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Medical Investigation: You're Not Alone

A New Yorker mysteriously turns ill in the middle of the street. Dr. Stephen Connor has to quit his son's baseball game and go to work with his NIH team to find out the cause of this situation and to find a cure before it's too late. Meanwhile, Dr. Miles McCabe is assigned to a hospital in Richmond, Virginia to investigate strange bruises on a baby.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 40547001
Airdate: Thursday September 09th, 2004

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Veronica) Aug 09, 2009

Guest Stars
Chris J. KellyChris J. Kelly
As Jack Connor
Clare CareyClare Carey
As Lisa Connor
Aloma WrightAloma Wright
As Desk Nurse
Amanda CarlinAmanda Carlin
As D.A. Jane Musgrave
Conor OConor O'Farrell
As Dr. Gorden
David KoffDavid Koff
As Coach
Dilva HenryDilva Henry
As News Anchor
E.J. CallahanE.J. Callahan
As Landlord
Glenn PlummerGlenn Plummer
As Daryl Cooly
John BishopJohn Bishop
As Brian Haskel
Karis CampbellKaris Campbell
As Kelly Leslie
Kerry CarneyKerry Carney
As Dawn Haskel
Michael NouriMichael Nouri
As Wes Douglas
Mike RandlemanMike Randleman
As Glen Harvey
P.D. ManiP.D. Mani
As Operator
Rich HutchmanRich Hutchman
As Eric Novack
Satya LeeSatya Lee
As Asian Woman
Stephen MarkleStephen Markle
As Dr. Strickland


Dr. Steven Connor watching his son playing baseball while a call comes through and requires him to go back to his headquarter for a serious case. Then a helicopter appears and Connor makes a dramatic exit off the field...

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Episode Notes
The pilot episode was aired on a Thursday at 10PM, the timeslot of NBC's #1 hit drama, ER,. NBC hops it can grab some viewers from their hit drama.

Ratings: Households: 8.3/13,
Adult 18-49: 4.5/12
11.8 million viewers overall

This episode marks the debut of creator Jason Horwitch's first series.

NBC aired a repeat of this episode on October 22nd, 2004.

Episode Quotes
Connor: Jack! Jack, what kind of ball is that? A Wilson or a Spalding?
Jack: Dad, I have no idea
The team's coach: Dr. Connor
Connor: Sorry
Connor to Jack: Isolate the ball from everything. Forget about the pitcher. Forget about the score. Just focus on the ball and tell me what the word is between the stitching. Then, swing through it.
Coach: Dr. Connor!
Connor to coach: Thank you

(after Dr. Connor yelled at McCabe)

Durant: Don't take it personally. He suffers from a bad case of high expectations.
McCabe: You think?

Dr. Gorden: Thank God the feds are here, cause us local yokels, we see a guy come in bright blue, we just put his feet up and give him a glass of lemonade.

Durant: They all have alcohol in their system.

Connor: Maybe, they all went to the same bar or ordered from the liquor store. Maybe, we're just looking for bad booze.
Durant: We already ran it down. They all drank different things in different places. And most, only, had a beer or a glass of wine.
Connor: So, we've got nothing? That's just great!

Connor: How are you doing with the press?
Eva: Quiet as mice, sir.

Eva : (speaking about Dr. Connor) Uh-oh. Looks like he's about to hand somebody their head."
Frank: "Very "Reanimator". It's an excellent flick."
Eva: "Can I just ask why are you so obsessed with horror movies, when your day job pretty much is a horror movie?
Frank: Cause I love my work

(Connor walks into the room)

Connor: All right, listen up. We have nine patients out here. They all have something in common. Tell me what it is. And don't say they're all blue.

(phone rings)

Jack: Hello
Connor: Is the ball still in the air?
Jack: It wasn't a Wilson or a Spalding. It was a Rawlings.
Connor: You see what happens when you focus. I'm so proud of you, pal.

McCabe: Incredible. The whites of her eyes, they're not white. They're blue.
Kelly: Which means?
McCabe: I don't think she's been abused. I think we're dealing with an orphan disease.
Kelly: A what?
McCabe: "It's a disease so rare it's almost never diagnosed correctly

Eva: So, I slunk back home to Mom and Dad. I mean, doesn't everybody at some point? And it turns out that they had just moved to within a stone's throw of the NIH.
Novak: National Institutes of Health
Eva: Exactly. Which should explain why all the secrecy now.
Novak: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey, hey. You don't actually think you're going to ditch me down here, do you?
Eva: Around that corner is a door. Behind that door is an isolation ward. You won't find it on any of the hospital's plans but inside, you will find your story."
Novak: "Puh-leeze!
Eva: The choice is yours, Mr. Novak

(As Novak heads down the corridor, Eva takes off her shoes, runs back up, shuts the light, and shuts the door, leaving Novak in the dark

Novak: Oh, that's nice. Sneak away, you little snake! I still got my cell...She took my battery?!

McCabe: Hey, you guys leaving already?
Connor: How was Richmond, McCabe?
McCabe: "Uh - it went very well. I made the diagnosis. Technically, it's osteogenesis imperfecta, but it's commonly known as...
Connor: Brittle Bone Disease. You don't see that every day.
McCabe: Yeah. I guess it was my day
Connor: Then, there's tomorrow

Dr. Connor talks partically fast in the pilot episode, especially when he barks out orders to the team.

It's clear that Dr. Connor's divorse with his wife is largely due to his high work hours.

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