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Episode # Air Date Title
441 3x01 15/Oct/1957 Father Come Home
442 3x02 16/Oct/1957 Villa of the Angels
443 3x03 17/Oct/1957 A Tone of Time
444 3x04 18/Oct/1957 Almost Any Man Will Do
445 3x05 21/Oct/1957 Sing for Me
446 3x06 22/Oct/1957 Run for the Money
447 3x07 23/Oct/1957 Lest We Forget
448 3x08 24/Oct/1957 The Glass Hill
449 3x09 25/Oct/1957 Out of the Frying Pan
450 3x10 28/Oct/1957 The Last Stop
451 3x11 29/Oct/1957 The Weak and the Strong
452 3x12 30/Oct/1957 Nine-Finger Jack
453 3x13 31/Oct/1957 Elementals
454 3x14 01/Nov/1957 Plummer in Paradise
455 3x15 04/Nov/1957 Something About a Dollar
456 3x16 07/Nov/1957 Return in Winter
457 3x17 08/Nov/1957 Grandmama and Grandfather
458 3x18 11/Nov/1957 Aesop and Rhodope
459 3x19 12/Nov/1957 All Over the World
460 3x20 13/Nov/1957 The Ransom of Sigmund Freud
461 3x21 14/Nov/1957 Iris
462 3x22 15/Nov/1957 Remember Me Kindly
463 3x23 18/Nov/1957 The Embassy House
464 3x24 19/Nov/1957 Witness to Murder
465 3x25 20/Nov/1957 The Johnson House
466 3x26 25/Nov/1957 Cadenza
467 3x27 26/Nov/1957 Green Shores
468 3x28 27/Nov/1957 A Question of Balance
469 3x29 29/Nov/1957 Daniel Webster and the Sea Serpent
470 3x30 02/Dec/1957 The Conversation Tables
471 3x31 03/Dec/1957 Out of My Darkness
472 3x32 04/Dec/1957 The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
473 3x33 05/Dec/1957 The Broom and the Groom
474 3x34 06/Dec/1957 A Cloud for Jeni
475 3x35 09/Dec/1957 The Consul
476 3x36 10/Dec/1957 The Old Friend
477 3x37 10/Dec/1957 Give Me a Wand
478 3x38 11/Dec/1957 The Sure Thing
479 3x39 12/Dec/1957 Dark of the Moon
480 3x40 13/Dec/1957 The Giver and the Gift
481 3x41 16/Dec/1957 No Time for Comedy
482 3x42 17/Dec/1957 Gentleman of Fortune
483 3x43 18/Dec/1957 The Gentleman Caller
484 3x44 19/Dec/1957 Tender Leaves
485 3x45 20/Dec/1957 In 25 Words or Less
486 3x46 23/Dec/1957 Sara Crewe
487 3x47 24/Dec/1957 Amahl and the Night Visitors
488 3x48 25/Dec/1957 The Little Minister
489 3x49 31/Dec/1957 Daughter of Kings
490 3x50 02/Jan/1958 The Survival Kit
491 3x51 03/Jan/1958 The House with the Golden Street
492 3x52 06/Jan/1958 The Europeans
493 3x53 07/Jan/1958 The Collected Letters of Mr. Sage
494 3x54 08/Jan/1958 Two-Picture Deal
495 3x55 09/Jan/1958 The Great Obstacle Courtship
496 3x56 10/Jan/1958 A Chance to Die
497 3x57 13/Jan/1958 Home on the Range
498 3x58 14/Jan/1958 The Makropoulos Secret
499 3x59 15/Jan/1958 More Than a Man
500 3x60 16/Jan/1958 Something Stolen, Something New
501 3x61 17/Jan/1958 Thunderbolt
502 3x62 20/Jan/1958 Daisy Mayne
503 3x63 21/Jan/1958 The Man Who Wanted to Hate
504 3x64 22/Jan/1958 The Golden Fleecing
505 3x65 23/Jan/1958 Forever and Ever
506 3x66 24/Jan/1958 Decision
507 3x67 27/Jan/1958 Solider's Boy
508 3x68 28/Jan/1958 The Man with Pointed Toes
509 3x69 31/Jan/1958 Love Out of Town
510 3x70 03/Feb/1958 Cave-In
511 3x71 04/Feb/1958 The Iceman
512 3x72 05/Feb/1958 The Long, Long Laugh
513 3x73 06/Feb/1958 Man Without a Country
514 3x74 07/Feb/1958 The Odd Ones
515 3x75 11/Feb/1958 Monsieur Beaucaire
516 3x76 12/Feb/1958 Life Upon the Wicked Stage
517 3x77 13/Feb/1958 Without Fear or Favor
518 3x78 14/Feb/1958 The Third Person
519 3x79 17/Feb/1958 Eden End
520 3x80 18/Feb/1958 The 10th Muse
521 3x81 20/Feb/1958 Goodbye on Thursday
522 3x82 21/Feb/1958 Heart's Desire
523 3x83 24/Feb/1958 Marriage of Convenience
524 3x84 25/Feb/1958 The Suicide Club
525 3x85 26/Feb/1958 The 65th Floor
526 3x86 27/Feb/1958 The Hickory Heart
527 3x87 28/Feb/1958 The Devil's Violin
528 3x88 04/Mar/1958 Wednesday's Child
529 3x89 05/Mar/1958 Vigilante
530 3x90 07/Mar/1958 The Prophet Hosea
531 3x91 10/Mar/1958 Mrs. Moonlight
532 3x92 11/Mar/1958 With Love We Live
533 3x93 12/Mar/1958 You and I
534 3x94 13/Mar/1958 Career Angel
535 3x95 14/Mar/1958 Contingent Fire
536 3x96 18/Mar/1958 Anxious Night
537 3x97 19/Mar/1958 On Approval
538 3x98 20/Mar/1958 Dandy Dick
539 3x99 21/Mar/1958 Hush, Mahala, Hush
540 3x100 25/Mar/1958 O'Rourke's House
541 3x101 26/Mar/1958 The Alleyway
542 3x102 27/Mar/1958 The Vagabond
543 3x103 28/Mar/1958 The Silver Spider
544 3x104 01/Apr/1958 Design for Glory
545 3x105 02/Apr/1958 The Inspector General
546 3x106 03/Apr/1958 The Two Mrs. Carrolls
547 3x107 04/Apr/1958 The Velvet Glove
548 3x108 08/Apr/1958 Death Takes a Holiday
549 3x109 09/Apr/1958 Man of the House
550 3x110 10/Apr/1958 A Case of Fear
551 3x111 11/Apr/1958 Walk in the Sky
552 3x112 15/Apr/1958 The Canterville Ghost
553 3x113 17/Apr/1958 Found Money
554 3x114 18/Apr/1958 Washington Whispers Money
555 3x115 22/Apr/1958 A Boy Grows Up
556 3x116 23/Apr/1958 Phony Venus
557 3x117 24/Apr/1958 Some Blessed People
558 3x118 25/Apr/1958 The Quiet Street
559 3x119 07/May/1958 The Quest of Quesnay
560 3x120 09/May/1958 Angel Street
561 3x121 12/May/1958 The Cause
562 3x122 20/May/1958 Much Ado About Nothing, Part 1
563 3x123 21/May/1958 Much Ado About Nothing, Part 2
564 3x124 22/May/1958 Day of Discoveries
565 3x125 23/May/1958 The Young and the Fair
566 3x126 27/May/1958 The Riddle of Mary Murray
567 3x127 29/May/1958 Button Button
568 3x128 03/Jun/1958 The End of the Season
569 3x129 04/Jun/1958 Look Out for John Tucker
570 3x130 05/Jun/1958 The Road to Recovery
571 3x131 06/Jun/1958 The Nightbird's Crying
572 3x132 10/Jun/1958 The Story of Marcia Gordon
573 3x133 11/Jun/1958 Town in Turmoil
574 3x134 12/Jun/1958 Washington Square
575 3x135 13/Jun/1958 Course for Collision

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 03:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1955
Ended: June 27, 1958
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