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Mama's Family: Cellmates

Mama and Eunice land themselves in jail with a hooker when they hit two police officers after getting into an argument about one of Eunice's past loves.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 7008
Airdate: Saturday February 26th, 1983

Guest Stars
Carol BurnettCarol Burnett
As Eunice Higgins
Harvey KormanHarvey Korman
As Ed Higgins
Joe PryorJoe Pryor
As The Waiter
Yvonne WilderYvonne Wilder
As Scarlet Mae Dubios
Episode Notes
Shown as the 8th episode in syndication.

Episode Quotes
(Mama is telling Scarlet about her children)
Mama: And then before I could hardly get my figure back, along comes this one. I don't know how it happened. Her daddy and I hardly ever got together except when there was absolutely nothing else to do.

(Eunice is upset after learning Duke Reeves came over to take her out and Mama never told her)
Eunice: Duke Reeves?! The only man in my life I ever loved!
Ed: Hang on there!
Eunice: This doesn't concern you!

Scarlett: Now Eunice, didn't your Mama ever do anything to show you that she loved you?
Eunice: Never, Scarlett.
Scarlett: She never changed your diapers? She never fed you three meals a day?
Eunice: Oh, well she had to do that. My Lord, they'd of carted her off to jail if she didn't.
Mama: Well thanks to you, I ended up there anyway.

Mama: Eunice, did you ever see that TV program, "The Wild, Wild World of Animals?"
Eunice: Uh-huh.
Mama: Where them little insects fly around, and they mate while they're still in mid-air, and they don't hardly know that it's happening? That's kinda what it was like with your Daddy and me.
(Eunice and Mama take a long pause)
Eunice: Same way with Ed and me. Ed has absolutely no imagination, Mama. It's always the same thing, the same day of the week.

Mama: Well, you know men, all after one thing.
Scarlett: Thank goodness.

Scarlett: Now what about Eunice. Didn't she ever do anything to make you happy?
Mama: Yeah, she tried to run away once.

Scarlett: (to Eunice) Sit down, or I strangle you with that ugly dress.

Mama: Nobody in our family has ever been put in jail.
Eunice: Uncle Willie.
Mama: Willie? Well, that man was unbalanced. Lord, exposing himself at the drop of a hat in the frozen food section of the market.
(Eunice runs to the bars)
Eunice: Let me outta here! Let me outta here! I don't wanna be in the same room with her! I want a private cell!

Episode Goofs
There is a shot where Ed is wearing a party hat. Then, in the next scene it disappears. In the following shot of Ed's head, the party hat mysteriously reappears again.

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