Medical Investigation

Medical Investigation

Medical Investigation was based upon the true United States government organization, the National Institute of Health (NIH), with the goal of solving mysterious cases of medical problems in the United States and if necessary, worldwide. The team would be call upon to discover the cause of this effect and to find a cure to stop it. Dr. Stephen Connor (Neal McDonough) is the courageous leader of the team, who is also a father trying to balance his work and family live. Dr. Natalie Durant (Kelli Williams) is Connor's right hand. The team also includes Eva Rossi (Anna Belknap) as the NIH publicity liaison, specialist Frank Powell (Troy Winbush), and rookie agent Miles McCabe (Christopher Gorham).

NBC cancelled the series after one season, drawing heavy similarities to a similar show that premiered during the same season, House. There are currently no plans to release the series to DVD.

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Final: 1x20 -- Mission La Roca (2) (Mar/25/2005)

As Dr. Natalie Durant continues to try to find what kind of disease they are dealing with, Dr. Stephen Connor is at church Mission La Roca trying to rescue Dr. Miles McCabe and his patients to the hospital before the church collapses.
Neal McDonoughNeal McDonough
As Dr. Stephen Connor
Kelli WilliamsKelli Williams
As Dr. Natalie Durant
Christopher GorhamChristopher Gorham
As Dr. Miles McCabe
Anna BelknapAnna Belknap
As Eva Rossi
Troy WinbushTroy Winbush
As Frank Powell



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Medical Investigation is a show that exsists in the same universe as ER and Third Watch. Both those two shows are really good, though I haven't followed them on a regular basis, just some episodes here and there. This would give you a hunch that also Medical Investigation is a good show. And it is, but it's not brilliant or excellent. It's a just good show. It probably would have developed into something with more substance if it had been given more seasons. But as I've seen every episode now, I feel like something is missing. The actors do a good job, but I feel like I want to know more about them, they feel a little empty. They have concentrated on the storylines instead. And they are good. But they are not very diffrent from eachother. Though they got it pretty cool when being on the ice station and people were going mental. Reminded me of that epiosde of X-files and the movie The Thing. It's a good theme. The season ending (and show ending) was really excting. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, August 21st 2007 at 9:34 am

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1x20: Mission La Roca (2) recap: The story picks off where Part I left off, with the church collapsing a little with Connor still inside. Did you really think writers will kill off Connor? Frank Powell digs Connor out of pile and they need to think of a way to get to Miles and his patients before the church completely collapses. At this point, it will take some heavy machine to get all this pile of debris out of the way. That is going to take up a lot of time and the church may completely collapse by then. The insurrectionist leader says he know another way inside the church and leads Connor and Frank to a cave that connects to the basement of the church... read more.

1x19: Mission La Roca (1) recap: As Miles McCabe decides to head to a church to help some patients, Eva decides to go to the main hospital for more help in this relieve effort. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, trapping Dr. Durant and several patients in the little clinic. Back in the United States, the NIH lost contact with their team members and decide to sent more people in. Frank goes to Stephen Connor to get ready for the trip... read more.

1x18: The Black Book recap: Two congressmen and a cop, both working in the same building, is infected and sifted to the hospital. The team first think it may be terrorism, but Frank Powell swapped the place clean with no finding. When another patient checks in, who had never been to that building, the team starts to look elsewhere... read more.

1x17: Half Life (2) recap: I'll start with some basic facts that you need to know from the Third Watch episode first. The NIH is summoned to NYC when a robbery suspect is having an aggressive virus that can't seem to be cured. Detective Faith Yogas of the NYPD helps the team to tract down the suspect's partner, who is also carrying the disease and is spreading it throughout NY. The suspect in custody is not answering any questions about the whereabouts of his partner... read more.

1x16: Survivor recap: I'll start with Miles and Eva's case first. First, they head to one of the soldier's wife house for some interviewing. They didn't find much there and decide to test the community's pool and tap water. Since all the wives live in the same community, they share a lot of commonality. After the results of their test, everything came back clean. They then got a call that another wife had checked into the hospital due to contraction... read more.
Recurring Guests

Susanna Thompson as Dr. Kate Ewing (3 eps)
Katie Mitchell as Reporter (2 eps)
Clare Carey as Lisa Connor (2 eps)
Oliver Patrick Sandino as Emberto Zuniga (2 eps)
Jeremy Ray Valdez as Nestor (2 eps)
Jesse Borrego as Antonio Baracas (2 eps)
Claudia Besso as Kris Von Getz (2 eps)
Chris J. Kelly as Jack Connor (2 eps)
Shea Whigham as Barrett Fidler (2 eps)
Ulysses Estrada as Juan (2 eps)

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