Season 5

112 :05x01 - Dade City Dodge

Pearly Gates fleeces $5,000 from Bart but his jilted fiancee, Marla, helps our hero get his dough back.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Marla | Mike Road as Pearly Gates | Gage Clarke as Luke Harper | Robert Burton as Judge Kincaid | Ken Lynch as Sheriff Clark | Guy Wilkerson as Kerns | Mickey Morton as Sheriff Tiray | Charles Arnt as Charles Mason | Eddie Marr as Sykes
Director: Irving J. Moore

113 :05x02 - The Art Lovers

Bart lends a hand when investors start putting the squeeze on railroad line owner Paul Sutton, to whom he owes a gambling debt.
Guest Stars: Jack Cassidy as Roger Cushman | James Westerfield as Paul Sutton | John Hoyt as George Cushman | Leon Belasco as Cosmo Nardi | Laurie Main as Crimmins | Maurine Dawson as Anne Sutton | John Alderson as Captain Bly | Gertrude Flynn as Reba Sutton | Stanley Farrar as Leighton Borg | Stephen Chase as Taber Scott | Lou Krugman as LaRouche

114 :05x03 - The Golden Fleecing

Bart turns from gambler to stockbroker when he agrees to help a group of farmers start up a gold mining company.
Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Butler | John Qualen as Henry Albright | Paula Raymond as Adele Jaggers | Olive Sturgess as Phoebe Albright | Richard Loo as Lee Hong Chang | Myron Healey as Frank Mercer | J. Edward McKinley as Loftus Jaggers | Charles Meredith as Seth Carter | Harry Harvey as Captain Owens |
Uncredited: Fred Carson as Henchman | Jack Perrin as Stockbroker | Harry Shannon as Wilson | Bert Stevens as Poker Player
Director: Irving J. Moore

115 :05x04 - Three Queens Full

Rancher Big Joe Wheelwright hires Bart to chaperone three women from San Francisco who are coming to his ranch to marry his sons Henry, Moose, and Small Paul.
Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Big Joe Wheelwright | Kasey Rogers as Emma Walter | Merry Anders as Cissie Anderson | Allyson Ames as Lou Ann Smythe | Joseph Gallison as Small Paul Wheelwright | Jake Sheffield as Moose Wheelwright | Larry Chance as Henry Wheelwright | Frank Ferguson as Sheriff Mattson | Harry Lauter as Matthew Braze | Willard Waterman as Henry Whittleseed | Don Kennedy as Humbolt |
Uncredited: Roydon Clark as Brawler | Nick Dimitri as Brawler | Sailor Vincent as Hoodlum

116 :05x05 - A Technical Error

Bart thinks he's hit the jackpot when he wins a bank in a poker game but he's unaware that it's about to go under.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Doc Holliday | Frank DeKova as Blackjack Hardy | Reginald Owen as Major Holbrook Sims | Alma Platt as Mrs. Hennessey | Ben Gage as Sheriff | Gayla Graves as Holly | Frank London as Sonny Hardy | Stephen Coit as Kraft | Paul Barselou as Ferguson | Jake Sheffield as Deputy | Jolene Brand as Penelope Baxter | Nick Pawl as Durango Kid |
Uncredited: Gail Bonney as Woman | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Gang Member | Bryan O'Byrne as Townsman | Jack Perrin as Townsman
Story: David Lang | Teleplay: David Lang, Irene Winston

117 :05x06 - Poker Face

Bart's fellow stagecoach passengers shun him when they discover he's a gambler but they soon find out he's their only hope for survival when the stage is hijacked by Mexican banditos.
Guest Stars: Rodolfo Acosta as Sebastian Balones | Carlos Rivas as Luis | Tol Avery as George Rockingham III | Anna Navarro as Maria | William Fawcett as Stallion | Nancy Hsueh as Rose Kwan | Doris Lloyd as Lady Florentine Bleakly | Richard Hale as Dr. Jonas Jones | I. Stanford Jolley as Dave McGraw | Jorge Moreno as Captain Moreno
Story: Jennings Perry | Teleplay: Fred Eggers

118 :05x07 - Mr. Muldoon's Partner

A man claiming to be a leprachaun grants Bart five wishes. Bart is delighted when the first wish comes true but it's all downhill from there.
Special Guest Stars: Mickey Shaughnessy as Muldoon |
Guest Stars: Ray Teal as Sheriff Bundy | Janet Lake as Bonnie Shay | Terence de Marney as Terrance Rafferty | Tim Rooney as Timmy | Mikki Jamison as Maureen | John Alderson as Simon Girty | Marshall Reed (1) as Hatfield | Charles Lane as Proprietor |
Uncredited: Fred Carson as Brawler | John Daheim as Brawler | Sailor Vincent as Brawler
Story: Lee E. Wells | Teleplay: William Bruckner

119 :05x08 - Epitaph for a Gambler

Two spins of the roulette wheel give Bart part ownership of a casino but then he discovers that his new partner is being blackmailed.
Guest Stars: Fred Beir as Sheriff Ed Martin | Marie Windsor as Kit Wlliams | Don Haggerty (1) as Lucky Matt Elkins | Robert J. Wilke as Diamond Dan Malone | Joyce Meadows as Linda Storey | Frank Albertson as Harvey Storey | Adam Williams as Sam Elkins | Harry Harvey, Jr. as Wes Taylor | Les Hellman as Whitey |
Uncredited: Fred Carson as Henchman | Jack Perrin as Barfly | Sailor Vincent as Gambler
Director: Irving J. Moore

120 :05x09 - The Maverick Report

A poker game finds Maverick winning controlling interest in a newspaper that's just been hit with a huge libel suit by a Senator.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Doc Holliday | Ed Nelson as Gary Harrison | Lloyd Corrigan as Senator Hiram Porter | Jo Morrow as Jeanie Porter | George N. Neise as Jonesy | Don C. Harvey as Sheriff Bentley | Kem Dibbs as Ames | Patricia Crest as Molly Malone
Director: Irving J. Moore

121 :05x10 - Marshal Maverick

Bart is dragooned into being the deputy of a man posing as famed lawman Wyatt Earp.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Archie Walker | Peter Breck as Doc Holliday | Gail Kobe as Theodora Rush | Earl Hammond as Billy Coe | Willard Waterman as Mayor Oliver | Med Flory as Wyatt Earp | Herb Vigran as Elkins | Jerry Hausner as George | Kay E. Kuter as First Creditor | Greg Benedict as Keno | Zack Foster as Cowboy |
Uncredited: Lane Chandler as Stagecoach Passenger | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Henchman
Director: Sidney Salkow

122 :05x11 - The Troubled Heir

Pearly Gates and galpal Marla strike again when they rob Bart's poker game. One of Bart's fellow players goes after them with murderous intent.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Marla | Mike Road as Pearly Gates | Alan Hale, Jr. as Big Jim Watson | Frank Ferguson as Sheriff Hawkins | Will Wright as Sheriff Bentley | Gordon Jones (1) as Ward Quillan | Chick Chandler as Slippery Perkins | Will J. White as Hub
Director: Sidney Salkow

123 :05x12 - The Money Machine

A con man sells Bart's naive female cousin a money making machine.
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Big Ed Murphy | Patrick Westwood as London Latimer | Henry Corden as Professor Raynard | Ted de Corsia as Cannonball Clyde Bassett | Frank London as Bellboy | Nesdon Booth as Hal Smythe | Guy Wilkerson as Mark Conway | Charles Fredericks as Marshal Hodgkins | Sig Ruman as Jonckbloet | Kathy Bennett as Jacqueline Sutton | Jonathan Hole as Desk Clerk | Ken Lynch as Pit Boss |
Uncredited: Louie Elias as Gambler
Director: Lee Sholem
Songs: Kathy Bennett -- Who's Gonna Walk Me Home Tonight?

124 :05x13 - One of Our Trains is Missing

Bart, Doc Holliday, and Modesty Blaine get involved in the mother of all train robberies.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Modesty Blaine | Peter Breck as Doc Holliday | Alan Hewitt as Amos Skinner | Barry Kelley as Diamond Jim Brady | Gage Clarke as Montague Sprague | Kevin Hagen as Justin Radcliffe | Mickey Simpson as Leroy Hoad | Emory Parnell as Clarence | Greg Benedict as Tim Hardesty | Glenn Stensel as Rufe |
Uncredited: Boyd "Red" Morgan as Henchman | Jack Perrin as Passenger | Sailor Vincent as Engineer
Director: Lee Sholem
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1957
Ended: July 08, 1962
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