Season 1

Portrait of a Dead Girl

A Marshal from Taos, New Mexico extradites a prisoner to New York City. The prisoner is kidnapped from his custody, and the case involves Puerto Rican Nationals, a female novelist, and a murdered beauty queen.
Guest Stars: Nefti Millet as Ramos | Michael Bow as Billy | Mario Alcalde as Peralta | Peter Mark Richman as Peter B. Clifford | Craig Stevens (1) as Whitman | Julie Newmar as Adrienne Redman | Raúl Juliá as Father Nieves | Gregory Sierra as First Deputy | Bill Baldwin as First Reporter | Shelly Novack as James Waldron | Kathy Stritch as Merri Ann Coleman | Albert Popwell as Guard | Ira Cook as Second Reporter | Tony Dante as Second Deputy | Victor Bozeman as Black Reporter | Ron Henriquez as Vejar | Lee Pulford as Receptionist | Roberto Vargas as Chico
Director: Richard Colla

1 :01x01 - Man from Taos (1) (or Who Says You Can't Make Friends in New York City?)

While lending a hand to a woman in distress, McCloud gets caught in a gun battle with a hitman and is ordered back to Taos by Chief Clifford. But Sam is made a courier when the Chief becomes the victim of a kidnapping.
Guest Stars: Jacques Foti as Gendarme | Mike Robelo as Hack Driver | Ralph Story as Newscaster | Marj Dusay as Ellen Childs | Johnny Silver as Elevator Operator | Charles H. Gray as 1st Policeman | Tony Ballen as 2nd Policeman | Patti Heider as Stewardess | Jerry Crews as 1st Reporter | Ray Ballard as 2nd Reporter | Hollis Morrison as 3rd Reporter | Gail Peters as Ticket Agent | Michael Carr as Tony Romer | Bill Fletcher as Voss | Len Wayland as Pilot | Otis Greene as Co-Pilot
Director: Douglas Heyes

2 :01x02 - Manhattan Manhunt (1) (or Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue)

McCloud tracks a drug thief whom he believes is really an addict who needs a helping hand in getting off the junk.
Guest Stars: Howard Curtis as Arnold Stanford | Leo Gordon as Officer Shannen | William Bryant as Policeman | Angus Duncan as Dr. Bussey | William Wintersole as Lab Man | Bill Baldwin as 2nd Reporter | Ric Mancini as Brodney | Tony Ballen as Officer | Jeff Burton (1) as 1st Reporter | Lorraine Gary as Joan Stanford
Director: Bruce Kessler

3 :01x03 - Murder Arena (1) (or The Concrete Corral)

McCloud is left in charge of a group of his New Mexico cowboy buddies who have arrived for a rodeo at Madison Square Garden. But when a young cowboy is found murdered and a hated man in the West has disappeared, McCloud investigates his involvement in the case.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Goose Jenkins | Joanna Moore as Donna Roberts | T.J. Castronovo as Officer | Dennis Fimple as Frankie | Nancy Malone as Iris McKensie | Burr deBenning as Blue Roberts | James Wainwright as Billy Gibson | Bill McKinney as Reuben

4 :01x04 - Manhattan Manhunt (2) (or The Stage Is All the World)

McCloud must decide whether the death threats to a obnoxious Broadway producer are real or have been fabricated by the producer himself.
Guest Stars: Richard Van Vleet as Les Lander | Murray Matheson as Grantley | Richard Dawson as Ted Callender | Christina Sinatra as Jennifer Houghton | Albert Popwell as Gus Milner | Bill Dungan as Policeman
Director: Bruce Kessler

5 :01x05 - Murder Arena (2) (or Walk in the Dark)

McCloud searches for a strangler who is roaming Central Park for a victim, which includes a policewoman.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Sergeant F.J. Dameron | Susan Saint James as Officer Keach | Ann Prentiss as Officer Murdock | Stewart Bradley as Lloyd | Lou Massad as Richie | Bart Burns as Reimer | Carol Locatell as Receptionist | Billy Beck as News Vendor | Barbara Gates as Secretary | Albert Salmi as Goose Jenkins

6 :01x06 - Man from Taos (2) (or Our Man in Paris)

McCloud is called by Chief Clifford and his kidnappers to meet them at JFK Airport. One man takes McCloud with him to Paris in order to help him smuggle complete a smuggling transaction. Then he must escape and rescue the Chief before his captor finds him missing.
Guest Stars: Carl Betz as Aldon F. Flanders | Susan Strasberg as Anne Verdige | John van Dreelen as Rissient | Alfred Ryder as Mason | Marcel Hillaire as Inspector Prideaux | Barbara Davis as Boots Walker | Maurice Marsac as Official | Lilyan Chauvin as Housekeeper | Guy De Vestel as Proprietor | Rico Cattani as Maupin | Alex Rodine as Gendarme | Randolph Mantooth as Intern
Director: Russ Mayberry