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Maverick: The Forbidden City

Bart and younger brother Brent wander into a seemingly peaceful town that's hiding some deadly secrets.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x28
Airdate: Sunday March 26th, 1961

Guest Stars
Jack Mather (1)Jack Mather (1)
As Mayor Clyde Moss
Robert FoulkRobert Foulk
As Sheriff Sam Shadley
Gertrude FlynnGertrude Flynn
As Nettie Moss
Lisa MontellLisa Montell
As Andalucía Rubio
Jeff De BenningJeff De Benning
As Dave Taylor
Vladimir SokoloffVladimir Sokoloff
As Pedro Rubio
Bill ErwinBill Erwin
As Hotel Clerk

Tom Kennedy (2)Tom Kennedy (2)
As Bartender
Henry WillsHenry Wills
As Stagecoach Driver
Main Cast
Jack KellyJack Kelly
As Bart Maverick
Robert ColbertRobert Colbert
As Brent Maverick


The youngest Maverick brother, Brent, has taken the town council for everything they have and the sheriff is running him out of town on the next stage. When the stage pulls in, Brent is surprised to see his brother Bart aboard. Bart is en route to Abilene to relieve some cowboys of their wages, and is glad to have Brent accompany him. As the stage continues, the brothers play against the other passengers. The stage finally arrives in Sunburst to drop off the mail, and the passengers keep playing. When Sheriff Shadley realizes what they’re doing, he informs them that gambling is illegal in Sunburst. Bart lets Brent take the blame for owning the cards, and the sheriff hauls him out and tells the others to continue on...

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Episode Notes
Robert Colbert joined the series briefly in this episode as yet another Maverick brother, Brent. Much to Colbert's dismay he was given an identical wardrobe to wear for his character as James Garner had worn as Bret Maverick.

Oddly enough, Jack Kelly stated in an interview conducted several months before his death in 1992 that he never saw Robert Colbert again after his two episode stint on Maverick. He also said in the interview that he wished Colbert had been kept on as a continuing character in the series.

Episode Quotes
Pappyism #1: In the midst of life, we are in jail.

Pappyism #2: Never debate the innocence of a drinking woman or a man in jail.

Sheriff: Nobody's accused you a cheatin', Maverick.
Brent: Then why are you running me outta town?
Sheriff: Frankly, your mistake was takin' the whole town council to the cleaners. Punishment for that's the first stage outta town.

Brent: Where you bound?
Bart: Abilene. Trail herds are comin' in this time of year and lots of well-heeled cowboys on the loose. I figure to keep them from wastin' their wages on women and wine.
Brent: Sounds like the promised land. (takes out some cards) Perhaps a little conditioning en route to wile away the dusty miles?

Joanne Moss: You see, Sunburst is the one untarnished town in the west. Gamblers, gunfighters, dancing girls, are taboo.
Brent: What do the people do for fun and games in Forbidden City?
Joanne Moss: They don't. Our one saloon closes at six o'clock.
Brent: Say no more. You better wall me up, Sheriff, before I contaminate the population.

Brent: You spent 20 years in a clink? For what?
Pedro Rubio: For a murder I did not commit, señor. I just got out.
Brent: And you needed a place to sleep.
Pedro Rubio: No, señor, I needed protection.
Brent: Oh, dodging lead. You're a smart hombre to head for the sacred city of Sunburst. You won't find any shootin' gallery in this amusement park.
Pedro Rubio: Sacred city, poo! This Sunburst is a stage stop to Hell.
Brent: What? Why, they're so pure here that they sow wild oats and get Easter lilies.
Pedro Rubio: The bride with the bad conscience, señor, wears the whitest veil.

Brent: Tell me, Sheriff, what's this scoundrel guilty of? Dancing with his wife after dark?
Sheriff Shadley: Property damage, disturbing the peace, public nuisance. He, uh, picked up a rock, and with willful intent, broke a window.
Brent: What does he get for that? Life?
Sheriff Shadley: Gambler, being dog catcher around here, as well as sheriff, I'm liable to fit you for a muzzle.

Andalucia Rubio: You are running away? Are you a coward, señor?
Brent: Now listen, I've been tipped off there's lynch talk in town. Folks think I was mixed up in that.
Andalucia Rubio: Well our mayor would never allow it. He is a brave man. He would die first.
Brent: The order of our deaths doesn't interest me.

Brent: Lucia, I'd like to help you, but in coming to me, you're only bailing your boat with a sieve. Look, I'm a gambler in a plaster saint town with a record.

Brent: Lucy, there's just one law that a man must never break. That's the law of self-preservation. So I'm gonna break it

Brent: A woman's tears, the holy water. Killed more men than whiskey.

Bart: I hate to be a bunch quitter, gentlemen, but I've got to get back to Sunburst. See, a kin of mine is …
Gambler: Shut up and deal.

Brent: Would you kiss me?
Joanne Moss: Mr. Maverick, I'd quite like to, I think. But I don't know how.
Brent: You don't know how?
Joanne: You see, kissing's forbidden in Sunburst before the bands are published. And being the Mayor's niece, well, I might as well have the mumps.
Brent: A lovely girl like you. It's inhuman.
Joanne: Worse. You know my poor dear Aunt Nettie? She's never been kissed, pinched, cuddled, or… or gently outraged in any way. She's nervous as a witch, and I'll probably wind up much like her.
Brent: Joanne, I'm a convicted gambler. I'll probably be hanged for murder. I might just as well commit one last crime.

Brent: It's all clear, Lucy, you can come out.
Andalucia Rubio: I cannot, I have torn my nightgown.
Brent: Well, you can't stay in there all night, you'll freeze.
Andalucia Rubio: In Sunburst, it is legal to freeze, señor, but not to accompany a man in half your nightgown.
Brent: Well, I haven't got time to argue. I've got a little surprise planned for those characters. The last thing they expect to see is me. It'll give me a chance to sneak around and take 'em from behind.
Andalucia Rubio: Go with God, señor - and bring me back the shirt and pants.

Dave Taylor: Maverick?
Brent: Just a brand for the burning.
Dave Taylor: How'd you get outta that shack?
Brent: Well, it seems here in Sunburst that a gambler's kin to the Devil. I've been fireproofed.

Taylor: (to Brent) Gambler, you just don't seem to draw any aces in this town.

Bart: With the lid off this town, I feel it's our duty to teach its citizens the intricacies of poker.
Brent: Well, good hunting, Bart.

Episode Goofs
In the final shootout scene, Bart comes rushing in to aid younger brother Brent. But how did he know where in the town of Sunburst to go to aid his brother since he just arrived from Abilene?

This episode is mostly Robert Colbert's with Jack Kelly appearing in a few scenes here and there. The storyline has younger brother Brent Maverick getting thrown into jail in a seemingly Puritanical town and ending up exposing some secrets involving some of its leading citizens. The script is good and Colbert does a decent job in his first of two appearances as the youngest Maverick brother even though he's a bit green at times. He probably would have grown into the role if he'd been brought back for the show's fifth season but we'll never know for sure.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRoy Huggins
Executive ProducerWilliam T. Orr
ProducerColes Trapnell
Music SupervisorPaul Sawtell
Director of PhotographyRalph Woolsey
Art DirectorWilliam L. Campbell
Main Title ThemeDavid Buttolph
Main Title Theme Written ByPaul Francis Webster
Film EditorRobert Crawford
SoundFrancis E. Stahl
Assistant DirectorGene Anderson Sr.
Make-up SupervisorGordon Bau
Supervising HairstylistJean Burt Reilly
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