Season 8

171 :08x01 - Portrait in Blues

Mannix looks into why someone might want to kill one half of a successful singing pair, after a nearly fatal accident.
Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Wing Dobson | Stanley Adams as Alby | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Electrician | Bruce Scott as Singer | Kim Milford as Singer | William Sargent as Dr. Galloway | Barry Gordon as Todd Corvin | Robyn Millan as Susan | Gail Bryant Cameron as Jane Peterson | James Greene (2) as Walcott
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Mel Tormé

172 :08x02 - Game Plan

Kidnappers have the daughter of Mannix's good friend, who is also Mannix's god daughter. They demand her father lose a great deal of money in a card game as her ransom.
Guest Stars: James Olson as Lassiter | Rue McClanahan as Gloria | Jay Hammer as Ric Haggard | Jane Actman as Jeannie | Norman Alden as Ritchie
Director: Arnold Laven

173 :08x03 - A Fine Day for Dying

One might think that after waking from a year long coma, the worst would be in the past. But that is not true for Mannix's client, injured in a hit and run accident and now the target of killers.
Guest Stars: Grace Albertson as Nurse Phillips | Marc Lawrence (1) as Stanik | Jim Boles as Peters | James Naughton as Dr. Hanson | Barry Russo as DeMorro | Walter Brooke as Kraike | Alan Fudge as Hatch | Katherine Helmond as Martha Cole | Pamela Franklin as Jenny
Director: Leo Penn

174 :08x04 - Walk on the Blind Side

Syndicate thugs have kidnapped an informer - or so they believe. Their victim is actually Peggy Fair, Mannix's secretary, which puts Mannix on their trail.
Guest Stars: Eddie Firestone as Cap | Milt Kogan as Les | Lincoln Kilpatrick as Lonnie | Kim Hamilton as Diane | Leonard Stone as Wexler | Alex Henteloff as Chili Dog | Ray Ballard as Taxi Driver | Christopher Mann (2) as Usher
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Albert Beich

175 :08x05 - The Green Men

Mannix searches for a counterfeiter who has disappeared. He's up against Federal agents and criminals who want the man's flawless plates.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Dabney | Elisha Cook as Herbie | Scatman Crothers as Mudcat | Russell Johnson as Brasher | Chuck Daniel as Mitch | Frank Christi as Stone | Anna Lee as Mrs. Dabney | Mary-Robin Redd as Mrs. Hamilton
Director: Reza Badiyi

176 :08x06 - Death Has No Face

Mannix's search for the source of a death threat takes him to a small town. Shortly after he arrives, he's framed for murder and imprisoned. His freedom and future will depend on figuring who hates him this time, and why.
Guest Stars: Diane Shalet as Mona | Tom Stern as Lee Traherne | Ron Thompson as Kirk Bullard | Lynn Carlin as Nancy Traherne | Warren Vanders as Sheriff Gaffrey | James Burr Johnson as Deputy | Paul Sorenson as Editor | Ann Doran as Mrs. Moody
Director: Don McDougall

177 :08x07 - A Small Favor for an Old Friend

Mannix loses a friend - a small time mob courier killed flying money to Mexico. The mobsters, certain Mannix stole their money, come after the detective determined to recover what's theirs.
Guest Stars: Val Avery as Vanaman | Glenn Wilder as Bruce | Tobar Mayo as Leon | Merry Rockwell as Barbara | Elizabeth Huddle as Dotty | Ray Reinhardt as Butler | Ben Hammer as Shaeffer | Sondra Blake as Kit | Jim Antonio as Endicott
Director: Paul Krasny

178 :08x08 - Enter Tami Okada

A courier is abducted while en route to the Japanese consulate. Joe helps Tami Okada, a Japanese investigator trying to find the man.
Guest Stars: Mako as Tami Okada | Robert F. Hoy as Pike | Miko Mayama as Midori | Harushi as Kato | Clyde Kusatsu as Japanese Attache | Bill Zuckert as Car Dispatcher | Tad Horino as Buddhist Priest
Director: Paul Krasny

179 :08x09 - Picture of a Shadow

Mannix finds himself drawn to a woman in a photograph - a murder victim. He sets out to see her killer jailed.
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Bernard | Ron Nyman as Sergeant Charley | Jay Robinson as Kilburn | Frank Ramírez as Miguel | Michael Bell (1) as Larsen | Bing Russell as Jordan | Chuck Hicks as Arnold | Frank Orsatti as Baldy | Elven Havard as Officer Perry | Rosemary Forsyth as Carol Britton

180 :08x10 - Desert Sun

Mannix travels to New Mexico to prove that an Indian's death was murder. But the townsfolk don't seem to like Indians, which means they don't much like Mannix, either.
Guest Stars: Ron Nyman as Jenkins | Sandra Dixon as Elizabeth | Joe Maross as Sheriff Watkins | Leif Erickson as B.J. Yarborough | Joaquin Martinez as Harry White Eagle | Ben Andrews as Gil Yarborough | William Lucking as Cousins | Sam Jarvis as Sam | Jim Burk as Osterman
Director: Arnold Laven

181 :08x11 - The Survivor Who Wasn't

A man survives a plane crash - or does he? His wife has her doubts, so Mannix looks into it for her.
Guest Stars: Phillip Pine as Doctor | Garry Walberg as Danny | Carol Lawrence as Kelly | Harry Basch as Sam | Paul Burke (1) as Anderson | Eddie Quillan as Woody | William Tregoe as Nick | George Wyner as Arthur | Ron Nyman as Officer Charlie | John Milford as Harry
Writer: Ben Roberts

182 :08x12 - A Choice of Victims

Mannix looks into a businessman's murder, and discovers that his wife may have been the real target.
Guest Stars: Jack Ging as Lieutenant Ives | Rona Barrett as Herself | Vincent Baggetta as Tom Andros | Gail Kobe as Ginny Freeman | Stanley Adams as Chip | G.J. Mitchell as Victor Harris | Lucas White as Hal Carter | Sharon Hugueny as Janet Malone | Karen Jensen as Laura Harris | James Rosin as Chuck

183 :08x13 - A Word Called Courage

Mannix's military comrade broke under torture. Haunted by that, he sets out to prove such treatment would also break Mannix, capturing and torturing the detective to prove his point.
Guest Stars: Brenda Benet as Edie | Joseph Sirola as Elliott | Anthony Zerbe as Quint | Alan Manson as Leggett | Tim Thomerson as Rusty
Director: Bill Bixby

184 :08x14 - Man in a Trap

Someone murders a friend of Mannix's who was also a detective. Mannix discovers the man worked for a mafioso and sets out to learn why he died, despite pressure to stop digging.
Guest Stars: Erik Estrada as Tropic | Madlyn Rhue as Nedda | Edward Bell (1) as Scully | Pamela Bellwood as Miriam | Joseph Hindy as Gilbert

185 :08x15 - Chance Meeting

Two buddies from Vietnam meet and one of them ends up dead. The murder might be connected to a third man, a deserter still evading the authorities.
Guest Stars: Mark Stewart as Toby | Berlinda Tolbert as Jobina Rogell | Geoffrey Deuel as Clint Williams | Roger Aaron Brown as Bill Rogell | Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Gamble | Michelle Stacy as Jeanine | Felton Perry as Jesse Thompson
Director: Don Weis

186 :08x16 - Edge of the Web

An anthropology professor comes to believe one of his students had an affair with his wife, and denies the man a degree. Then someone murders the professor, and the police come knocking, leaving Mannix the young man's hope for freedom.
Guest Stars: Carol Bagdasarian as Darla | Penelope Windust as Ruth O'Neill | Joshua Bryant as Professor Pryor | James A. Watson, Jr. as Matt Jones | Ed Cambridge as Scrapiron | Frank Aletter as Professor O'Neill | Gerald McRaney as Professor Duncan | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. McGregor | Robert Gibbons as Jenkins | Paul Ryan (2) as Paul Werthman
Director: John Peyser

187 :08x17 - A Ransom for Yesterday

Someone demands a quarter of a million dollar ransom - for a boy missing six years!
Guest Stars: Shirley O'Hara as Unknown | Woodrow Parfrey as Steve Dorsett | Stephen Manley as Peter Graham | Charles Bergansky as Jeb Dallas | Victor Rogers as Lonnie | Dabney Coleman as Howard Graham | Howard Hesseman as Ray Bennett | Alan Oppenheimer as John Cordell | Diana Hyland as Janice Graham | Gary Combs as Unknown
Director: Bill Bixby
Writer: Mann Rubin

188 :08x18 - The Empty Tower

Thieves plan to start a holiday weekend by looting every office in a high rise. That leaves Mannix and a friend trapped in the man's vault, with limited air and no one likely to discover them for several days.
Guest Stars: Ron Nyman as Sergeant Charley | Pat Renella as Kirby | Maurice Hill as Alan | Frederic Downs as Lodge Owner | Eddy Donno as Mallory | R.J. O'Hara as Charley Wilcox | Bill Morey as Harper | Bill Bixby as Tony Elliott
Director: Bill Bixby

189 :08x19 - Quartet for a Blunt Instrument

Joe agrees to help a mechanic whom police have accused of beating an inventor to death.
Guest Stars: Albert Stratton as Sheriff | Katherine Justice as Holly Warlock | John Karlen as Unknown | Geoffrey Horne as Stockwood | Pippa Scott as Wanda | Thalmus Rasulala as Perry Riggs | Paul Savior as Murcott
Director: Reza Badiyi

190 :08x20 - Bird of Prey (1)

Mannix's client hires him to find the man who saved his son's life. The search takes him to an island near South America, and then the next link in the chain turns up dead.
Guest Stars: Jay Novello as Tannen | Erik Holland as Czerny | Kenneth O'Brien as Major Muller | Peter Elbling as Gufo | Dimitra Arliss as Rosa | Alexander Scourby as Count Boria | Robert Loggia as Inspector Varga | Andrea Marcovicci as Adrianna | Richard Evans as Cassana | Jorge Cervera, Jr as Sanchez
Writer: Alfred Hayes

191 :08x21 - Bird of Prey (2)

Still searching for the man who saved his client's son's life, Mannix stumbles into the ugly side of politics: an assassination plot.
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Inspector Varga | Alexander Scourby as Count Boria | Peter Elbling as Gufo | Erik Holland as Czerny | Dimitra Arliss as Rosa | Kenneth O'Brien as Major Muller | Richard Evans as Cassana | Andrea Marcovicci as Adrianna
Writer: Alfred Hayes

192 :08x22 - Design for Dying

A politically ambitions publisher hires Mannix to find evidence that his wife is cheating. When Mannix has no trouble finding this evidence, he begins to question the reasons he was hired...
Guest Stars: Barbara Rush as Rebekah Bigelow | Dennis Patrick as Darrell Bigelow | Erica Hagen as Maggie Larkin | Tom Selleck as Don Brady | Carmen Zapata as Chambermaid | Lewis Charles as Dondero | David Mauro as Gabriel | George Ives as Hallihan
Director: John Peyser

193 :08x23 - Search for a Dead Man

A man hires Mannix to locate a dead body. But the man is the murderer, a contract killer who wants to clean up after himself - which might include dealing with a nosy private detective...
Guest Stars: Ron Nyman as Sergeant Charley | Paul Mantee as Wayborn | Susan Mullen as Receptionist | Mary Charlotte Wilcox as Hope "Angel" Campbell | Eddie Quillan as Willie | Robert Symonds as Robert Ingram | John Hillerman as Norman Thompson
Director: Paul Krasny

194 :08x24 - Hardball

A drug dealer and his gang take several hostages to force Mannix to locate and retrieve another member of the gang, who betrayed them. Mannix fears someone's going to die no matter what he does.
Guest Stars: Paul Picerni as Donegan | James Hampton as Billy Lee | Vincent Beck as Frank Sartino | Tina Andrews (1) as Edna | Carole Demas as Susan Kane | William Windom as George Kane | Carl Lee as Ginger | Sam Gilman as Fingerman | Edward Marshall as Gerald Moore | Margaretta Ramsey as Edyth | John Ritter as Cliff
Director: Bill Bixby
Writer: Albert Beich
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1967
Ended: August 27, 1975
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