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Maverick: The Sheriff of Duck 'N' Shoot

Bret is shanghaied into becoming sheriff of the town of Duck 'N' Shoot when his horse accidentally knocks out the town bully. Bret's unorthodox methods of enforcing the law succeed in taming the town. However, when he gets locked up in his own jail due to yet another conniving damsel, it's up to brother Bart to set things right.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x3
Airdate: Sunday September 27th, 1959

Guest Stars
Peggy McCayPeggy McCay
As Melissa "Missy" Maybrook
Chubby JohnsonChubby Johnson
As Deputy Billy Waker
Jack Mather (1)Jack Mather (1)
As Judge Hardy
Don Don 'Red' Barry
As Fred Leslie (as Don Barry)
James GavinJames Gavin
As Buck Danton
Irving BaconIrving Bacon
As Andrews
Clarke AlexanderClarke Alexander
As Jonah
Billy M. GreeneBilly M. Greene
As Herman
Richard H. CuttingRichard H. Cutting
As Smitty (as Richard Cutting)
Hal BaylorHal Baylor
As Bimbo Ferguson

Bob ReevesBob Reeves
As Townsman
Cactus MackCactus Mack
As Spectator
Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado
As Man in Bar
Main Cast
James GarnerJames Garner
As Bret Maverick
Jack KellyJack Kelly
As Bart Maverick


In the town of Duck ‘N’ Shoot, trail herders and ranch hands run wild, shooting up the town. Bret is playing poker as one of the thugs, Bill Ferguson, brings his horse into the saloon, goes up to the bar, and knocks a man aside. While Bret ignores the situation, the townspeople complain to Judge Hardy. However, none of them want to take on the job of sheriff since the last one resigned that morning. As Bret starts to leave with his $5,000, Ferguson comes back for his horse. Bret bumps it, it rears up, and knocks Ferguson unconscious. To the townspeople, it looks like Bret knocked the outlaw unconscious with a single punch...

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Episode Notes
Elements of this episode appear to have been borrowed and used again in the 1968 film Support Your Local Sheriff which also starred James Garner.

The five Pappyisms spouted in this episode rank as a series record.

Episode Quotes
Pappyism #1: The worst crime a man can commit is to interrupt a poker game.

Pappyism #2: If you know a man's weakness, you know the way to a man's heart.

Pappyism #3: Try everything once; if you don't succeed then become a lawman.

Pappyism #4: The next best thing to money is a man's name on the dotted line.

Pappyism #5: Sign nothing.

Judge Hardy: Mr. Maverick, we'd like to make you a proposition.
Bret: Always ready for a proposition--as long as there's money in it.
Judge Hardy: There's money in it, but there are other important things in life.
Bret: There are?

Bret: Besides I'm--I'm unreliable. I'm a terrible shot. And this I mean most sincerely, I have been for as long as I can remember... a coward.

Billy Waker: Well, guess we'll make the rounds first.
Bret: Rounds, in this town?
Billy Waker: Well, how do you expect to bring law and order?
Bret: Well, Billy, the way I look at it, you don't go lookin' for trouble. If you do go lookin' for trouble, you might find it--and there's always a killin or two, right? And if there's a killin' or two, there's no law and order, right?
Billy Waker: But… you know, you may have a point there, Sheriff. You want me to fill you in on the--on the bad characters?
Bret: Well, naturally, then I'll know where not to go. You understand?

Billy Waker: Sheriff?
Bret: I thought maybe I'd let him tire himself out.
Billy Waker: Bimbo never gets tired.
Bret: Then he's not human. Sheriff doesn't have any right to arrest anybody who's not human.

Telegraph Operative: "To Bart Maverick, Plaza Hotel, Denver, Colorado. Help. Signed Sheriff 'No-Kidding' Maverick." There's just one word in this message. It's gonna cost you the same as it would for ten.
Bret: Then put in nine more "helps."

Bret: The feel of money is like no other.

Bart: (after discovering Bret in jail) Bret, you've really gone and outdone yourself this time.

Bart: (to Bret in jail) I guess it's a little confusing trying to think in there.

Bart: (to Bret) You'll never live this down.

Judge: (to Bret) Five years from now you'll be buried deeper than that money's hid.

Melissa "Missy" Maybrook: I don't know what brings you to this funny little town?
Bart: Business.
Melissa "Missy" Maybrook: Is it a secret?
Bart: No, I'm a professional gambler.
Melissa "Missy" Maybrook: I never would've thought that, John.
Bart: Not many people do. Professional gambler has a bad sound. It shouldn't, though, not if you approach it strictly as business the way I do.

Missy: (to Bart) I have big plans. You could be part of them.

Hilarious episode which features Bret accidentally becoming sheriff of a wild and wooly town but having to call upon brother Bart at the end to save his bacon. But saving brother Bret's bacon causes Bart to wind up in the same predicament.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRoy Huggins
Executive ProducerWilliam T. Orr
ProducerColes Trapnell
Set DecoratorGlenn P. Thompson
Director of PhotographyJack MacKenzie (1)
Art DirectorHoward Campbell
Production ManagerOren W. Haglund
Main Title ThemeDavid Buttolph
Main Title Theme Written ByPaul Francis Webster
Film EditorLloyd Nosler
SoundHoward J. Fogetti
Assistant DirectorVictor Vallejo
Make-up SupervisorGordon Bau
Supervising Film EditorJames Moore (1)
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