Season 1

1 :01x01 - You're Not Alone

A New Yorker mysteriously turns ill in the middle of the street. Dr. Stephen Connor has to quit his son's baseball game and go to work with his NIH team to find out the cause of this situation and to find a cure before it's too late. Meanwhile, Dr. Miles McCabe is assigned to a hospital in Richmond, Virginia to investigate strange bruises on a baby.
Guest Stars: Clare Carey as Lisa Connor | Karis Campbell as Kelly Leslie | Michael Nouri as Wes Douglas | Rich Hutchman as Eric Novack | Glenn Plummer as Daryl Cooly | Conor O'Farrell as Dr. Gorden | Kerry Carney as Dawn Haskel | Amanda Carlin as D.A. Jane Musgrave | Satya Lee as Asian Woman | Stephen Markle as Dr. Strickland | Aloma Wright as Desk Nurse | David Koff as Coach | E.J. Callahan as Landlord | P.D. Mani as Operator | Mike Randleman as Glen Harvey | John Bishop as Brian Haskel | Elizabeth Sampson as Waitress | Dilva Henry as News Anchor | Donna M. Duffy as Nurse | Chris J. Kelly as Jack Connor
Director: Marc Buckland

2 :01x02 - In Bloom

Four teenage girls are struck with encephalitis. The NIH is summoned to fine the cause and the cure before time runs out. However what's thought to be STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) wasn't what it appears to be and a pair of pants holds the key to the truth.
Guest Stars: James Moses Black as Terry | Edward Edwards as Lorenzo Whiteside | Scott Allan Campbell as Tamra's Father | Katija Pevec as Ruby Willens | Edward Lee Johnson (1) as EMT #2 | Shea Whigham as Barrett Fidler | Mark Derwin as Paul Kendall | Patty Cornell as Nurse | Natalija Nogulich as Dahlia | Byrant Fox (2) as EMT #1 | Moira Price as Connie Sipe | Erica Mer as Charlotte Raymond | Cheryl White as Sylvia Townsend
Director: Marc Buckland
Songs: Kid Gloves -- Why

3 :01x03 - Coming Home

Dr. Connor and company are summoned by the US Army to investigate four Gulf War soldiers who recently came back with a lethal pulmonary disease. Powell believes it's Gulf War syndrome, until Connor finds out that several old citizens who haven't gone to war, also have it too.
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as Lt. Col. Bartek | Shea Whigham as Barrett Fidler | Lesley Fera as Gladys Halperin | Theo Rossi as PFC Joe Vasquez | Clare Carey as Lisa Connor | Jenica Bergere as Renee | Jacory Gums as Soldier | Alissa Dean as Shelly | Veronique Vicari as Brenda | Marc D. Wilson as Officer Cortez | David Rountree as Officer Gorden | Jack Baker (1) as Priest | Daniel Graves as Pharmacist | Julia Silverman as Shirley Morris | Marshall Cook as Richard Henderson | Chris J. Kelly as Jack Connor
Director: Rick Wallace
Writer: Mark Israel
Songs: Boss House -- Hiding in the Light, Gary Jules -- Mad World

4 :01x04 - Escape

Dr. Connor, Miles, and Frank are summoned to a Bahama resort to investigate why adult vacationers are starting to fall ill. But when the children also start to fall ill, the team realize they don't have much time left. Meanwhile, Durant and Rossi are in Miami to investigate an illness of an old man.
Guest Stars: Lydia Blanco as Anel Diaz | Christina Chang as Jenny Small | Tracy Middendorf as Anne Harring | Patrick Fabian as Gary Riesen | Tony Perez as Raymond Diaz | Johnny Sneed as Dan Harring | Andrew Abelson as Vaughn Kazerian | Elena Finney as Kim | Wil Albert as Gerald Borman | Lonnie Hughes as Dr. Clement Morris | Kristen Ariza as Staff Babysitter | Sarah Avery as Julie | Alyssa Shafer as Gracie Harring
Director: Marc Buckland
Writer: Daniel Arkin
Songs: Weezer -- Island In The Sun

5 :01x05 - Progeny

The team is split up to investigate two different cases. Connor, McCabe, and Powell are summoned to a Caribbean resort to investigate adults with a strange respiratory problem. Meanwhile, Durant and Rossi stays in Miami to investigate an illness of an old man.
Guest Stars: Andrea Thompson as Dr. Lois McCarthy | Gregory Itzin as Howard Lewson | Peter Outerbridge as Clark White | Kayla Mae Maloney as Sabrina Martin | Mik Scriba as Peter Smith | Corinne Reilly as Leslie White | Steve Seagren as Ted Martin | Kavita Patil as Dr. Ansuya Patel | Frank Novak (1) as Sherman | Deborah Geffner as Lucy Martin | Adam Taylor Gordon as Joey White
Director: Rick Wallace

6 :01x06 - Team

When several girls at a Midwestern College fall ill to a deadly disease, Dr. Conors and his team are summoned to find the cause. The team will soon find out these girls are not suffering from the same disease and a lipstick holds the answer to all the riddles.
Guest Stars: Brooke D'Orsay as Melissa Getemer | Jamie Martz as Ryan Uteg | Page Kennedy as Gorden Kraft | Rand Holdren as Peter Warren | Dean Norris as David Weiner | Robin Bartlett as Dr. Salgado | Shanna Collins as Rebecca Steven | Jessica Webster as Amy Jenkins | Jessica Osekowsky as Wendy | Cameron Bender as Steven Dewalt | Terry Savage as Football Player | Peter Pergelides as Chef | Miracle Laurie as Veronica
Director: Guy Ferland
Songs: Boss House -- It's All About Respect, Zero 7 -- Somersault

7 :01x07 - Alienation

A woman faints during her bridal shower. Dr. Stephen Connor and his crew travel to Philadelphia to investigate as more patients rush in the medical center. As the team try to put puzzle together, they realize they got a case of anthrax at hand.
Guest Stars: Art Chudabala as Alex Ling | Glenn Morshower as Matt Borman | Jeffrey Scott Kelly as Randall Hodge | John Wesley as Mr. Ndudu | Melinda Page Hamilton as Sarah Doyle | Yvans Jourdain as Dr. Onyuke | Elyse Donalson as Dr. Eckhart | Mandy McMillian as Melanie | M. Martin Mapoma as Ian Adoti | Ingrid Sanai Buron as Clerk | Michelle Merring as Ashley | Dave Fennoy as Flute Musican | Fredson Mayiek as Wali Tande
Director: Michael Fresco
Writer: Ayanna Floyd
Songs: Angilalanga -- Africa Today, Andrea Matthews -- Back and Forth, Global Beats 5 Alarm -- Kenyan Quest

8 :01x08 - Mutation

The NIH is summoned to a small town in Virginia, where some people in a small town is infected with a strange virus. Struggling to find out what that virus is, more and more people are checking in the hospital with the same virus. Can Dr. Stephen Connor and his team find the true identity of the virus and the antibiotics in time before the entire town is infected?
Guest Stars: Phyllis Applegate as Iris Price | Stacy Barnhisel as Emily Harris | Gerry Black as Stanley Price | Jolie Jenkins as Lillith | Richard Roat as Judge Henry | Matt Casper as Donnie Brown | Chace Elliott as Elliot | Phil Reeves as Sheriff
Director: Marc Buckland

9 :01x09 - Little Girl

A little girl has fallen ill and needs a healthy bone marrow. However, her adopted parents recently died due to an identical aplastic anemia. As the NIH tries to find out the source of this illness, Eva Rossi must find the right bone marrow transplant from her biological parents before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Dawnn Lewis as Dr. Burton | Randy Frazier as Clayton Beyer | Kirsten Severson as Assistant | Duane Whitaker as Bar Owner | Jeff D'Agostino as Randy | Sarah Jones (1) as Belinda | Ray Hale as Husband | Barbara Tarbuck as Eunice | Catherine Wadkins as Cyndi Harmon | Blaire Restaneo as Carla Beyer | Marcy Goldman as Ms. Tuttles
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Let The Moonlight Shine -- Kid Gloves, Kid Gloves -- The Imperfect Grace, Boss House -- Wounded

10 :01x10 - Price of Pleasure

Several females check into a LA hospital after fallen ill due to a deadly disease. The NIH is summoned into the scene and are ask to find the cause and a cure. Their commonality? They all are adult film actresses, so the team immediately thinks some kind of STD or HIV are involve. But when the test comes back negative for those disease, the team has to search elsewhere for the answer.
Guest Stars: Rosalind Chao as Dr. Kramer | Michael Ironside as Ben Graybridge | Maurice Godin as Dr. John Bender | Paul Schulze as Andrew Kirkland | Enrique Castillo as Manager | Kevin E. West as Trevor Johnson | Mykel Shannon Jenkins as David Thorn | Karen Strassman as Jenna Kirkland | Colton Shires as Boy (Kirkland's Son) | Jessica Landon as Lisa Marquis (Van Adams) | Carissa Koutantzis as Production Assistant | Eddie Richardson as Nurse
Director: Norberto Barba
Songs: Wild Whirled -- Lazy ol' Blues, Snow Patrol -- Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

11 :01x11 - The Unclean

Several patients have mysterious infected bateria on them after having surgery. It's up to the NIH to stop this "Angel of Death", who also has a past that no one should be proud of.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Harrold as Carla Ballard | Shannon Marie Woodward as Danielle Johnson | Mark Harelik as Dr. Lester | Henri Lubatti as Nurse Tim Miller | Katie MacNicol as Nurse Molly Kimbrell | Lisa Waltz as Ms. Johnson | Joyce Guy as Dr. Thomas | Jeremiah Birkett as Raymond Jeter | Don Perry as Mr. Geraci
Director: Elodie Keene
Writer: Mark Dodson
Songs: Massive Attack -- Future Proof

12 :01x12 - Spiked

Several people are struck with a disease that Dr. Connor and his team have no clue on what it is. They suspect the disease are being transfer from seals to humans. The team swipe the beach clean, but find nothing. Frank Powell retrieve some garbage that floated ashore, thinking that it's the waste that is infecting the seals and humans. But the results also come back negative.
Guest Stars: Marguerite MacIntyre as Dr. Karen Lowe | Lauren C. Mayhew as Sudie Miller | Erich Anderson as Landsbury | Jim Holmes as Unknown | Colby French as Keith Jacobs | Noel Conlon as Joe Burris | Katrina Nelson as Beth Miller | Jen Pavley as Sharon | Rachel Wacholder as Dana
Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Peter Egan
Songs: Yellowcard -- Back Home, Matthew Ryan (1) -- Irrelevant

13 :01x13 - Tribe

Several people in a Montana camp resort got infected with a disease, presumably smallpox. Dr. Stephen Connor and the NIH are summoned to the scene to try to stop the spread of the disease. But when the FBI show up, there is indication that this may be a terrorist's plot to spread the disease.
Guest Stars: Kevin Kilner as Paul Maloney | Laura Marano as Brooke Beck | Gil Birmingham as Birmingham | Neal Matarazzo as Bill Beck | Robert Peters as Kevin McDaniel | Lance Carter as Jack | Leanna Campbell as Erica | Colleen McGrann as Ellie Beck | Zachary Winard as Jeff McDaniel
Director: Marc Buckland

14 :01x14 - Ice Station

Several people in a station in Antarctica are getting infected with an aggressive ammonia. What's even worst is one of the NIH's own is also infected and the team may have difficulty getting aid because of a strong storm outside.
Guest Stars: Betsy Brandt as Karen Banks | Taylor Nichols as Raymond | Russell Soder as Jeff | Klea Scott as Kim Powell | Mark Ankeny as Colonel Brown | LaNiesha Irvin as Tesha Powell | Jason Peck as Helecopter Pilot
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Writer: Mark Dodson

15 :01x15 - Mousetrap

A plague outbreak is discovered near Baltimore. While the NIH tries to find the source and stop it from spreading. Along the way, they find some dirty cops trying to cover up a murder. Viewers also get a glimpse on Dr. Stephen Connor's past.
Guest Stars: Michael Cudlitz as Lt. Troy Adams | Deborah Carson as Connor's Mom | Tim Griffin as Det. Chris Leinberger | Karina Logue as Claire Leinberger | Timothy Davis-Reed as Keith Wayne | Maria McCann as Mindy Wayne | Hayden Tank as Michael Wayne | Paul Butcher as Tim Wayne | Doug Wax as Doctor | Eddie Magaña as Det. Garcia | Jules Theodore as T-Bone | Daniel Gibbons as Connor's Dad | Michael Peterson (1) as Young Connor | Bobby T. McLaughlin (2) as Lawrence Dinkins | Deji LaRay as Murphy (as Deji Olasimbo)
Director: Norberto Barba

16 :01x16 - Survivor

Dr. Stephen Connor splits the team into two. Miles McCabe and Eva Rossi investigate a case where several soldiers' wives are all having strange miscarriages. Connor, Natalie Durrant, and Frank Powell investigate why some patients are having a strange defect that in their legs.
Guest Stars: Lola Glaudini as Meredith Beck | Megan Henning as Nancy Hain | Jose Pablo Cantillo as Rick Hain | Heath Freeman as Josh | Jan Devereaux as Mrs. Ronson | Allen Williams as Gary England | Adam Lieberman as Daniel Metcalf | John Hartmann as Dr. Hall | Jimmy Walker, Jr. as Night Janitor | Lexi Ainsworth as Kaitlin Ronson | Sarah Mack as Amy Owens | Christina Gianaris as Rebecca England | Brooke Blau as Lexi Owens | Vivien Blau as Lexi Owens
Director: Craig Zisk
Writer: Ayanna Floyd

17 :01x17 - Half Life (2)

In a rare crossover with several casts of Third Watch, Dr. Stephen Connor and his team heads to NYC to uncover a multiplying virus before it spreads anymore. Stephen teams up with the NYPD to find patient zero, the one who is carrying the disease and spreading it around the city.
Guest Stars: Anthony Ruivivar as Carlos Nieto | Molly Price as Detective Faith Yokas | Yvonne Jung as Holly Levine | Jake Muxworthy as Harry Rush | Victor McCay as Mr. Finch | Randy Ryan as Richard Rush | Mark Chaet as Harris | James Smith (2) as Artis McDonald | Michael Keenan as ESU Officer
Director: Roxann Dawson

18 :01x18 - The Black Book

Two politicians and a cop are infected with what is first suspected as a STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease). But this strange disease is killing patients at very fast rate and Dr. Stephen Connor and Co. must find the source of this virus as fast as they can.
Guest Stars: Susanna Thompson as Dr. Kate Ewing | Robert Curtis Brown as Doug Laurence | Larissa Laskin as Donna Laurence | Gil Glasgow as Jack Jacobs | David Noroña as Kenneth McBride | Janelle Giumarra as Didi Lomax | Ursula Whittaker as Mindy Manning | Lana Antonova as Nicoletta | Douglas Purdy as Mark | Walter Cox as Reporter
Director: Elodie Keene

19 :01x19 - Mission La Roca (1)

An outbreak occurs in Mexico and the NIH sent several teams there to help with the relieve effort and to find the source of this disease. When they lost contact with Dr. Natalie Durant, Dr. Miles McCabe, Eva Rossi, Dr. Stephen Connor and Frank Powell decide to travel to the there themselves to help find them.
Guest Stars: Claudia Besso as Kris Von Getz | Susanna Thompson as Dr. Kate Ewing | Jeremy Ray Valdez as Nestor | Jesse Borrego as Antonio Baracas | Katie Mitchell as Reporter | Oliver Patrick Sandino as Emberto Zuniga | Juan Carlos Cantu as Priest | Frank Gallegos as Driver | Bernardo Verdugo as Young Father | Ulysses Estrada as Juan | Billy Concha as Insurgent | Diana Rios as Marilu
Director: Karen Gaviola

20 :01x20 - Mission La Roca (2)

As Dr. Natalie Durant continues to try to find what kind of disease they are dealing with, Dr. Stephen Connor is at church Mission La Roca trying to rescue Dr. Miles McCabe and his patients to the hospital before the church collapses.
Guest Stars: Jenny Gago as Alma Diaz | Jesse Borrego as Antonio Baracas | Susanna Thompson as Dr. Kate Ewing | Claudia Besso as Kris Von Getz | Katie Mitchell as Reporter | Richard Yniguez as Minister Cabrera | Alex Wexo as Doctor | Jeremy Ray Valdez as Nestor | Oliver Patrick Sandino as Emberto Zuniga | Tiffany O'Hara as Nurse | Marco Pelaez as Augustin Zuniga | Sam Ayers as Aid Worker | Ulysses Estrada as Juan | Diana Rios as Marilu
Director: Paul Holahan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2004
Ended: March 25, 2005
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