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Maverick: Betrayal

During a stagecoach robbery, ever observant Bart catches a glimpse of recognition between a pretty female passenger and one of the bandits. Bart's suspicions prove correct when she later helps the robbers escape from jail.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x25
Airdate: Sunday March 22nd, 1959

Guest Stars
Pat CrowleyPat Crowley
As Anne Sanders
Ruta LeeRuta Lee
As Laura Dillon
J. Pat OJ. Pat O'Malley
As Dr.Fred Dillon
Don Don 'Red' Barry
As Sheriff
Michael DanteMichael Dante
As Joe
John DennisJohn Dennis
As Pete
Morgan Jones (1)Morgan Jones (1)
As Buck Wilkerson
Eddie MarrEddie Marr
As R. J. Guthrie
Harry Jackson (1)Harry Jackson (1)
As Poker Player

Earle HodginsEarle Hodgins
As Hotel Clerk
Kansas MoehringKansas Moehring
As Townsman
Robert Jordan (1)Robert Jordan (1)
As Bank Teller
Sailor VincentSailor Vincent
As Townsman
Main Cast
Jack KellyJack Kelly
As Bart Maverick
Episode Notes
Anne Sanders has to rank as one of the most devious and conniving damsels in show history.

Episode Quotes
Robber: I wouldn't insult you by believing you were traveling with a measly $15.00.
Bart: I can bear it. I make it a practice to mail my money ahead. Those mail coaches seem to be better protected against baggy headed bushwhackers. No offense meant, of course.

Anne: Please stop looking at me like that. I did you a favor.
Bart: Kind of an expensive favor, wouldn't you say? $1,500.
Laura: It might have bought you a very nice funeral, Mr. Maverick.

Dr. Dillon: What happened to your face?
Bart: Cousin Anne tried to be helpful but it just didn't work out.

Sheriff: I should think getting your $1,500 back would be reward enough.
Bart: That's just the principal. What we're discussing now is the interest.

Sheriff: The question of a reward never concerns a lawman in the performance of his sworn duty.
Bart: You mean you won't split?

Sheriff: Maverick, you've got 24 hours to get yourself a job or get out of this town or I'll jail you.
Bart: For what?
Sheriff: Vagrancy.
Bart: That again.

Wilkerson: I could always use an extra hand at the ranch.
Bart: That's very kind of you, Mr. Wilkerson, and if I grow an extra hand I'll send it out to you.

Laura: So you're a gambler, Mr. Maverick?
Bart: No, I'm a poker player. I do my best to avoid gambling.

Bart: A good poker player never let's himself be bluffed out of an important pot.

Laura: How do you play a hand like this one, Mr. Maverick?
Bart: You don't. You fold and wait for the next deal.

Sheriff: Where are you off to, Maverick?
Bart: I just saw a camel, Sheriff.

Bart: You got a vacant room?
Hotel clerk: I got a vacant hotel.

Bart: New blood welcome in the game?
Gambler: Grab a chair and bleed.

Sheriff: (about the robbers) Where'd you get 'em?
Bart: Over in Sand Rock. They were playin' poker with my money.

Sheriff: Give me the $400.
Bart: What for?
Sheriff: Evidence, didn't you say?

Bart: There's still a joker in the deck. Don't give up yet.
Laura: Marriage is a pretty final verdict, isn't it, Mr. Maverick?

Anne: You don't congratulate the bride, Mr. Maverick. You wish her happiness.

Anne: (about identifying the robbers) I don't see how you can feel so sure, Laura.
Laura: And I don't see how you don't.

Anne: We certainly feed our prisoners well, don't we?
Woman: You oughta see what they get before we hang 'em.

Sheriff: Get down here, Maverick, and get saddled up.
Bart: No thanks, Sheriff. I caught 'em once. Now it's your turn.
Sheriff: Fine, it'll be my reward too.

Anne: Leave an address. I may drop in on you someday.
Bart: Lovely. How about Pitcairn Island?

Episode Goofs
Michael Dante's character is billed as "Robber" in the ending credits but referred to as "Joe" in the dialogue.

Very good episode with some fine performances by the guest stars. Patricia Crowley plays one of the most devious and cunning females ever encountered by the Maverick brothers and Ruta Lee does a good job as the nice damsel of the piece. Then there's Don Barry who's a hoot as a rigid and unbending sheriff who tangles with Bart Maverick despite the fact that they're both out to find the bandits who robbed a stagecoach.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRoy Huggins
Executive ProducerWilliam T. Orr
ProducerRoy Huggins
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