Season 2

23 :02x01 - Sammo Blammo

After Sammo is kidnapped by a recently released thief and has a very complex bomb strapped to his chest, the unit have only eight hours to solve the case before Sammo goes 'blammo'.

24 :02x02 - Thieves Among Thieves

Sammo and Terrell infiltrate a gang of jewel thieves, but are then stolen away by a "super gang" which robs the other thieves.
Guest Stars: Mark Sheppard as Clay Sullivan (as Mark A. Sheppard)
Director: Oley Sassone
Writer: Lisa Klink

25 :02x03 - This Shogun for Hire

Sammo and Terrell help out when Grace gets a bit too close to a notorious Japanese assassin. A notorious Japanese assassin arrives in America to make sure that a deal with the Bolivians goes through by killing a public official that is causing them difficulties.

26 :02x04 - 24 Hours

Sammo and Terrell are given the assignment of 'babysitting' an imprisoned master criminal who has been given permission to go to his sister.
A master thief that Sammo and Terrell are assigned to guard involves them in a robbery of the U.S. Mint.

27 :02x05 - 90 Million Reasons to Die

When six million dollars is deposited into Sammo's bank account, he is targeted by criminals who want it back. A mysterious $6 million dollar deposit into Sammo's bank account triggers a startling chain of events beginning with Sammo.

28 :02x06 - My Man Sammo

When Sammo and Terrell accidentally mess up an Interpol undercover operation, Amy goes undercover for the first time. Sammo goes undercover as a butler to protect Amy as she impersonates an international black market arms dealer in her very first undercover job.

29 :02x07 - The Friendly Skies

When Grace and Terrell take a prison transfer flight with some hard-core criminals, one of the guards pulls a gun on the pilot and releases the convicts.
Guest Stars: Craig Kilborn as Lewis
Writer: Lisa Klink

30 :02x08 - Call of the Wild

Sammo and the gang must figure out why average citizens are committing bizarre murders with no apparent motive. Terrell's ex-girlfriend is convinced she has become a werewolf and a murderer.

31 :02x09 - Blue Flu

Sammo and Terrell rush to find out who's contaminating L.A. police stations with a virulent Ebola-like virus. A biological virus is unleashed in a police precinct and the whole station is quarantined. Sammo and Terrell investigate a student who stole the virus from his university by injecting it into himself.

32 :02x10 - Sammo Claus

Sammo goes undercover as Santa Claus, with Amy as an elf, to catch robbers stealing toys.
Sammo and Terrell look for a stolen microchip, hidden in a shipment of talking armadillo dolls, and Sammo tries to reunite a young boy with his older brother for Christmas.
Director: Max Tash
Writer: Lisa Klink

33 :02x11 - No Quarter

A corrupt councilman demotes Sammo and Terrell. An erupting gang war wrecks an L.A. mobster's plan to bring a pro-football team to L.A.
Sammo and Terrell, busted down to menial police work for their destructive antics, still manage to investigate a local gangster war that's threatening a deal for a new Los Angeles football team.
Guest Stars: Michael Haboush as Bad Guy / Detective | Andrew J. Robinson as Richard Tynan | Michael Dorn as Alby | Cherilee Taylor as Michelle Jones | Jeremiah Birkett as Chanon
Writer: Carlton Cuse

34 :02x12 - Scorpio Rising

Sammo and Terrell hunt for an assassin targeting CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

35 :02x13 - No Fare

On a forced vacation, Sammo drives a cab for an ailing neighbor and is drawn into a murder case when one of his fares is killed after riding in the taxi. Sammo finds work as a cab driver when he is forced to take his vacation time. The rest of the MCU are involved in looking for a jewel thief and the murderer of a marine biologist.

36 :02x14 - Dog Day Afternoon

Sammo befriends an unlikely witness, a dog, that saw someone murder its owner. Sammo gets "adopted" by a dog who witnessed a murder and is being pursued by the killers.

37 :02x15 - Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit

A pompous actor tags along with Sammo and Terrell during an arson investigation to research a film role.
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Lisa Klink

38 :02x16 - Honor Among Strangers (1)

Sammo and the team receive assistance from Walker (guest star Chuck Norris), a texas ranger, during a terrorism investigation. The MCU officers, helped by Walker, Texas Ranger, pursue the leader of a revolutionary militia group.
Guest Stars: Brittney Powell as Penelope Jean Garrett

39 :02x17 - Freefall

Sammo faces deportation when he is accused of stealing a top-secret military device. Terrell and Amy search for a stolen military intelligence device, while Sammo-kept off the case because he is a Chinese national-takes on a more much more personal search.

40 :02x18 - The Thrill is Gone

Sammo and Terrell investigate a new designer drug called "thrill,'' which gives the users a sense of invincibility and super strength. The MCU officers pursue the purveyors of a new drug that renders criminals fearless and ultra-strong.

41 :02x19 - Heartless

The officers help track down a stolen heart needed for a transplant into the governor's daughter. Sammo is on the case when the Governor's daughter is waiting in hospital for a heart transplant and the donor heart is stolen and held for ransom.

42 :02x20 - In the Dark

When Sammo and Terrell go to a prison to pick up Anton Trimble, the highest ranking Scorpio member ever captured alive, Scorpio tries to rescue him and show off their new weapon at the same time. As the officers track down an electromagnetic weapon Scorpio has aimed at Los Angeles, Grace asks Kyle Strode to help her infiltrate the criminal cult...and discovers his real identity.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Combs as Antoine Trembel

43 :02x21 - Final Conflict (1)

Scorpio puts pressure on Sammo by severely injuring Terrell, burying Amy alive and kidnapping Grace. The MCU discover that Scorpio began in Shanghai and has a personal grudge against Sammo. 'The One' steps up his campaign to kill Sammo by first dealing with his friends and family.

44 :02x22 - Final Conflict (2)

After freeing his friends from The One's clutches, Sammo tries to find and defeat the evil crime lord before Scorpio can destroy the world's commercial airline system. Scorpio implements its plan to control the world by causing a randomly picked plane to crash. The MCU tries to find out where 'The One' is running his operation from.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 43 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1998
Ended: May 13, 2000
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