Season 4

20 :04x01 - Butch Cassidy Rides Again

The NYPD demonstrates a robbery on a close circuit television, and get bushwhacked by a group of Old West desperados invading the concrete canyons of New York City.
Guest Stars: Linda Evans as Geri Marsh | Robert F. Simon as Tobey Harris | William Daniels as Clayton Gillis | Roger Davis (1) as Virgil | Artie Shaw as Fire Chief | Rick Weaver as 2nd Gang Member | Buddy Lester as Hotel Clerk | Pat O'Brien (2) as Mac Ferguson | Stefanie Powers as Samantha Johnson | Lloyd Nolan as Elroy Jenkins | James Millhollin as 1st Executive | Herb Voland as 2nd Executive | William Bryant as Courier | Clete Roberts as Charles Price | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot

21 :04x02 - The Solid Gold Swingers

Marshal McCloud investigates a robbery in a downtown apartment building and stumbles across a body, which then disappears. the case leads up to a madame kingpin of an escort service who's girls are being murdered by a serial killer.
Guest Stars: Steve Allen as Doug King | Neville Brand as Det. Lt. Roy Mackie | Joanna Barnes as Karen Chandler | Elizabeth Lane as Grace Hollenbeck | Ross Martin (1) as Jerry Davis/Frank Morris/Charles Hollenbeck | Joanna Pettet as Melissa Thompson/Margaret Harker/Charlotte Ockerman | Simon Scott as Senator Arthur Ferris | William Bramley (1) as Detective Sgt. Reese | Don Hanmer as Harvey | William Gleason as Billy | Denny Miller as Murphy Michaels | Richard Loo as Y.S. Chen

22 :04x03 - A Cowboy in Paradise

On a police convention in Hawaii, Clifford finds himself framed for murder and McCloud is the only one who can clear him.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Dave Harmon | Louise Lasser as Sergeant Maggie Philbin | Martha Hyer as Peggy Hamilton | Don Ho as Al Moana | Richard Denning as Edgar Hamilton | Nephi Hannemann as Lieutenant Kelani | Robert M. Luck as Bill Wrigley | Bob Basso as Alan Davis | Elithe Aguiar as Mara | Alan Naluai as Carter the Chauffeur | Karen Klein (1) as Stewardess

23 :04x04 - The Colorado Cattle Caper

McCloud travels to Colorado and lends a hand in helping the local law stop a gang of cattle rustlers.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Carlo Banducci | Farrah Fawcett as Gloria Jean (as Farrah Fawcett-Majors) | Ed Ames as Abel Hollister | Claude Akins as Sheriff Floyd Bevins | John Denver as Deputy Dewey Cobb | Robert Sampson (1) as Clay Jordan | Patrick Wayne as Deputy Morris Knowles | Conrad E. Palmisano as Chet | John Milford as Ben Willis | Austin Stoker as Gene Pearson | Erick Holland as Lester Neal | Ronda Copland as Luann | George McDaniel as Willie | John Clavin as Reporter
Director: Robert Day

24 :04x05 - This Must Be the Alamo

During a heatwave, Chief Clifford is called away and leaves SGT. Joe Broadhurst in charge. A sports betting ring that scores with "inside injuries" looses the black book and eliminates witnesses searching for it, Leading to an assault on the precinct house.
Guest Stars: Gregory Sierra as Patrolman Rico Cross | Michael Pataki as Officer Rizzo | Van Johnson as Dan Kiley | Ray Danton as Chet Mason | Eugene Roche as Rockford | Jack Kelly as Manny Donner | Robby Weaver as Scoop Henderson | Booth Colman as Medical Examiner | Laraine Stephens as Shannon Taylor | Marc Hannibal as Elton Packer | Mary Carver as "Queen" Mary | Clete Roberts as Newsman | Yolanda Veloz as Lana's friend
Director: Bruce Kessler