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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Name Is Mannix

Mannix is hired by former crime boss, Sam Dubrio, when his daughter is kidnapped. His plan is to set up a ransom and then pay off his pick up man to turn in his boss.
Guest Stars: John Colicos as Albert | Morgan Jones (1) as Pender | Bob Garrett as Chauffeur | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Helicoper Pilot | K.L. Smith as Sheriff Bevan | Kim Hunter as Louise Dubrio | Lloyd Nolan as Sam Dubrio | Henry Wills as Man with Sunglasses | Barbara Anderson as Angela Dubrio
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Bruce Geller

2 :01x02 - Skid Marks on a Dry Run

People begin to be killed off after Mannix is hired to drub up information which could hurt Adam Pierson from being elected governor.
Guest Stars: Morgan Jones (1) as Pender | Jonathan Kidd as Target Range Man | Leonard York as Max | Art Lewis as Hayden | Herbie Faye as Hustler | Elisabeth Fraser as Beverly Renick | Vic Perrin as Tony | Vincent Gardenia as Eddie Renick | Wende Wagner as Ms. Ellis | Marian McCargo as Martha Pierson | Charles Drake as Adam Pierson | Gene Rutherford as Owney

3 :01x03 - Nothing Ever Works Twice

When an old flame is found dead, Mannix is named the prime suspect.
Guest Stars: Gloria DeHaven as Gloria Farnsworth | Frank Aletter as J.P. Malloy | Robert H. Harris as Lorne Marshall | Leslie Perkins as Susan Graham | Richard Derr as Victor Farnsworth | Karla Most as Clara Warner | Ed Long as Herman | Max Kleven as Chauffeur
Director: Murray Golden

4 :01x04 - The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher

When a secret formula disappears, Mannix is hired to find the chemist who worked on its creation.
Guest Stars: David Hurst as Unknown | John Marley as Stasos | Linda Marsh as Rina | Barry Ford as Dedjan | Neil Diamond as Himself | Gabriel Curtiz as Wiem

5 :01x05 - Make Like It Never Happened

Mannix is hired to help get the father of a young girl off death row, who was accused of a crime he didn't commit. Meanwhile, Joe romances the mistress of a wealthy industrialist her is investigating.
Guest Stars: Elena Verdugo as Eva Brock | John Randolph as Clark | Amber Flower as Betsy | Logan Ramsey as Gilbert Aumont | Letitia Roman as Ms. Scott | Phillip Pine as Steve Brock | Ric Roman as Frankie Saunders | Gerald York as Pete Cleary | John Kowal as Guard
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Lee Loeb

6 :01x06 - The Cost of a Vacation

While investigating the location of a missing person, Joe uncovers the death of a colleague who appears to have committed suicide.
Guest Stars: Martin Braddock as Unknown | Henry Beckman as Duncan | Henry Calvin as Figueroa | Marlyn Mason as Joyce | Donnelly Rhodes as Ramon | Lillian Adams as Unknown | Shepherd Sanders as Unknown | Jewel Lain as Unknown | Billy Snyder as Unknown

7 :01x07 - Warning: Live Blueberries

Mannix heads for a hippie retreat to investigate the disappearance of a missing girl who is linked to the death of a basketball star.
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt as Morgan | Sherwood Price as Tony | Brooke Bundy as Jill | Valora Noland as Cindy Geer | Robert Emhardt as Warden | Ed McCready as Andy | Booth Colman as Max Bonnett | Michael Stanwood as Ken | Leonard Bremen as Charley | Allen Jaffe as Waiter | Phil Leeds as Wilson | Buffalo Springfield as Themselves
Story: Howard Dimsdale | Teleplay: Barry Oringer

8 :01x08 - Beyond the Shadow of a Dream

A mentally unstable woman is having trouble grasping the difference between a nightmare and reality. Mannix is hired to figure which of her companions is creating her confusion.
Guest Stars: Martin Braddock as Parker | Morgan Jones (1) as Howard Pender | John Harding (1) as Rick Day | Richard Mulligan as Dr. Bob Adams | Pat Priest as Louise Carter | Robert Karnes as Walter Drake | Ann Prentiss as Gwen Rogers | Robert Yuro as Mike DiAngelo | Judi Meredith as Carrie Day | Herb Voland as Frank Terrano | Jimmy Joyce as Unknown | Don Ross as Unknown
Director: Leonard Horn

9 :01x09 - Huntdown

Mannix is stuck in a farm town with an injured foot and a group of citizens who seem to be keeping a deadly secret from him.
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Sam Nash | Paul Stevens as Sheriff Wade | Ken Reynard as Mr. Sureyano | Edna Glover as Operator | James Chandler as Truck Driver | John Pickard (2) as Wilkens | Philip Vandervort as Hamilton | Walter Baldwin as Luther | Sandra Smith as Violet Brooks | Steve Ihnat as Mayor Glass
Director: Gerald Mayer

10 :01x10 - Coffin for a Clown

Mannix is on the middle of a fence when it comes to an intense child custody case, where he is working for the mother while seeing the father dash attempts on his life.
Guest Stars: Frank Campanella as Loman | Ella Raino as Nurse | Norman Fell as Daniel Brewer | Aram Katcher as Burt Loman | Don Putnam as Artist | Laraine Stephens as Helen Brewer | Whitney Blake as Cloris Loman | Diana Muldaur as Fran | Gabriel Dell as Alan Brewer | Christopher Knight as Josh

11 :01x11 - A Catalogue of Sins

Mannix is hired to investigate when a psychiatrist is blackmailed after some of his files are lifted from his office.
Guest Stars: Joe Mantell as Eddie Stacy | Martin Braddock as Parker | Fay Spain as Secretary | John Indrisano as Tim | Kim Hamilton as Audrey Chalmers | Robert Palmer (2) as Unknown | Pepper Martin as Hood #2 | Don Edwards as Agent | Roy Jenson as Duane Toohey | Percy Rodriguez as Roy Bradley | Jennifer Billingsley as Gladys | Joe Maross as Dr. Steven Warren | Richard Bakalyan as Frank Whitley
Director: Lee H. Katzin

12 :01x12 - Turn Every Stone

A million dollar libel suit against a crusading publisher may be tied to the mob.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Gough as Senator Miniver | John Crawford as Traynor | Frank Kreig as Proprietor | Jack Perkins as Henry | Annazette Chase as Suzanne | G.D. Spradlin as Sid Abernathy | Madge Blake as Mrs. Murial Pochak | Sharon Hillyer as Edna Lacey | Dabbs Greer as Dan Turpin | Noam Pitlik as Lowell Gregg | Hampton Fancher as Cornwall Dover | Linden Chiles as Homer Boswell | Nita Talbot as Gloria Turnbull
Writer: Jeri Emmett

13 :01x13 - Run, Sheep, Run

Mannix is hired to determine which cops are tied in with a vice ring.
Guest Stars: Carol Bagdasarian as Maria | Ruta Lee as Jean Coleman | Joyce Van Patten as Lola | George Keymas as Orville Gopah | Susan Crane as Mavis Miller | John Abbott (1) as Monty Kelbo | Richard Devon as Capt. Tom Randall | Malachi Throne as Inspector Frank Kyler | Bill Bradley (2) as Lt. Barry Frome
Director: Gene Reynolds

14 :01x14 - Then the Drink Takes the Man

Mannix investigates why a man who is against the evils of drink is spending a load of cash and time at a alcoholic retreat in Mexico.
Guest Stars: Lynda Day George as Carol Blake | Julie Adams as Mrs. Carter | John Anderson (1) as George Blake | Sean McClory as Scott Winters | Dorothy Green as Laura | Roger Torrey as Travers | Richard Merrifield as Unknown | Dick Dial as Unknown | Ken Tilles as Unknown | Joe LoPresti as Unknown
Writer: Sam Ross

15 :01x15 - The Falling Star

As movie starlet, Anne Marion, is scheduled to release her tell-tale memoirs, an attempt is made on her life.
Guest Stars: Morgan Jones (1) as Howard Pender | Douglas Henderson as Lockwood | Rona Barrett as Reporter | Jack Baker (1) as Dance Director | Mickey Morton as Milt | Lee Bergere as Steven Kosloff | Bobby Hall (1) as Artie | Jan Sterling as Anne Marion | Otto Waldis as Otto Trenck | Army Archerd as Reporter | Richard Miller (1) as Photographer | Marian Seldes as Ida Colby | Barbara Hunter (2) as Carol Marion | Quinn Redeker as Jim Dancy
Director: Denis Sanders

16 :01x16 - License to Kill---Limit Three People

Mannix is hired when a sniper begins killing off citizens and the prime suspect is an escaped mental patient.
Guest Stars: Wright King as Hartigan | Peter Haskell as David Tate | Warren J. Kemmerling as Bowers | Karen Black as Elaine | Elisa Ingram as Ruth | Melinda Fee as | Harry Basch as | William O'Connell as | Art Lewis as | Steven Marlo as
Writer: Lee Erwin

17 :01x17 - Deadfall (1)

Intertect is accused of stealing plans and and a formula to create a laser ray, forcing Mannix and Lew Wickersham into a deadly feud.
Guest Stars: Morgan Jones (1) as Pender | Dana Elcar as Fred Restin | Jack Bernardi as Golf Ball Man | Sidney Clute as Dr. Bernstein | Austin Willis as George Carlisle | Julian Burton as Justin Detwiler | Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Andrew Josephus | Beverly Garland as Edna Restin | Antoinette Bower as Gail Mason | Michael Tolan as Dr. Norman Forest | Nicholas Georgiade as Logan
Director: Leonard Horn

18 :01x18 - Deadfall (2)

Mannix is fired from Intertect while his boss suffers from a medically induced psychosis, causing Joe to use desperate measures to crack the case and save Wickersham's life.
Guest Stars: Dana Elcar as Fred Reston | Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Andrew Josephus | Antoinette Bower as Gail Mason | Beverly Garland as Edna Reston | Michael Tolan as Dr. Norman Forest | Nicholas Georgiade as Logan
Director: Leonard Horn

19 :01x19 - You Can Get Killed Out There

Mannix' attempt to locate a stolen necklace leads him onto a case of murder and fraud.
Guest Stars: Marianna Hill as Marcie | Howard da Silva as Aram Karmalis | Scott Marlowe as Steve Cade | Mort Mills as Al | Charles Wagenheim as Danny Boyle | Barbara Baldavin as Arleen Cade | Victor Lundin as Tony | Sid McCoy as Mallory | Jody Gilbert as Kitty | Jon Silo as Maitre'd | Morris Buchanan as Factotum | Harry Harvey as Unknown
Director: Louis Brandt

20 :01x20 - Another Final Exit (or, The Box)

Bernie Farmer is mistaken as being responsible for a missing million dollars, used as bait in a drug ring.
Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Bernie Farmer | Harry Landers as Jerome Gault | Walter Brooke as Capt. Wells | Paul Comi as Harry | Aram Katcher as Samuel | Pamela Dunlap as Clarice | Don Hanmer as Cokie | Grace Lee Whitney as Gloria | Jewell Lain as Stella | Ernest Harada as Caterer | Amy Meagher as Secretary | Jan Shepard as Rose
Director: Ralph Senensky

21 :01x21 - Eight to Five, Its a Miracle

Mannix is hired to investigate an alleged miracle which is happening upon the land of a crime boss.
Guest Stars: Jay Novello as Rico Pucci Sr. | William Bryant as Norman | Brenda Scott as Sandy | Larry Perkins as Father Mancino | William Smithers as Pucci | William Smith (1) as Salvatore Pucci | Bruce Gordon (1) as Bishop | Miriam Goldina as Unknown | Lillian Adams as Unknown | Harry Harvey as Unknown

22 :01x22 - Delayed Reaction

Mannix discovers a 20-year old crime is attached to a mysterious hit and run accident.
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Richard | Richard Bull as Unknown | Louise Sorel as Danielle Michaels/Mary Higgins | Joel Fleuellen as Sam Bailey | Anthony R. Spinelli as Ned Glass | Walter Koenig as Harry | Michael Greene (1) as Warren | Peggy Rea as Anne | Richard Merrifield as Intern | Ronald Long as Herbanoff | Craig Littler as Louie | John McLiam as Benny

23 :01x23 - To Kill a Writer

When Mannix is hired to prevent a murder of a mystery writer, the intended victim wants no help in solving the crime himself.
Guest Stars: Fay Spain as Landlady | K.L. Smith as Swanson | Art Lewis as Starkey | David Fresco as Willie Lang | Shirley Bonn as Nikki Jason | Ted Cassidy as Felipe Montoya | Larry D. Mann as Orlando Quinn | Paul Petersen as Dean Devlin | Patti Chandler as Julie West | Michael Strong (1) as Dwight West
Director: Charles Rondeau

24 :01x24 - The Girl in the Frame

Mannix is hired to investigate a possible art forgery of a Renoir, when the collector sees the model who posed for the painting in person.
Guest Stars: Arline Anderson as character name | Paul Mantee as Markos | Leslie Parrish as Linda | William Windom as Norris | Sivi Aberg as Unknown | Oscar Beregi as Unknown | Martin Babcock as Unknown | Arthur Bernard as Unknown
Director: Barry Crane
Warning: Mannix guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1967
Ended: August 27, 1975
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