Season 6

34 :06x01 - Park Avenue Pirates

McCloud goes undercover to uncover music-business pirates.
Guest Stars: Jessica Walter as Jessica Wright | Anne Schedeen as Tina | Raymond St. Jacques as Unknown | Barbi Benton as Shannon | Lorna Luft as Unknown | Dick Whittington as Mike Parker | Fred Holliday as Lund | Hoke Howell as Jeremy Darnel | Paul Hampton as Tommy | Al Ruscio as Doctor | Robert Gibbons as Benny | Joanne Corcoran as Kathy | John A. Zee as Wexler | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Lou Shaw

35 :06x02 - Showdown at Times Square

An Apache chief searches for his grandson who has headed to New York to find the men who killed his father. But when the young man commits a murder, he winds up dead himself, leaving McCloud and the chief to hunt down his murderer.
Guest Stars: Joshua Shelley as Fields | Allan Miller (1) as B.G. Clarkson | Don Meredith as Linus Morton | Chief Dan George as Chief Stillwater | Sharon Farrell as Holly Dayton | Henry Gibson as Cookie Watkins | Ted Hartley as Donald Williams | John Kauffman (1) as Johnny | Sandy Brown Wyeth (1) as Cookie's Sister | Noel Shire as Dr. Brand
Director: Ron Satlof
Story: Sidney Ellis | Teleplay: Lou Shaw

36 :06x03 - Fire!

McCloud goes undercover when a Chris' building is burned down and Chris' nephew and the security guard are killed. The investigation shows that the building's owner was in debt and likely committed arson for the insurance money.
Guest Stars: Terence Kingsley-Smith as Steward | Rosalind Saunders as Flo | Skip Lowell as Mark | Hal Riddle as Jack Porter | Mel Gallagher as Carey | David Garfield (2) as Dr. Maynard | Adrienne LaRussa as Claire | Robert Reed as Jason Carter | Lonny Chapman as Forman | George Gaynes as Floyd Spencer | Robert Ellenstein as Mr. Andrews | Stack Pierce as Captain Roth | Robby Weaver as Stan Barry | J. Jay Saunders as Colton
Director: Lou Antonio

37 :06x04 - Three Guns for New York

Three bank robbers have escaped from prison in New Mexico and are headed to New York to exact their revenge on McCloud for the injuries he inflicted on the gang's leader, and to find the stolen loot they ditched during the initial chase.
Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Burl Connors | James Wainwright as Val Rankin | Greg Mullavy as Brad Rankin | Wright King as Carter | Jack Kutcher as Wilson | Keith Atkinson as Edmonds | Lance Hool as Coy | Gino Arditi as O'Hara
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Jeff Sharkey

38 :06x05 - Our Man in the Harem

A businessman is shipping his female kidnap victims to a sheik in the Middle East in hopes of landing a big contract there.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Mr. Caine | Murray Hamilton as Donald Yates | Linda Gray as Cindy Yates | Anne Archer as Wilhelmina Kirk | Michael Ansara as Ramal | Jeff Corey as Sheik Kipal | Robert Karnes as Officer Matt Houstachek | Kim O'Brien as Nancy Houstachek | John S. Ragin as Mr. Jessup | Kathrine Baumann as Eunice Selby | Daniel Ades as Toto | Randi Oakes as Margo Dale
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Story: Glen A. Larson, Lou Shaw | Teleplay: Lou Shaw

39 :06x06 - The Day New York Turned Blue

A crazy day in New York finds the city experiencing a snowstorm as a Federal Inspector comes to balance the books. Meanwhile, a union lawyer is held in protection because of his knowledge of a graft incident, and a hooker is slipping something in her clients drinks and then paints their bodies in blue paint. Also, the mob plans to rush the department as the policemen set up a strike meeting.
Guest Stars: Michael Pataki as Officer Rizzo | Bernadette Peters as Bebe Murchinson | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Doctor | William Daniels as R.P. Pearson | Rick Weaver as Wilder | Carl Weathers as Police Officer Delaney | Carole Wells as Charlene | Vincent Baggetta as Fine | Gig Young as Jack Hefferman | Marge Redmond as Mrs. Johnson | Val Bisoglio as Cheney | Alex Nicol as Commissioner Denton | Paul Lambert as Constantine | Nancy Fox as Maggie
Director: E.W. Swackhamer

40 :06x07 - Night of the Shark

A mob hit in New York sends McCloud and Clifford to Sydney, Austrailia. Along the way, a bail jumper recognizes McCloud from a New Mexico murder case and puts a contract on McCloud's head.
Guest Stars: Rowena Wallace as Jennifer McGee | James Condon as Charles Oakland | William Charlton as Dover | Bruce Kerr as Doctor | Jack Fagan as Doc | Gerry Duggan (1) as Old Man | Brian Henderson as TV Announcer | Grigor Taylor as Bill Taylor | Anthony Wager as Sinclair | Lloyd Bochner as Alfred Donnelly | Gus Mercurio as Alex Demery | Victoria Shaw as Carol Donnelly | Alwyn Kurts as Chief Superintendent Caldwell
Director: Ron Satlof