Season 5

25 :05x01 - The Barefoot Girls of Bleecker Street

Marshal McCloud goes against a credit-card burglary ring that employs run away teen-aged girls in a night club scam.
Guest Stars: Joshua Shelley as Desk Clerk | Lindsay Workman as William | Bill Fletcher as Harry Walters | Whit Bissell as Dr. Hansen | Robyn Millan as Honey | Gordon MacRae as Sheriff John Rodney | Don Hanmer as Johnny | Read Morgan as Attendant | Vicky Huxtable as Sherry | Morris Buchanan as Sgt. Mulligan | Keith Barbour as Chip | Gail Jensen as Sally | David Somerville as Fryer | Kay Lenz as Eve | Shelley Winters as Thelma | Raynold Gideon as Alan | James Nolan as Randall | Karen Klein (1) as Nancy | Ken Lynch as Detective Grover |
Uncredited: James Noble (1) as Sergeant Harris

26 :05x02 - The Gang That Stole Manhattan

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Guest Stars: Gerald York as Produce Company Manager | Jerry Lacy as Jack Mellish | Gino Ardito as O'Hara | Junero Jennings as Officer Levine | Larry Hagman as Larry Harris | Fernando Lamas as Max Cortez | Leslie Parrish as Lynne O'Connell | Marc Lawrence (1) as Vito Gilardi | Edward Binns as Wild Bill Hickok | Toni Holt as Miss Gigi | Ruth McDevitt as Landlady | Salem Ludwig as Ben Segrist
Director: Jerry Jameson

27 :05x03 - Shivaree on Delancy Street

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Guest Stars: John Devlin as Sgt. Ashby | Dennis McCarthy as Police Commissioner | Tom Moses as Perry | Vincent Baggetta as Lt. Bryant | Mary Munday as Nurse | Aldine King as Candy | Michael Santiago as Eddie Clark - Numbers runner | Michael Delano as Sgt. Rizzo | Sally Kemp as Gloria Allison | Louis Gossett, Jr. as Justin | Jack Kruschen as Selditz | Cesare Danova as John Amado | John Quade as Merle Koska | Danny Thomas as Marcus Rubin | Jesse Welles as Judy Rubin | Stack Pierce as Harry Peoples

28 :05x04 - The 42nd Street Cavalry

Marshal McCloud while on assignment on mounted horse detail smashes a ring involved with the theft of military weapons from an armory.
Guest Stars: George Murdock as Sergeant Rosovitch | Rudy Challenger as Lt. Melton | Brett Parker as Sheriff Ben Thornton | Steve Bond as Donny | Darwin Joston as Corporal Evans | John Finnegan as Harvey | Julie Sommars as Sergeant Mildred Cross | Peter Mark Richman as Captain Dettmer | Michael Parks as Frank | Rafael Campos as Manny | Victor Campos as Hector Ramirez | Bert Freed as Packy Keefe | Hunter Von Leer as Security Guard
Director: Jerry Jameson

29 :05x05 - The Concrete Jungle Caper

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Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Bum | Robert Donner as Val | Joseph Campanella as Victor Rhigas | Brock Peters as DDT | Angel Tompkins as Madge | Lonny Chapman as Guard Kramer | John Russell as Harry Hague | Victor Jory as Joseph Rhigas | John Marley as Phillip Rhigas | Maurice Marsac as Police Official | James Carroll Jordan as Steven Rhigas | John Sistrunk as Bartender

30 :05x06 - The Man with the Golden Hat

When hanging up his Stetson hat at a restaurant, McCloud is stymied by someone who tries to steal it. A clue leads him to a ballet company on the verge of going under, and a philanthroptic foundation in which an embezzler had made off with millions of dollars from the books.
Guest Stars: Mills Watson as Elrod "Hank" Cook | Rick Weaver as George Faraday | Sybil Scotford as Emily Cook | Kyle Johnson as Frank Fergus | Jaclyn Smith as Margaret Hart | Don Ameche as René Jauvert | Robert Webber (1) as Fritz August | Roger C. Carmel as David Kern | Philip Carey as Howard Barnett | Erica Hagen as Linda | Arthur Malet as Garvey | Liam Dunn as Ben

31 :05x07 - Lady on the Run

A woman pursues a mob hit man who has killed her sister, and in Mexico City is pursued by Marshal McCloud, SGT. Broadhurst and the mob
Guest Stars: Pancho Cordoba as Lopez | Mariette Hartley as Ann Lassiter | Clu Gulager as Johnny Monahan | Roger Cudney as Drake | Jorge Martinez de Hoyos as Inspector De Palma

32 :05x08 - Sharks!

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Guest Stars: Martin E. Brooks as Walter Bentley | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Father Livingston | Monika Ramirez as Carla | Stuart Nisbet as Herb | Jackie Russell as Mrs. Bentley | Patrick Culliton as Ted Hanford | Christopher George (1) as Vincent Burns | Lynda Day George as Stacey Decker | A. Martinez as Larry Moreno | Dick Haymes as Bruce Carpenter | Sandra Ego as Susan Blooming Bush | Woodrow Parfrey as Arden the Pawnbroker | Pat Hingle as Lieutenant Easton | Carmen Zapata as Mrs. Moreno | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot | Richard O'Brien (2) as Father Wallace

33 :05x09 - Return to the Alamo

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Guest Stars: Larry Storch as Parkes | John Finnegan as 1st Desk Sergeant | Charles Tyner as William Lang | Jeanne Cooper as Gladys | Brad Dexter as Mr. Foreman | Robby Weaver as Marty Foreman | Regis Cordic as Dr. Hunt | Lawrence Montaigne as Willie Dee | Roger E. Mosley as Dolan | Mark Wheeler as Hoyt Foreman | Don Siegel as 2nd Desk Sergeant | Lew Brown as Jennings | Bob Basso as Patrolman | Marjorie Battles as Lady
Director: Walter Doniger