Married Single Other

Married Single Other

Married Single Other is a romantic comedy drama series featuring three very different couples who are all connected to each other in some way. Each of the couples are at different stages in their relationships.

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Final: 1x06 -- Catnip (Mar/29/2010)

Babs and Gina move in to Lillie and Eddie's house and end up forming a new unit with the McCabe family. Dickie and Babs continue to grow further apart. Clint and Abbey face problems.
Lucy DavisLucy Davis
As Lillie
Lucy DavisLucy Davis
As Lillie
Miranda RaisonMiranda Raison
As Abbey
Miranda RaisonMiranda Raison
As Abbey
Ralf LittleRalf Little
As Clint
Shaun DooleyShaun Dooley
As Eddie

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The more I think about it, the more I love itRating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

Two years after this was on the air, I still think about this series and how much I loved it. It moved me and has a longevity of emotion that has stuck with me like nothing else I can recall. It helped that it was a group of family and friends and about all of their myriad relationships rather than just one, but the main (and it's a pretty even portrayal of relationships, but one is given slightly more weight than the others) relationship is so moving and bittersweet that it moves me to think about it to this day after not seeing it in two years. Why did I think to write this review now when probably no one goes to this page anymore? Because I'd been trying to remember where I'd seen Miranda Raison from "Vexed" before and when I looked, I saw this and it didn't register who she was still until today. I remembered her role today on "Married Single Other" and had almost completely forgotten that storyline, but when I remembered it, I remember all the other ones too and there is just so much great and simple human relationship stuff in this show that I finally thought, I should watch that again. I'd save the episodes, which I normally only do for sci-fi/fantasy shows and a small number of cop shows, because I remember liking it so much at the time, I thought my friends might want to see it also. I don't think any of them have watched it though. I think I should remind them. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, August 9th 2012 at 11:39 pm

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Recurring Guests

Thomas Kane (2) as Harry (8 eps)
Leila Mimmack as Gina (8 eps)
Jack Scanlon as Joe (8 eps)
Gina Yashere as Flo (5 eps)
Oona Chaplin as Fabiana (4 eps)
Edward Franklin as Eros (4 eps)
Rupert Holliday-Evans as Dr. Reeves (2 eps)
Flaminia Cinque as Fernanda (2 eps)
Vee Vimolmal as Miss Chen (2 eps)
Priyanga Burford as Jenna (2 eps)

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