Show Tidbits
Roger Moore appeared in 15 episodes total. 14 as Beau Maverick in Season Four and in one Season Two episode as another character.
The character of Brent Maverick (played by Robert Colbert) only appeared in two episodes: Forbidden City and Benefit of the Doubt. The latter was his only solo appearance.
Robert Colbert was given the same wardrobe to wear as Brent Maverick that James Garner had earlier worn as Bret Maverick due to his strong physical resemblance to Garner.
Jack Kelly joined the series in episode #8 Hostage. It was originally slated to be a one shot guest appearance but the producers liked his work so well they made Bart Maverick a continuing character.
Two different actors played real life gunfighter/gambler Doc Holliday: Gerald Mohr and Peter Breck.
Two actresses played con woman Modesty Blaine: Mona Freeman and Kathleen Crowley.
Leo Gordon, who had a recurring role in Season One as Big Mike McCain, later wrote several episodes of the series.
Though James Garner got most of the acclaim, in the show's first two seasons ratings were actually slightly higher for the Jack Kelly episodes of the series.
Kathleen Crowley held the series record with eight guest appearances.
Jack Kelly and Roger Moore appeared four episodes together as Bart and Beau Maverick: Bundle From Britain, Last Wire from Stop Gap, Dodge City or Bust, and The Cactus Switch. In the latter two episodes, Moore had only cameo appearances.
Both Roger Moore and Robert Colbert, who joined the cast in the show's fourth season, actually appeared earlier in different roles than the ones they portrayed on the series.
Jack Kelly twice portrayed dual roles on the series: in the episodes Pappy and Deadly Image.
With one exception during the show's first three seasons, every script was written with James Garner in mind. The lone exception was Passage to Fort Doom.
When scripts were written which called for both James Garner and Jack Kelly to appear in the same episode, the characters were called Maverick One and Maverick Two in the script. Garner, by virtue of his seniority, got first choice as to which role he would play.
Roger Moore departed the show before the end of Season Four because his contract with Warner Brothers had expired. The producers brought in Robert Colbert for two episodes to replace him.
For the show's fifth and final season, 13 new episodes, all starring Jack Kelly, aired on alternate weeks with reruns of episodes starring James Garner.
When Maverick first premiered it went up against Steve Allen and The Ed Sullivan Show, a pair of heavyweight programs at the time. Maverick would eventually surpass both in the ratings for a short time.
The often quoted and frequently mentioned Pappy Maverick only appeared on-camera once --in the Season Three opener entitled (naturally) Pappy. Star James Garner played a dual role as Bret Maverick and his pappy in that one.
The show did hilarious parody episodes of three popular shows of that period: Gunsmoke, Dragnet, and Bonanza.
Maverick creator Roy Huggins reportedly didn't think Jack Kelly was much of an actor and wanted him replaced on the show but the honchos at Warner Brothers disagreed.
There was actually a script written where Bret and Bart had a sister named Brenda. Nancy Kelly, actress sister of Jack Kelly, was to have played the role but for some reason it never got filmed.

Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1957
Ended: July 08, 1962
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