Season 1

1 :01x01 - Suspicious Minds

G-man Nick Mancuso has the heart of a patriot under his cynical exterior. Mancuso probes the drowning of a woman with ties to a controversial nominee for Secretary of Defense.
Guest Stars: Denis Arndt as Burt Kessler | Clare Wren as Lee Kessler | Joyce Hyser as Vicki Singer | Beth Broderick as Dallas | Milt Tarver as Dexter Baines | Mark L. Taylor as Ted Walbrook | Edwina Moore as 1st Reporter | Michael Fairman as Unknown | Albert Hall as Unknown | Earl Billings as Unknown | F.J. O'Neil as Senator Perry | David Goldstein as 2nd Reporter | Don Craig (1) as 3rd Reporter | Susan Hegarty as Woman | Daniel Trent as Agent
Director: Jeff Bleckner

2 :01x02 - Little Saigon

Mancuso investigates the suspicious circumstances of an FBI veteran's murder, but the case blows up in his face when the CIA is implicated along with an Asian drug kingpin.
Guest Stars: Aki Aleong as Minh | Frederick Coffin as Sullivan | Arlen Dean Snyder as Bowers | James Keane as Morrie | John Dewey-Carter as Tucker | James Keene as Morrie | Don Keith Opper as Unknown | Richard Herd as Red Burrows | Granville Ames as Grimes | Jim Ishida as Shimura | Michele Marsh as Mrs. Skinner | Susie Burke as Gloria | William Fair as Man | Michael Hegedus as Bartender | Kieu Chinh as Woman | Craig Ryan Ng as Ice Eyes | Chip Heller as Cop | Khin-Kyaw Maung as Truong
Director: Bradford May

3 :01x03 - Conflict of Interest

Mancuso hunts a terrorist bomber who may be a Soviet dissident, while Kristen learns the hard way that FBI work and personal beliefs don't mix when she tries to pin criminal acts on abortion protesters.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Pryor as Porter | Claudette Nevins as Sheila | Stanley Kamel as Stein | Vladimir Skomarovsky as Silenko | Jack Blessing as Swenson | Edwina Moore as Reporter | Herman Sinitzyn as General Rusanov | Doug Franklin as Lipski | Marte Boyle Slout as Emma | Norbert Weisser as Unknown | Christopher Neame as Unknown | Milt Tarver as Senator Baines | Jack Jozefson as Apt Manager | Jack Lightsy as Detective | Tony Winters as Cop
Director: Rob Bowman

4 :01x04 - I Cover the Waterfront

Mancuso protects an informant who's prepared to expose his mob boss, but McMasters, under the spell of a sexy photographer, may blow the case.
Guest Stars: Denise Crosby as Toni | Anthony Herrera as Brazzi | James Handy as Gulliver | Ric Mancini as Father Luchessi | Michael Constantine as Unknown | Brent Pfaff as Vinnie | Gary Miller (1) as Agent | David Goldstein as Reporter | Robert Roth as Dock Worker | James Tartan as Priest
Director: Jeff Bleckner

5 :01x05 - Weapons-Grade

Mancuso investigates the theft of plutoium from a nuclear-weapon plant, but he nearly melts down when evidence points to the Israeli Secret Service as the culprit.
Guest Stars: James Karen as Jerry Nagel | Peter Michael Goetz as Kaufman | Ramy Zada as Ari | Joseph Hacker as Fenton | Ricardo Gutierrez as Unknown | Edwina Moore as 1st Reporter | Charles Cyphers as Unknown | Laurie Burton (1) as Mrs. Kaufman | David L. Crowley as Agent Ribardo | Terry Bozeman as Agt. West | Tiiu Leek as Newsreporter | Vance Valencia as 2nd Reporter | Terri Sempler as 1st Agent | Brian Sheehan as 2nd Agent
Director: Bradford May

6 :01x06 - Betrayal

Mancuso links a bank robbery to Irish terrorists, who may also be tied to an Irish-American writer committed to the cause of Irish nationalism.
Guest Stars: James Greene (2) as Flynn | Tristan Rogers as Grant | Robin Pearson Rose as Sarah | Andy Wood as O'Neil | Scott Ferguson as Jonathan | Cheryl Francis Harrington as Judy Miller | Will Jeffries as Agent Lindley | Coleen Maloney as Clara | Jack Stauffer as Director | Earl Billings as Unknown | Joseph Carberry as Unknown
Director: Vern Gillum

7 :01x07 - Classified

A soldier dies in a secret air crash. But the army refuses to investigate. Mancuso accepts the case.
Guest Stars: John Lehne as Sawyer | Rene Levant as Gillerman | Robert Clotworthy as Unknown | Hildy Brooks as Unknown | Jason Lively as Justin Summers | Milt Tarver as Senator Baines | Robert Pine as Cranage | Hugh Holub as Unknown | Steven Barr as MP | Nancy Paul as Samantha Carson

8 :01x08 - Murder of Pearl

A corrupt lawyer may be tied to the disappearance and possible murder of an undocumented alien; and Jean has a run-in with her ex-husband, an aging pro-football player.
Guest Stars: Edwina Moore as Reporter | Thomas Ryan as Pearl | Drew Pillsbury as Matt | Yolanda Lloyd Delgado as Maria | Steve Eastin as Unknown | Anthony Thomas Mitchell as Ryan | Don Calfa as Unknown | John Wesley as Unknown | Herb Mitchell as McCabe | James Hayes (1) as US Officer | Christopher Kriesa as Detective | Huck Liggett as Unknown | Ted Pitsis as Customer | Julie Tea as Saleswoman | Victor Vidales as Roberto | Diane Shalet as Judge Dench

9 :01x09 - Racial Matters

Mancuso is called in to investigate a case with racial overtones, before the attendant tension affects the local elections.
Guest Stars: Edwina Moore as Newswoman | Marj Dusay as Maxine | Wayne Tippet as Tarnworth | Adam Nelson as Madison | Sam Scarber as Clausen | Michael Cutt as Joey | Juanita Jennings as Cheryl | J.K. Palmer as Todd | Steve Rankin as Art | Dale Swann as Cranmore | Joan Welles as Doctor | James Ingersoll as Doctor | Jonathan Weeks as Andrew | Roger Hampton as Bartender | Mike Doukas as Reporter | James A. Watson, Jr. as Conway | Desreta Jackson as Bonita
Director: Win Phelps

10 :01x10 - Conspiracy

An agent whom Mancuso sent undercover is slain.
Guest Stars: Tim Russ as Rashad | Brian Wesley Thomas as Dwayne | Fran Bennett as Anna | Bobby Hosea as Danny | Jordan Charney as Jiri
Director: Win Phelps

11 :01x11 - Shall We Gdansk?

While looking after a Czechoslovakian immigrant, Mancuso is informed that she's part of the ruthless Czech secret police.
Guest Stars: Maria Mayenzet as Unknown | Richard Zobel as Kurland | Michael Ensign as Erich | Endre Hules as Alex | Jordan Charney as Jiri

12 :01x12 - Ahami Awry Kidnapped

Kristen is kidnapped while accompanying the discontented American wife of a ruthless Arab king, who have both come to the States tailed by revolutionaries.
Guest Stars: Andreas Katsulas as Unknown | John Shearin as Unknown | Erika Flores as Connie | Alice Hirson as Unknown | Bill Gratton as Brader | Shohreah Aghdashloo as Miriam | Magda Harout as Meme | Casey Sander as Steven | Andy Aybar as Kidnapper | Shaun Toub as Unknown | Eliot Crowley as Photographer | Tiiu Leek as Diane Comoder | Barry Wiggins as Morgan | Thomas Peterson as Senator Times | Mark Margolis as Jura | Kim Johnston Ulrich as Barbara | Duke Moosekian as Zarif
Director: Rob Bowman

13 :01x13 - Shiva Me Timbers

A homicide committed by skinheads hits close to home for Mancuso when his niece's fiancé is implicated in the murder.
Guest Stars: Janet Carroll as Unknown | Erica Yohn as Unknown | Rick Giolito as Unknown | Tony Di Benedetto as Unknown | Michael Milhoan as Brooks | Andrew Roperto as Richie | Ralph Monaco as Man | Parker Whitman as Worker | Vincent Irizarry as Bobby | Michael Bell (1) as Andy | Raymond Singer as Meyer | Laura Leigh Hughes as Lee Ann
Director: Betty Thomas

14 :01x14 - Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1)

Summers is arrested after his escort for the evening is found savagely murdered.
Guest Stars: Dori Brenner as Unknown | George D. Wallace as Unknown | Gregg Daniel as Unknown | Barney McFadden as Unknown | Murphy Cross as Unknown | Nicole Mecurio as Unknown | Jason Lively as Justin | Douglas Markkanen as Hartung | Caryn West as DA Wright | Richie Allan as Man | Kenneth J. Martinez as Newsman | Travis Swords as Dan Miller | Fredric Cook as Mario DiPatris | Tom Wright as Henderson | Brian Stokes Mitchell as Steele | Drew Pillsbury as Matt | Bruce Newbold as Doctor | Macon McCalman as Varnick | Douglas Roberts as Geary | Rebecca Staab as Unknown | Ken Jenkins as Unknown

15 :01x15 - Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (2)

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Guest Stars: Dori Brenner as Unknown | George D. Wallace as Unknown | Gregg Daniel as Unknown | Barney McFadden as Unknown | Murphy Cross as Unknown | Nicole Mecurio as Unknown | Jason Lively as Justin | Douglas Markkanen as Hartung | Caryn West as DA Wright | Richie Allan as Man | Kenneth J. Martinez as Newsman | Travis Swords as Dan Miller | Fredric Cook as Mario DiPatris | Tom Wright as Henderson | Brian Stokes Mitchell as Steele | Drew Pillsbury as Matt | Bruce Newbold as Doctor | Macon McCalman as Varnick | Douglas Roberts as Geary | Rebecca Staab as Unknown | Ken Jenkins as Unknown
Director: Rob Bowman

16 :01x16 - Death and Taxes

Mancuso endures a tax audit and goes undercover to find out who killed Jean's gambling-debt-ridden husband.
Guest Stars: Drew Pillsbury as Unknown | Donald Fullilove as Unknown | Douglas Markkanen as Unknown | Elaine Kagan as Barbara Todd | Dennis Paladino as Croupier | Steve White as Unknown | Richard Hoyt Miller as Doctor | Michael James (1) as Unknown | Marina Anderson as Waitress | Mark Chaet as Atty Elroy | Alan Woolf as Rohrer | Steve Welles as Caster | George Simonelli as Strickman | Elena Michaels as Doris | Paul T. Murray (1) as Unknown | Stewart J. Zully as Cop | Harry Pugh as Portier | Pete Koch as Unknown | Patty Toy as Nurse | Chris Cohill as 1st Child | Andre Gulley as 2nd Child | Matthew Faison as Tickner | Mitch Pileggi as Prisoner | Richard Cummings, Jr. as Dixon | Jesse Doran as Campo

17 :01x17 - Daryl Ross & the Supremes

Mancuso investigates a conspiracy aimed at the U.S. Supreme Court after a justice is nearly assassinated.
Guest Stars: Jason Beghe as Unknown | Alan Fudge as Unknown | Georgann Johnson as Unknown | Richard Green (1) as Dr. Labiner | Elizabeth Norment as Unknown | Jodi Long as Beth Lurland | William Utay as Dr. Kelly | Darwyn Carson as Eileen Montgomery | Terry McQueen as Neighbor | John Rice as Neiman | Debra Stipe as Shari | Thom Bray as Daryl Ross | Christina Pickles as Justice | Drew Snyder as Sheldon

18 :01x18 - Night of the Living Shred

Mancuso looks for the killer of his friend, a veteran Metro cop with a reputation as a loose cannon.
Guest Stars: Sheila Larken as Carolyn Lupo | Tara Buckman as Cherry | John H. Evans as Kirby | Ken Jenkins as Unknown | Marvil Elkins as Unknown | Jack Andreozzi as Unknown | William Bassett as Unknown | Barry Doe as Bartender | Jerry Colker as Carney | Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Rodney | Andy Romano as Womack | Steven Keats as Off. Lupo

19 :01x19 - Premature Congratulations

Mancuso finds himself in the middle of a mob war; and Kristen puts Summers undercover to nab a pair of heisting hookers.
Guest Stars: Edwina Moore as Reporter | Dennis Paladino as Mayo | Tom Sildari Fears as Gregory Carlotti | William Forward as Bramwell | Joe Howard as Galpin | Henry Brown (1) as Whiteside | Corinne Wahl as Prostitute | Jay Ingram as McCahey | Tim Cunningham as Kennedy | Greg Finley as Pinckney | Janet Gunn as Aide | Alan Koss as Man | Charles Cioffi as Digatano | Ken Swofford as Sen. Bloomingdale | Tom Bower as Grasso | Rosa Nevin as Catherine

20 :01x20 - Adamant Eve

When negotiations to sell an airline to its employees become explosive, Mancuso investigates the owner; a physical therapist has her eye on Mancuso.
Guest Stars: Paula Marshall as unknown | Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Airline Tycoon | Greg Kinnear as Photographer | John Mahon as Unknown | James David Hinton as McCormick | Katherine Cortez as Unknown | H. Richard Greene as Unknown | David Purdham as Unknown | Barry Laws as Rolfe | Judy Jean Berns as Stella | Mark Phelan as Cop | Nike Doukas as Reporter | David Goldstein as Reporter | Mik Scriba as Unknown | David Paymer as Lloyd | Lorry Goldman as Dennison | Stan Ivar as Farber | Cindy Morgan as Amanda
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 13, 1989
Ended: April 24, 1990
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