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Maverick: The People's Friend

When a state senatorial candidate is wounded in an assassination attempt, the man's lovely daughter recruits a reluctant Bart to take his place. Guess who becomes the next target for the assassin?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x21
Airdate: Sunday February 07th, 1960

Guest Stars
Merry AndersMerry Anders
As Penelope Greeley
R.G. ArmstrongR.G. Armstrong
As Wellington Cosgrove
John LitelJohn Litel
As Ellsworth Greeley
Walter SandeWalter Sande
As Sheriff Burke
Donald KirkeDonald Kirke
As Clayton
Dorothea LordDorothea Lord
As Mrs. McCoy
Francis DeSalesFrancis DeSales
As Mayor Culpeper
Dick Wilson (2)Dick Wilson (2)
As Crenshaw
John ZarembaJohn Zaremba
As Gantry
Ruth TerryRuth Terry
As Librarian

Cactus MackCactus Mack
As Barfly
Max WagnerMax Wagner
As Barfly
Tom Kennedy (2)Tom Kennedy (2)
As Townsman
Allan NixonAllan Nixon
As Cosgrove Crony
Rex LeaseRex Lease
As Poker Player
Main Cast
Jack KellyJack Kelly
As Bart Maverick
Episode Notes
In the case of this episode life would imitate art as Jack Kelly would later serve a couple of terms as mayor of Huntington Beach, California.

Dick Wilson is best known as Mr. Whipple in the classic "Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin" commercials.

Episode Quotes
Cosgrove: Don't scoff, friend. The trust of the public is not to be taken lightly.
Bart: Just so long as the public isn't taken.

Bart: (about stopping the assassintion attempt) If I had stopped to think about it, I don't think I would have done it.

Bart: (to the undertaker about the dead assassin) Pretty sneaky way to shake up new business, Mr. Smythe.

Bart: (to the gamblers in the saloon) Looks like I'm never going to enjoy a game with you gentlemen.

Bart: I'm very flattered, Miss Greeley. Nonetheless, I do not choose to run.
Penelope: That remark will not go down in history.

Bart: I'm pretty good at spotting underhanded deals.

Bart: You mean I have to give up card playing?
Penelope: Well, of course not. There's always Solitaire and Old Maid.

Bart: (after Penelope takes away his cigar) That's an expensive, hand made Havana.
Penelope: That didn't seem to improve its smell.

Sheriff: Maverick, you turning in?
Bart: Yeah, unless you know where there's a floating tiddlywinks game.

Penelope: (to Bart) All right, so you were threatened. Are you going to let a little thing like that stand in the way of your civic duty?

Penelope: What about those men who fought for our freedom? Men like Nathan Hale.
Bart: You could think of a better example. They hanged him.

Episode Goofs
Nitpick: the female librarian tells Bart that she intends to vote for him in the upcoming election. At first glance, this appears to be a major blooper by the script writer because women were not given the vote across the entire United States until 1919 but in some states (primarily located in the West) women were allowed to vote.

Cultural References
The name of the political party on which Bart Maverick runs for the state senate in this episode is the Reform Party which is the same name as the party on whose ticket Ross Perot ran for president in 1996 and Pat Buchanan in 2000.

The People's Friend was probably Jack Kelly's best solo effort of the series If not the best it should at least rank in the top two or three. Kelly is at his best here when Bart is recruited by a pretty young damsel to take her father's place in a campaign for the state senate. There's only two problems: Bart's running on an anti-vice and anti-gambling ticket and there's an assassin out there trying to make sure that he loses the election. It all adds up to a helluva ride and a classic episode of a great series.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRoy Huggins
Executive ProducerWilliam T. Orr
ProducerColes Trapnell
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