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173 08x03 06/Oct/1974 A Fine Day for Dying
174 08x04 13/Oct/1974 Walk on the Blind Side
175 08x05 20/Oct/1974 The Green Men
176 08x06 27/Oct/1974 Death Has No Face
177 08x07 10/Nov/1974 A Small Favor for an Old Friend
178 08x08 17/Nov/1974 Enter Tami Okada
179 08x09 24/Nov/1974 Picture of a Shadow
180 08x10 01/Dec/1974 Desert Sun
181 08x11 15/Dec/1974 The Survivor Who Wasn't
182 08x12 22/Dec/1974 A Choice of Victims
183 08x13 05/Jan/1975 A Word Called Courage
184 08x14 12/Jan/1975 Man in a Trap
185 08x15 19/Jan/1975 Chance Meeting
186 08x16 02/Feb/1975 Edge of the Web
187 08x17 09/Feb/1975 A Ransom for Yesterday
189 08x19 23/Feb/1975 Quartet for a Blunt Instrument
191 08x21 09/Mar/1975 Bird of Prey (2)
192 08x22 23/Mar/1975 Design for Dying
193 08x23 06/Apr/1975 Search for a Dead Man
194 08x24 13/Apr/1975 Hardball

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