduct Unbecoming

Mac wants to help out a male friend of Robin's after its discovered that he is being beaten by his marine father.
Guest Stars: Anne Bloom as Judy Whitaker | Jimmie Ray Weeks as Maj. Thomas Whitaker | James Larson as Joey Whitaker
Director: Michael Lembeck

95 :04x21 - General Disturbance

General Craig has been promoted to the White House, and the staff are left to contend with a new, tough-as-nails replacement.
Guest Stars: William Dennis Hunt as General Wallace | Jeff Williams (1) as Lt. Jackson
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Liz Sage

96 :04x22 - Oops, a Daisy

Casey's 10th birthday causes a clash between Mac and Polly when he buys her a Red Ryder air rifle as a gift.
Guest Stars: Bever-Leigh Banfield as Gloria Wheaton | Richard Devin as Joe | Sherry Hursey as Liz Harrington | Maura Soden as Linda
Director: Michael Lembeck
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1989
Ended: April 16, 1993
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