Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

When a newspaper reporter named Polly, comes to the USMC base for an interview, Maj. MacGillis takes exception to the way she describes the corps. But the Major has also fallen in love with Polly, and asks her to marry him.
Guest Stars: Peggy Cass as Esther Nettleton | Tim Thomerson as Major Smiley
Director: Will Mackenzie

2 :01x02 - Just Polly & Me, and the Kids Make Five

The Major tries to get to know the girls better by taking them out for lunch and answering their questions about him.
Director: Will Mackenzie

3 :01x03 - Rescue Mission

An old war buddy of Mac's comes for a visit and tries to get him to call off the wedding, feeling he is being pulled away from his friends and maybe even the Marines.
Guest Stars: Tim Thomerson as Major Smiley | Dann Florek as Buzz | Lloyd Kind as Father Mohala | Lisa Melilli as Francesca
Director: Will Mackenzie
Writer: Janet Leahy

4 :01x04 - Wedding

The Major has pre-wedding jitters as Polly's parents are scheduled to arrive and meet him for the first time. But the wedding may not get off the ground when a intruder puts the base on full alert.
Guest Stars: Tim Thomerson as Major Smiley | Michael McGuire as Dad | Bette Ford as Mom | Lloyd Kind as Father Mohala | Minnie Summers Lindsey as Aunt Sonny
Director: Will Mackenzie

5 :01x05 - Wounded Flyboy and the Nurse Who Gave Him Reason to Live

When the Major and Polly return from their honeymoon, its time to spend some quality minutes as a family. mac would like to watch a football game, while Polly suggests a day of picking peaches.
Guest Stars: Owen Bush as Peach Farmer
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Lisa Albert

6 :01x06 - Twinkle

Polly calls on Mac for help when Elizabeth gets a crush on Lt. Holowachuk.
Director: Linda Day

7 :01x07 - Jane Wayne Day

Polly isn't too anxious to participate in a Marine wives tradition, known as "Jane Wayne Day." This is a day dedicated to the women going through a day as their husbands would.
Guest Stars: Jessica James as Dottie | Eileen Seeley as Faith | Diane Delano as Marty
Director: Linda Day

8 :01x08 - Robin's Awakening

Robin gets a crush on a young Russian boy when he arrives in the US to play a face to face chess match that had developed from overseas.
Guest Stars: Chris Demetral as Mike L. Rossovich | Kenny Eckman as Wayne

9 :01x09 - Major Mom

Mac is left home as Mr. Mom while Polly heads to jail after refusing to name her source used in a newspaper article.
Guest Stars: Richard Gilbert-Hill as Deputy

10 :01x10 - Love Doctor

Sgt. James is leaning towards leaving the Marines Corps after finding success as an "on the air" radio personality, giving advice for the lovelorn.
Guest Stars: Bill Capizzi as Ernie Buckholtz | Kenny Eckman as Dwayne Woodcock | Jami Lynne Grenham as Anita

11 :01x11 - See the Hill ... Over the Hill

The Major resents the idea that he is getting old and plans on getting himself into tip top shape to prove he is still virile.
Guest Stars: Ronald William Lawrence as Sgt. Williams

12 :01x12 - Boxer Rebellion

Mac and Polly disagree when Elizabeth is encouraged to protest the ban on wearing boxer shorts to school.
Guest Stars: Nan Martin as Miss Shields

13 :01x13 - Discipline

mac and Polly disagree over the use of corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children, after Casey loses one of the Major's medals.
Guest Stars: Derek Stewart as Delbert Tate

14 :01x14 - Lemon

The families clashing lifestyles has Molly suggesting they all attend family counseling.
Guest Stars: Lenny Wolpe as Commander Abe Rosen

15 :01x15 - That Connell Woman

Polly feels jealousy when a former girlfriend of Mac's, a Lieutenant Colonel in the marine Corps, comes back to town in hopes of rekindling their romance.
Guest Stars: Randee Heller as Lt. Col. Maggie Connell
Writer: Lisa Albert

16 :01x16 - Jr.

Polly shocks Mac when she reveals the news that she may be pregnant with his first child.
Guest Stars: Nathan Verbois as Lyle Holowachuk, Jr.
Director: Michael Lembeck

17 :01x17 - Major Coach

Mac gets in trouble at home after agreeing to coach Robin's basketball team, and then benching her for fooling around at practice.
Guest Stars: Erica Horne as Darleen | Jessica Dollarhide as Heather | Sami Krofft as Carla | Kristen Bishop as Lisa | Lauren Lin Taylor as Joanne
Director: Michael Lembeck

18 :01x18 - Camp MacGillis

Mac takes the family on a camping trip for a relaxing vacation. But instead of peace and quiet, he hears the sounds of the modern day, with a cabin filled with all the amenities of home.
Writer: Janet Leahy

19 :01x19 - Not with My Daughter You Don't

Things did not go as planned when Mac sets up a date for Elizabeth, with the son of an old buddy of his.
Guest Stars: Rod Brogan as Chip Russell

20 :01x20 - Officer of the Day

Lt. Holowachuk sets up a surprise birthday party for Major MacGillis, but may miss it when he is disciplined by Mac.
Guest Stars: Gary F. Kasper as Sergeant Wolsky | Chuck Walling as Bandleader | Rod Brogan as Chip Russell
Writer: Lisa Albert

21 :01x21 - All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 1

Mac tries to make the most of his final days with his family as he is alerted that he maybe shipped out to Central America on a top secret mission, and must keep the news hush.
Guest Stars: Rod Brogan as Chip Russell
Writer: Lisa Albert

22 :01x22 - All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 2

The Major is set to return from his mission in Central America and the girls plan on making it as great a day as can be. But Mac feels they may resent the nature of the mission.
Guest Stars: Larry Carroll (1) as Newscaster | Rod Brogan as Chip Russell
Writer: Rick Hawkins

23 :01x23 - See the Bridge

Mac feels Lt. Holowachuk has a need for danger since returning home from his first mission with the Marines. His newest thrill seeking adventure is bungie jumping from a bridge.
Guest Stars: Lou Richards as Reg Feiffer | Randy Hall as Bungee Master
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Peter Tilden

24 :01x24 - Standing Tall

Casey threatens to have Mac exact her revenge against a school bully who has been teasing her.
Guest Stars: Rod Brogan as Chip Russell | Mimi Kennedy as Cassandra Loomis
Director: Michael Lembeck

25 :01x25 - Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 1

Budget cuts create a situation when the camp is scheduled to be closed down, making the Major decide over moving his family East and remain in the Marines, or retiring.
Guest Stars: Rod Brogan as Chip Russell | Gary Grubbs as Maj. Buddy Hargrove
Director: Michael Lembeck

26 :01x26 - Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 2

Mac makes his decision to leave the Marines and stay in California, working in the public sector...with people.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Congressman Rodman | Rod Brogan as Chip Russell | John Ingle as General Gunderson | Barry Pearl as Mike Eagleton
Director: Michael Lembeck
Writer: Lisa Albert
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1989
Ended: April 16, 1993
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