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Season 7

147 :07x01 - The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

Mannix scoffs at a psychic's tale about a woman in danger. Then it comes true.
Guest Stars: Robert Reed (1) as Lt. Adam Tobias | Ron Nyman as Charlie | Paul Lukather as Gerald Stockton | Duke Howard as Doctor | Joan Van Ark as Jennifer Crane | Robert Brown (2) as Robert Foreman | Alfred Ryder as Emory Davis
Director: Alf Kjellin

148 :07x02 - A Way to Dusty Death

Mannix ruffles some feathers in quiet, small town when he arrives there in search of a missing youth.
Guest Stars: Robert Reed (1) as Lt. Adam Tobias | George Skaff as Noah Harturian | Anthony Eldridge as Danny Durian | Len Wayland as Jake Durian | Janis Paige as Georgia Durian | Donna Baccala as Joyce Ferraro | Anthony Geary as Eddie Dekken | Howard Duff as Chief Harry Dekken | Daniel White as Steve | June Whitley Taylor as Miss Navarro
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Herb Meadow

149 :07x03 - Climb a Deadly Mountain

Forced to crash land a plane, Mannix gets rescued by an escaped convict who's being pursued by corrupt law enforcement officers out to silence him--as well as anyone he comes in contact with.
Guest Stars: Robert Donner as Rizo | Edward Winter as Sheriff Carson | Guy Raymond as Old Man | Tom Pittman as Police Officer | Robert Ruth as Radio Officer | Claudia Bryar as Old Lady | Ted Hartley as Don Elliott | James Burr Johnson as Frank Parks | Greg Morris as Luke Whitney
Director: Arnold Laven

150 :07x04 - Little Girl Lost

Mannix tries to help a girl who witnessed her father's murder and was driven over the edge mentally by the event.
Guest Stars: Helena Carroll as Elizabeth | Garry Walberg as Bartender | Barry Atwater as Dr. Walter Brown | Dawn Lyn as Tina Reynolds | Dean Harens as J.B. Kelly | Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs. Alferro | Pernell Roberts as George | Sam Elliott as Bill Saunders | Beverly Garland as Stella Carter | Julie Adams as Edie Reynolds | H.M. Wynant as Lou Reynolds
Director: Marvin Chomsky

151 :07x05 - The Gang's All Here

Mannix becomes the target of a vicious street gang known as the Nomads.
Guest Stars: Paul Picerni as Sgt. Les Packer | Paul Carr as Red Dietz | Eddie Firestone as Vagrant | Jay Varela as Sgt. Ramon | Arlene Farber as Luana | Joseph V. Perry as Bartender | Nadyne Turney as Helen Paul | Stephen R. Hudis as Arleigh Paul | Kevin Brody as Punchbowl | Gary Barton as Pot | Damon Douglas as Monkey | Lindy Davis as Ox | Doug Chapin as Camel | Tom Leopold as Bird | Sandy Kenyon as Liquor store owner | Ron Kolman as J.T.
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Albert Beich

152 :07x06 - Desert Run

A wife hires Mannix to investigate the disappearance of her husband's plane in the Rockies but then the detective learns that the woman who hired him is not the missing man's wife.
Guest Stars: Bill Vint as Willie Gillis | Charles Dierkop as Frank | Karen Ericson as Sandy | Ford Rainey as Reverend Walker | Carol Locatell as Mrs. Slocum | Mark Lenard as Hal | Debbie Lytton as Ellie | Don McGovern as Blake | Jeanette Nolan as Granny Nell Foster | James Sikking as Sketchley | John Doucette as Ward Gillis | Kenneth Tobey as Ted Bailey | Pamela McMyler as Jenny Bailey | Bert Kramer as Mark Slocum

153 :07x07 - Silent Target

On a fishing trip, Mannix has his car break down in the desert. Searching for help he stumbles across the headquarters of a modern day Murder Inc.
Guest Stars: James Gavin as Pilot | Fred M. Waugh as Santee | John Hillerman as J.H. Morell | Ronnie Rondell, Jr. as Durovic | Barbara Luna as Elena | Del Monroe as Hendry
Director: Arnold Laven

154 :07x08 - A World Without Sundays

Mannix is hired to find the galpal of a mobster who disappeared while en route to Los Angeles with a well-known football player.
Guest Stars: Joe E. Tata as Augie | Michael Conrad as Dave | Alan Gibbs (2) as Tolan | Read Morgan as Kessler | Tiffany Bolling as Cathy Lawson | Peggy Walton-Walker as Joanna | Peter Haskell as Marty Hatch
Director: Paul Krasny

155 :07x09 - Sing a Song of Murder

Mannix searches for clues when someone tries to kill a former opera star on the verge of coming out of retirement.
Guest Stars: Paul Stevens as Andrew Jordan | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Grady | Antony Mc Hugh as Jeff Blake | Laraine Stephens as Angela Talbot | Linda Watkins as Lillian Kramer | Janice Lynde as Maria | Liam Sullivan as Karl Henning | Nancy Kovack as Barbara | Ernie Orsatti as Unknown | Geoffrey Blake as Unknown | James Bronte as Unknown
Director: Arnold Laven

156 :07x10 - Search in the Dark

A blind crook and Mannix are both on the trail of some valuable stolen jewels.
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Orville Moffatt | Carol Bagdasarian as Terry Graham | Tony Young as Tony Lassiter | Bethel Leslie as Lois Graham | Charles Tyner as Jonah | Victor Buono as Hamilton Starr
Director: Arnold Laven

157 :07x11 - The Deadly Madonna

Mannix is called on the case when after an actress is the target of a strange murder attempt.
Guest Stars: Barbara Babcock as Janet | Leonard Stone as Seagrave | Ned Glass as Nemo | Walter Brooke as Baxter | Anne Baxter as Victoria Page | William Benedict as Projectionnist | Stanley Adams as Stack | Jock Gaynor as Allen
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Mann Rubin

158 :07x12 - Cry Danger

Thanks to an old galpal, Mannix gets trapped in the middle of a feud between rival smugglers.
Guest Stars: Allen Joseph as Alfie | William Boyett as Morgan | Jack Murdock as Lt. Lebeaux | Fred Beir as Carter Elliott | Peter Donat as Endicott | Diana Muldaur as Jan | Tom Reese as Springer | John Milford as Stan Forrester
Director: Don McDougall

159 :07x13 - All the Dead Were Strangers

Mannix investigates when a plane crash is followed by murder attempts against the survivors.
Guest Stars: Woodrow Parfrey as Eddie | Julie Gregg as Carol Robson | Donald Moffat as Don Mc Grath | Anthony Zerbe as Little Ned | Gail Bryant Cameron as Lylah | Paul Jenkins as Clive | James Rosin as Bartender | G.J. Mitchell as Lockwood
Writer: Karl Tunberg

160 :07x14 - Race Against Time (1) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart

Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
Guest Stars: John Colicos as Dr. Myles Considine | Paul Mantee as Paul | Richard Bull as Dr. Green | Alan Bergmann as Col. Albert DuPar | Len Birman as Michael Turman | Ben Hammer as Hank Pritchard | Ina Balin as Andrea | Nate Esformes as Raoul | Rita Gam as Dr. Ernestine Waldo | Jerry Strickler as Intern | Peter D. Greene as Eric | Cesare Danova as Victor Lucas
Director: Paul Krasny

161 :07x15 - Race Against Time (2) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart

Conclusion of a two-part episode about a revolution in a Latin American country involving Joe Mannix.
Guest Stars: Richard Bull as Dr. Green | Paul Mantee as Paul | John Colicos as Dr. Myles Considine | Ina Balin as Andrea | Cesare Danova as Victor Lucas | Alan Bergmann as Colonel Alan DuPar | Rita Gam as Dr. Ernestine Waldo | Len Birman as Michael Truman | Nate Esformes as Raoul | Ben Hammer as Hank Pritchard
Director: Paul Krasny

162 :07x16 - The Dark Hours

Almost at room temperature, Mannix struggles to recall events that led to him being shot with his own gun.
Guest Stars: Fred Krone as Hart | Larry Watson (1) as Lou | William Devane as Kordic | Paul Shenar as Sands | Alan Fudge as Dr. Collins | John Devlin as Rickard | Victor French as Matt Brandon | Elizabeth Ashley as Karen Wislow | Anne Newman-Mantee as Nurse
Director: Paul Krasny

163 :07x17 - A Night Full of Darkness

Mannix's police department pal, Lt. Malcolm, is a victim of a set-up. The private eye tries to get to the bottom of things in order to aid his pal.
Guest Stars: Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives | Robert Reed (1) as Lt. Adam Tobias | Michael Baseleon as Vic Grant | Paul Lambert as John Sato | Ed Call as Bernie Moss | Michael McGuire as Naylor

164 :07x18 - Walk a Double Line

Mannix wonders why a seemingly open and shut case got dropped.
Guest Stars: Jack Starr as Waiter | Robert Burr as Paul Grant | Tom McFadden as Harley | Davey Davison as Cathy Walker | Val Avery as Doyle | Hildy Brooks as Julia | Marie Windsor as Mrs. De Marco | John Bennett Perry as Steve Walker

165 :07x19 - The Girl From Nowhere

A little girl gets killed but she's unidentified. Mannix tries to discover who she was.
Guest Stars: Todd Mason as Resident | Robert Yuro as Tommy Ryker | David Frank (1) as Police Artist | Vaughn Taylor as Minister | Darrell Zwerling as Richard | Lucille Benson as Myra | Rosemary Forsyth as Liz Farrell | Lew Brown as Carl Johnson
Director: Paul Krasny

166 :07x20 - Rage to Kill

Mannix investigates the supposed suicide of a psychiatrist and discovers that the deceased shrink had some very interesting patients.
Guest Stars: Hayden Rorke as Dr. Jarrud | Robert Pratt (1) as Robert | Bill McKinney as Derek | Mews Small as Joan Cochrane | Flora Plumb as Elaine | Ramon Bieri as Carl Meiss | Katherine Hammond as Mrs. Jarrud | Pat Delaney as Grethe
Director: Don McDougall

167 :07x21 - Mask for a Charade

A friend of Mannix comes to the detective for help when he's accused of murdering a loan shark.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Bates as Mary Reardon | Dennis Patrick as Frankie West | Marj Dusay as Helen Layton | Claude Akins as Sgt. Al Reardon | Gloria LeRoy as Jenny | Bill McLean as Coolie | Dennis Redfield as Dennis | Vincent Barbi as Bartender | Louis Guss as Ellis Varco | Robert Ruth as Denby | Joan Shawlee as Duchess
Director: Sutton Roley

168 :07x22 - A Question of Murder

A young boy asks Mannix to prove that his hero did not die from a hit-and-run accident but rather was murdered.
Guest Stars: Pat Renella as Ralph Lewin | Bill Walker (1) as Martin Johnson | Mae Mercer as Ellen | Lillian Lehman as Anne Crawford | H.B. Barnum III as Kevin John | Ed Bernard as Bull Evans | Joseph Mell as Stu Beale | Bella Bruck as Aggie LeFarge | Larry Gates as Charles Picerni
Director: Don McDougall

169 :07x23 - Trap for a Pigeon

Mannix is hired to find a stolen briefcase which contained bribery money in a mob murder case.
Guest Stars: Robert Reed (1) as Lt. Adam Tobias | Allen Joseph as Louie | Jay Robinson as Eddie Richter | James Luisi as John Larkin | Barbara Rhoades as Mrs. Adante | Roy Jenson as Ozzie | Felice Orlandi as Adante | Victor Izay as Christopher | Barry Atwater as Prentiss

170 :07x24 - The Ragged Edge

Mannix goes undercover as a heroin addict in order to discover who's trying to kill an old friend.
Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Harrelson | Roger Perry as Fletcher | Don Gordon as Frank Marr | Linda Evans as Lorna
Director: Don McDougall
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1967
Ended: August 27, 1975
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