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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 16/Sep/1967 The Name Is Mannix
2 1x02 23/Sep/1967 Skid Marks on a Dry Run
3 1x03 30/Sep/1967 Nothing Ever Works Twice
4 1x04 07/Oct/1967 The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher
5 1x05 14/Oct/1967 Make Like It Never Happened
6 1x06 21/Oct/1967 The Cost of a Vacation
7 1x07 28/Oct/1967 Warning: Live Blueberries
8 1x08 04/Nov/1967 Beyond the Shadow of a Dream
9 1x09 18/Nov/1967 Huntdown
10 1x10 25/Nov/1967 Coffin for a Clown
11 1x11 02/Dec/1967 A Catalogue of Sins
12 1x12 09/Dec/1967 Turn Every Stone
13 1x13 16/Dec/1967 Run, Sheep, Run
14 1x14 30/Dec/1967 Then the Drink Takes the Man
15 1x15 06/Jan/1968 The Falling Star
16 1x16 13/Jan/1968 License to Kill---Limit Three People
17 1x17 20/Jan/1968 Deadfall (1)
18 1x18 27/Jan/1968 Deadfall (2)
19 1x19 03/Feb/1968 You Can Get Killed Out There
20 1x20 10/Feb/1968 Another Final Exit (or, The Box)
21 1x21 17/Feb/1968 Eight to Five, Its a Miracle
22 1x22 02/Mar/1968 Delayed Reaction
23 1x23 09/Mar/1968 To Kill a Writer
24 1x24 16/Mar/1968 The Girl in the Frame

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
25 2x01 28/Sep/1968 The Silent Cry
26 2x02 05/Oct/1968 Comes Up Roses
27 2x03 12/Oct/1968 Pressure Point
28 2x04 19/Oct/1968 To the Swiftest, Death
29 2x05 26/Oct/1968 End of the Rainbow
30 2x06 02/Nov/1968 A Copy of Murder
31 2x07 09/Nov/1968 Edge of the Knife
32 2x08 16/Nov/1968 Who Will Dig the Graves?
33 2x09 23/Nov/1968 In Need of a Friend
34 2x10 07/Dec/1968 Night Out of Time
35 2x11 14/Dec/1968 A View of Nowhere
36 2x12 21/Dec/1968 Fear I to Fall
37 2x13 04/Jan/1969 Death Run
38 2x14 11/Jan/1969 A Pittance of Faith
39 2x15 18/Jan/1969 Only Giants Can Play
40 2x16 25/Jan/1969 Shadow of a Man (or, Killjoy)
41 2x17 01/Feb/1969 The Girl Who Came in with the Tide
42 2x18 08/Feb/1969 Death in a Minor Key
43 2x19 15/Feb/1969 End Game
44 2x20 22/Feb/1969 All Around the Money Tree
45 2x21 01/Mar/1969 The Odds Against Donald Jordan
46 2x22 08/Mar/1969 Last Rites for Miss Emma
47 2x23 22/Mar/1969 The Solid Gold Web
48 2x24 05/Apr/1969 Merry Go Round for Murder
49 2x25 12/Apr/1969 To Catch a Rabbit

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
50 3x01 27/Sep/1969 Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly
51 3x02 04/Oct/1969 Color Her Missing
52 3x03 11/Oct/1969 Return to Summer Grove
53 3x04 18/Oct/1969 The Playground
54 3x05 25/Oct/1969 A Question of Midnight
55 3x06 01/Nov/1969 A Penny for the Peep-Show
56 3x07 08/Nov/1969 A Sleep in the Deep
57 3x08 22/Nov/1969 Memory: Zero
58 3x09 29/Nov/1969 The Nowhere Victim
59 3x10 06/Dec/1969 The Sound of Darkness
60 3x11 13/Dec/1969 Who Killed Me?
61 3x12 20/Dec/1969 Missing: Sun and Sky
62 3x13 27/Dec/1969 Tooth of the Serpent
63 3x14 03/Jan/1970 Medal for a Hero
64 3x15 10/Jan/1970 Walk With a Dead Man
65 3x16 17/Jan/1970 A Chance at the Roses
66 3x17 24/Jan/1970 Blind Mirror
67 3x18 31/Jan/1970 Harlequin's Gold
68 3x19 07/Feb/1970 Who is Sylvia?
69 3x20 14/Feb/1970 Only One Death to a Customer
70 3x21 21/Feb/1970 Fly, Little One
71 3x22 28/Feb/1970 The Search for Darrell Andrews
72 3x23 07/Mar/1970 Murder Revisited
73 3x24 14/Mar/1970 War of Nerves
74 3x25 21/Mar/1970 Once Upon a Saturday

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
75 4x01 19/Sep/1970 A Ticket to the Eclipse
76 4x02 26/Sep/1970 One for the Lady
77 4x03 03/Oct/1970 Time Out of Mind
78 4x04 10/Oct/1970 Figures in a Landscape
79 4x05 17/Oct/1970 The Mouse That Died
80 4x06 24/Oct/1970 The Lost Art of Dying
81 4x07 31/Oct/1970 The Other Game in Town
82 4x08 07/Nov/1970 The World Between
83 4x09 14/Nov/1970 Sunburst
84 4x10 21/Nov/1970 To Cage a Sea Gull
85 4x11 28/Nov/1970 Bang, Bang, You're Dead
86 4x12 12/Dec/1970 Deja Vu
87 4x13 19/Dec/1970 Duet For Three
88 4x14 02/Jan/1971 Round Trip to Nowhere
89 4x15 09/Jan/1971 What Happened to Sunday?
90 4x16 16/Jan/1971 The Judas Touch
91 4x17 23/Jan/1971 With Intent to Kill
92 4x18 30/Jan/1971 The Crime That Wasn't
93 4x19 06/Feb/1971 A Gathering of Ghosts
94 4x20 13/Feb/1971 A Day Filled with Shadows
95 4x21 20/Feb/1971 Voices in the Dark
96 4x22 27/Feb/1971 The Color of Murder
97 4x23 06/Mar/1971 Shadow Play
98 4x24 13/Mar/1971 Overkill

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
99 5x01 15/Sep/1971 Dark So Early, Dark So Long
100 5x02 22/Sep/1971 Cold Trail
101 5x03 29/Sep/1971 A Step in Time
102 5x04 06/Oct/1971 Wine From These Grapes
103 5x05 13/Oct/1971 Woman in the Shadows
104 5x06 20/Oct/1971 Days Beyond Recall
105 5x07 27/Oct/1971 Run Till Dark
106 5x08 03/Nov/1971 The Glass Trap
107 5x09 10/Nov/1971 A Choice of Evils
108 5x10 17/Nov/1971 A Button for General D
109 5x11 24/Nov/1971 The Man Outside
110 5x12 01/Dec/1971 Murder Times Three
111 5x13 08/Dec/1971 Catspaw
112 5x14 15/Dec/1971 To Save a Dead Man
113 5x15 29/Dec/1971 Nightshade
114 5x16 05/Jan/1972 Babe in the Woods
115 5x17 12/Jan/1972 The Sound of Murder
116 5x18 19/Jan/1972 Moving Target
117 5x19 26/Jan/1972 Cry Pigeon
118 5x20 09/Feb/1972 A Walk in the Shadows
119 5x21 16/Feb/1972 Lifeline
120 5x22 23/Feb/1972 To Draw the Lightning
121 5x23 01/Mar/1972 Scapegoat
122 5x24 08/Mar/1972 Death in the Fifth Gear

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
123 6x01 17/Sep/1972 The Open Web
124 6x02 24/Sep/1972 Cry Silence
125 6x03 01/Oct/1972 The Crimson Halo
126 6x04 08/Oct/1972 Broken Mirror
127 6x05 15/Oct/1972 Portrait of a Hero
128 6x06 22/Oct/1972 The Inside Man
129 6x07 29/Oct/1972 To Kill a Memory
130 6x08 05/Nov/1972 The Upside Down Penny
131 6x09 12/Nov/1972 One Step to Midnight
132 6x10 19/Nov/1972 Harvest of Death
133 6x11 26/Nov/1972 A Puzzle for One
134 6x12 03/Dec/1972 Lost Sunday
135 6x13 10/Dec/1972 See No Evil
136 6x14 17/Dec/1972 Light and Shadow
137 6x15 24/Dec/1972 A Game of Shadows
138 6x16 07/Jan/1973 The Man Who Wasn't There
139 6x17 14/Jan/1973 A Matter of Principle
140 6x18 21/Jan/1973 Out of the Night
141 6x19 28/Jan/1973 Carol Lockwood, Past Tense
142 6x20 04/Feb/1973 The Faces of Murder
143 6x21 18/Feb/1973 Search for a Whisper
144 6x22 25/Feb/1973 To Quote a Dead Man
145 6x23 04/Mar/1973 A Problem of Innocence
146 6x24 11/Mar/1973 The Danford File

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
147 7x01 16/Sep/1973 The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress
148 7x02 23/Sep/1973 A Way to Dusty Death
149 7x03 30/Sep/1973 Climb a Deadly Mountain
150 7x04 07/Oct/1973 Little Girl Lost
151 7x05 14/Oct/1973 The Gang's All Here
152 7x06 21/Oct/1973 Desert Run
153 7x07 28/Oct/1973 Silent Target
154 7x08 04/Nov/1973 A World Without Sundays
155 7x09 11/Nov/1973 Sing a Song of Murder
156 7x10 25/Nov/1973 Search in the Dark
157 7x11 02/Dec/1973 The Deadly Madonna
158 7x12 09/Dec/1973 Cry Danger
159 7x13 16/Dec/1973 All the Dead Were Strangers
160 7x14 06/Jan/1974 Race Against Time (1) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart
161 7x15 13/Jan/1974 Race Against Time (2) (a.k.a.) A Matter of the Heart
162 7x16 20/Jan/1974 The Dark Hours
163 7x17 27/Jan/1974 A Night Full of Darkness
164 7x18 10/Feb/1974 Walk a Double Line
165 7x19 17/Feb/1974 The Girl From Nowhere
166 7x20 24/Feb/1974 Rage to Kill
167 7x21 03/Mar/1974 Mask for a Charade
168 7x22 10/Mar/1974 A Question of Murder
169 7x23 24/Mar/1974 Trap for a Pigeon
170 7x24 31/Mar/1974 The Ragged Edge

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
171 8x01 22/Sep/1974 Portrait in Blues
172 8x02 29/Sep/1974 Game Plan
173 8x03 06/Oct/1974 A Fine Day for Dying
174 8x04 13/Oct/1974 Walk on the Blind Side
175 8x05 20/Oct/1974 The Green Men
176 8x06 27/Oct/1974 Death Has No Face
177 8x07 10/Nov/1974 A Small Favor for an Old Friend
178 8x08 17/Nov/1974 Enter Tami Okada
179 8x09 24/Nov/1974 Picture of a Shadow
180 8x10 01/Dec/1974 Desert Sun
181 8x11 15/Dec/1974 The Survivor Who Wasn't
182 8x12 22/Dec/1974 A Choice of Victims
183 8x13 05/Jan/1975 A Word Called Courage
184 8x14 12/Jan/1975 Man in a Trap
185 8x15 19/Jan/1975 Chance Meeting
186 8x16 02/Feb/1975 Edge of the Web
187 8x17 09/Feb/1975 A Ransom for Yesterday
188 8x18 16/Feb/1975 The Empty Tower
189 8x19 23/Feb/1975 Quartet for a Blunt Instrument
190 8x20 02/Mar/1975 Bird of Prey (1)
191 8x21 09/Mar/1975 Bird of Prey (2)
192 8x22 23/Mar/1975 Design for Dying
193 8x23 06/Apr/1975 Search for a Dead Man
194 8x24 13/Apr/1975 Hardball

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1967
Ended: August 27, 1975
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