Season 7

41 :07x01 - Bonnie and McCloud

McCloud escorts his girlfriend Bonnie to Oklahoma, after she kills her ex-boyfriend, the head of a trucking company.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Sheriff Matheson | Vic Tayback as Harry "Steam Hammer" McNair | Leigh Taylor-Young as Bonnie Foster | Geoffrey Lewis as Andy Kline | John Quade as Pete Stern | Gregory Walcott as Charlie Watson | Dennis Burkley as "Big Mama" | Chuck Morrell as Johnny Foster | Gilbert Green as Jack Straker | George Memmoli as Cab Driver | Ed Call as Attendant | John Clavin as Texas Sheriff | Randolph Powell as 2nd Officer | Hunter Von Leer as 1st Officer | Joe LaDue as Carl Griffin | Henry Oliver as Doctor

42 :07x02 - 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas...

A quiet Christmas in New York? Marshall McCloud hopes for the best but is soon coping with threatened suicide and the holding of a child hostage by a trio of drug dealers.
Guest Stars: William Sylvester (1) as Jason Howard | Dean Stockwell as Pete Lancaster | Henry Olek as The Stranger | Linda Gray as Kate O'Hannah | Robby Weaver as Scott | Robert Ellenstein as Captain Hellman | Ann Dusenberry as Peggy | Tom Pedi as Santa
Director: Dennis Weaver

43 :07x03 - The Great Taxicab Stampede

McCloud is framed for the murder of a taxi driver who was also a drug dealer, and is being sought after by the victim's sister, a member of the Israeli Army.
Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Winston | Alan Manson as Murray Gutman | George Hamilton as Keith Hampton | Jane Seymour as Nidavah Ritzach | Patricia Quinn as Eileen Mitchell | Tom Moses as Ted Richards | James Ingersoll as David Kessler | Ernie Lively as Bartender | Bob Golden (1) as Jerry | Patti Chandler as Policewoman | Don Brodie as Funeral Director
Director: Ivan Dixon

44 :07x04 - The Moscow Connection

McCloud's country singing friend is scheduled for a trip to Russia, but suddenly went crazy and nearly killed a woman. Clifford and McCloud accompany him on the trip in hopes of nabbing a Russian mafia drug smuggler and help a scientist defect along with his daughter.
Guest Stars: Hoyt Axton as Johnny Starbuck | Britt Ekland as Tatiana Krasnavian | L.Q. Jones as Kenny Hingle | Nehemiah Persoff as Tereshkoff | Morgan Paull as Pierre Belsen | David Hurst as Andrei Krasnavian | Robert Phillips (1) as Bresnovitch | Lew Palter as Hotel Clerk | Arthur Malet as Hotel Clerk # 2 | Rick Traeger as Lukoff | Walt Davis as Hagen | Tom Henschel as Unknown
Director: Bruce Kessler

45 :07x05 - London Bridges

The host of a costume party is killed, witnessed by Lord Charles Bridges, a cat burglar who was in the process of stealing a prized ring. Further investigation of the ring reveals a hidden compartment in which a piece of microfilm is stored which reveals a plot by Irish terrorists to bomb the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace.
Guest Stars: Adam Faith as Inspector Craig | Jack Cassidy as Lord Charles Bridges | John Lehne as Jack Garland | Stephen Nathan as Simon Fletcher | Bernard Behrens as John Keaton | Susan Woollen as Tracy Bridges | Richard Sanders as Matt Clayton | Spencer Milligan as Liam O'Brien | DeAnn Mears as Lady Sinclair | Derek Murcott as Deputy Inspector Phillips | Elena Frank as Reporter | Terence Kingsley-Smith as Mountie | Roger Newman as Lord James Rothwell
Director: Noel Black

46 :07x06 - McCloud Meets Dracula

Murder victims with puncture marks on their necks and drained of blood leads McCloud to a movie retirement home in search for a famous vampire movie actor.
Guest Stars: John Finnegan as 1st Officer | Tom Snyder as Himself | John Carradine as Loren Belasco | Michael Sacks as Dr. Harvey Pollick | Reggie Nalder as Morris | Booth Colman as Coroner | Vince Howard as Reporter | Bobbie Mitchell as Angie | Gino Ardito as Cop | Victoria Fisher (1) as Stokes | Dennis Levine as 2nd Officer | Carole Mallory as 2nd Girl | Toni Lawrence as 1st Girl |
Uncredited: Michael Pataki as Reporter
Director: Bruce Kessler