Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Chameleon Murder

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Guest Stars: Vanessa Lee Evigan as Abigail | Maeve Quinlan as Whitney | Dirk Blocker as Fitzsimmons | Marvin Kaplan as Mr. Bernard

2 :01x02 - Murder Past Midnight

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Guest Stars: Paula Trickey as Claire Harriman | William McNamara as Tony Harriman | Jaime Ray Newman as Emily Harriman | Dana Barron as Marta Arnack | Salvator Xuereb as Unknown | Martin A. Papazian as Vincent | Diane Robin as Elena Ashfeld | Diane Sellers as Nurse Ellen Wilson | Jim Cody Williams as Sonny | Daryl Anderson (1) as ADA Brad Layton | Corin Nemec as Tom Manning | Tom Howard as Carl Harriman

3 :01x03 - It's Murder, Madam

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5 :01x05 - Tune In for Murder

McBride defends a radio show host in the murder of his morning show partner.
Guest Stars: John Kapelos as Bob Carter | Jack Conley as Paul Belsen | Bridget White as Leslie Sumers (as Bridget Ann White) | Wren T. Brown as Kyle Ward | Victor McCay as Ed Harding | John Kassir as Danny Doyle | Christie Lynn Smith as Ms. Sinclair | Monnae Michaell as Judge Hammond | Frazer Smith as Ron Garrilson | Veronica Lauren as Patti | Anne Bellamy as Mrs. Chambers | Art LaFleur as Armand | David Atkinson as Russell | Tony Pasqualini as D.A. Tracy | James T. Callahan as Judge

6 :01x06 - Anybody Here Murder Marty?

McBride defends a man, who was dumped on television, in the murder of the man who humiliated him.
Guest Stars: Jack Scalia as Marty Caine | Monnae Michaell as Judge Hammond | Sam McMurray as Anie Wilson | Silas Weir Mitchell as Joe Devine | Harold Gould as Mo Feldstein | Tom Everett as D.A. Travis | Steven Barr as Detective King | Lisa Brenner as Becky Tranter | Lacey Toups as Gina Carsen | Eric Lange as Detective Marsh | Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Victoria Caine | Liz Torres as Eugenie Underwood | Nikita Ager as Tracy Ann Kennicot | Brian Bloom as Aaron | Carlos Cervantes as D. A.

7 :01x07 - Fallen Idol

McBride has difficult choices to make. His associate, Phil Newberry, asks Mcbride to defend Phil's childhood friend for the murder of McBride's mentor.
Guest Stars: Madison Mason as Grayson Franks | Brian McGovern as Dean Franks | Michael Esparza as Juan Lobell | Dianna Miranda as Marie Lobell | Larry Gelman as Pawnbroker | Cindy Pickett as Tracy Franks | Susan Pari as Dr. Gail Stanton | Melissa Keller as Rochelle Franks | Alan Fudge as Judge Cooksey | Delaine Yates as Kathy Brown | Isait De La Fuente as Marco Delgado | Anthony Pertesis as Punch

8 :01x08 - Semper Fi

An old flame of McBride's asks him to defend her brother, a Marine, in the murder of his wife.
Guest Stars: Marcus Brown as Tevin Moore | Liam Waite as Tom Mitchell | Barbara Niven as Claire Mitchell | Katie Walder as Kaia Rourke | Ben Murphy (1) as General Dwight Rourke | Esther Scott as Glynnis Jackson | Michael Whaley as Pete McKay | Nicholas Turturro as Officer Colin Pierce | Miranda Gibson as Sue Mitchell | Monnae Michaell as Judge Daly | Danica Stewart as Receptionist | Mike Baldridge as Forensic Specialist | Jeff Harlan as D.A. Arnold Sullivan | Brock Cuchna as Mr. Jameson | Julianna Robinson as Reporter

9 :01x09 - Dogged

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Guest Stars: Samantha Smith as Laurie Carter | Charles Robinson as Judge Jeffries | Richard Lineback as Frank Sinclair | Joanna Going as Sarah Sinclair | Michele Greene as Judy Maxwell | Brook Kerr as Debbie | Tom Hallick as Dr. Gordon | James Wilder as Michael Whyte | Jon Lindstrom as Barry Hastings | Ron Ross as Chairman | Jeff Harlan as D.A. Arnold Sullivan | Marcuis Harris as Officer Jones | Nicole Gabriella Scipione as Unknown

10 :01x10 - Requiem

A talented but temperamental concert violinist is killed, and there are several suspects, including her fiancé. Roberta calls in McBride when she starts worrying that the fiancé is incriminating himself without intending to. The police chief is putting tremendous pressure on Roberta to close the case because the violinist was a celebrity, and her father is a senator. As if there aren't enough complications, there is a Stradivarius involved, which the killer took great care of. But why?
Guest Stars: Amanda Foreman as Felicia Hart | Andy Umberger as Hudson Lucas | Garrett M. Brown as Chief Watts | Josie Davis as Ava Fletcher | Eric Pierpoint as Senator David Fletcher | Karis Campbell as Carrie Deluca | Ben Bode as Owen Grant (as Ben Bodé) | Jeff Harlan as D.A. Arnold Sullivan | Charles Robinson as Judge Jeffries | Marcuis Harris as Officer Jones | Louanne as CSI Lucy Jones | Mary Ellen Trainor as Elizabeth Lucas | Time Winters as Abraham Goldstein | Penelope Windust as Celeste Clayton | Julianna Robinson as Reporter