Season 1

3 :01x03 - Toothache

Marvin binges on chocolate when a family meal is called off, and soon he develops a bad toothache.

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4 :01x04 - Ice Pop Pop

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5 :01x05 - Burger On A Bun

Marvin hopes to make money to buy a special bike, so he takes a job at Burger on a Bun. But there are plenty of beefs when he then takes the job too seriously.

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6 :01x06 - Marvin and the Cool Kids

Marvin spends time with the popular kids at school, but he questions their true intentions. Elsewhere, Teri is determined to track down the owner of a notebook she found.

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7 :01x07 - Scary Movie

Marvin and Henry go against Liz's wishes and see a scary movie, but they learn their lesson when the on-screen horrors suddenly come to life.

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8 :01x08 - Double Date

Teri hesitantly takes Marvin out with her on a double date. Elsewhere, Bob suspects that Klerg agents will attack, so he prepares the family for the onslaught.

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10 :01x10 - Space-cation

A canceled vacation leads Marvin to create a teleporter, but it goes haywire and transports the family to a different planet.

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11 :01x11 - Battle of the Bands

Marvin enters a Battle of the Bands contest, recruiting some grade-schoolers to be his bandmates.

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12 :01x12 - Marvin Gets a Pet

Marvin begs to have a pet, so he hatches a Klootonian egg and overfeeds it, which leads to chaos.

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13 :01x13 - Calm Palm

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14 :01x14 - St. Glar Kai Day

Two FBI agents investigate suspicious alien activity while Marvin celebrates a holiday beloved on his planet.

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15 :01x15 - The Amazing Comic Book Thief

Marvin discovers the joy of comic books and is in awe of Ben's collection. However, he fears telling the truth when he damages one of Ben's treasured comics.

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16 :01x16 - Marvin's Day Off

Marvin joins a book club to get close to a girl he likes, but he doesn't read the assigned book, getting himself into a jam.

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17 :01x17 - House Party

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18 :01x18 - Mr. Earth

Marvin's fondness for Earth awakens concern in his uncle, who threatens to take Marvin home to Klooton.

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19 :01x19 - Big Time Marvin

Marvin and Teri go to a Big Time Rush concert, where chaos ensues when the singers get abducted by the Klerg and Teri gets mistaken for a Klutonian.

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Guest Stars: Kayla Servi as Wendy