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Four teenage girls are struck with encephalitis. The NIH is summoned to fine the cause and the cure before time runs out. However what's thought to be STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) wasn't what it appears to be and a pair of pants holds the key to the truth.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 40547004
Airdate: Friday September 10th, 2004

Director: Marc Buckland
Writer: Jason Horwitch

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Veronica) Aug 16, 2009

Guest Stars
Shea WhighamShea Whigham
As Barrett Fidler
Cheryl WhiteCheryl White
As Sylvia Townsend
Edward EdwardsEdward Edwards
As Lorenzo Whiteside
Erica MerErica Mer
As Charlotte Raymond
Katija PevecKatija Pevec
As Ruby Willens
Mark DerwinMark Derwin
As Paul Kendall
Moira PriceMoira Price
As Connie Sipe
Scott Allan CampbellScott Allan Campbell
As Tamra's Father


When four teenage girls are checked into the hospital, the parents find it strange that all of them are best friends together. Frank Powell suspects it's something that they all do in common that is affecting this, but Stephen tells Frank that he needs to know what is causing this, not how. Connor sent Miles McCabe and Eva Rossi to the school that they attend and hopefully find something there. Miles meets a girl named Ruby, and Ruby tells them that some girl in the school poisoned the girls in the hospital. It may be one of the small girls brawl that got out of hand. The team concludes that the four teenagers have encephalitis and is most likely sexually transmitted. The parents doesn't believe that there's any chance in hell the girls are involve in any sexual intercourse. Connor wants the permission from the parents to do a brain procedure on one of the girls to get a tissue sample from the brain so they can test it out whether the disease is there. Knowing that there is still a very small chance the girls can get brain damage after the procedure, all the parents refuse the consent, except for one...

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Episode Notes
This episode marks the first time Medical Investigation appeared on their original time slot.

Ratings: Households: 7.5/13
Adult 18-49: 3.8/12
10.8 million viewers overall

In Bloom was aired one day after the series preimere.

The overall rating for this episode was NBC's highest non-Olympic telecast in this time period since March 26, 2004.

NBC aired a repeat of this episode on December 20th, 2004.

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Kid GlovesWhy 

Episode Quotes
Dr. Stephen Connor: Hey...Barrett again? Look, Nat, you're making progress on this. You're doing good work.
Dr. Natalie Durant: Don't tell me I'm doing good work, Stephen. He's not getting better.

(Miles sees a big airplane)

Dr. Miles McCabe: Whoa! Is that ours?
Frank Powell: Don't get used to it
Eva Rossi: Helping people comes with perks
Miles: How did you manage to score?
Natalie: The Navy was about to take it out to the Mojave and let it rust for the next 50 years.
Stephen: Instead, they agreed to keep it in operation for various government agencies, including the NIH.
Frank: We get to use it once in a blue moon.
Natalie: Enjoy it. It might be our last ride for a while.
Eva: Wait till you see the inside

(Miles hears a loud sound inside the plane and appears nervous)

Frank: No need to worry about the sled, Miles. She's solid. Few hundreds of sorties during the Vietnam War without a hitch.
Miles: All right. Cool. Wait...Which war?

Stephen: Wow...these girls are rail thin.
Natalie: Starving themselves until they look like Barbie...I'll check their spinal fluid, glucose level and white blood cell count.

Natalie: You want to know about the private life of a 14-year-old girl, parents are the last people you talk to

Stephen: Head to their school. I need you to find out where and what these girls eat, drink and smoke. Everything.
Miles: Okay...uh...how am I supposed to gain the trust of a 14-year-old girl?
Stephen: Eva, go with Miles.

Ruby: None of us have any boyfriends, if that's what you mean. The guys here - not cool.
Miles: Come on, you must be interested in one of the guys, at least.
Ruby: Maybe...You seem too cool to be a doctor
Miles: I''ll take that as a compliment

Ruby" This wasn't an accident. I know who tried to hurt us
Miles: Who do you think?
Ruby: The Pest
Miles: The Pest? That's kind of harsh.
Ruby: It's because her Dad's a bug exterminator

Stephen: The only way to be sure if the virus is in the brain is to do a biopsy.
Parent: A brain biopsy?
Natalie: We would need to take a very small sample
Stephen: It's a routine procedure, but we're going to need your permission.
Natalie: Although it's rare, neural and cognitive damage are always possible when you operate on the brain.
Another parent: Brain damage
Stephen: The risk of not performing this is much greater. Now, I understand your concerns, but the more time we wait...
Another parent: No. You doctors are not going to open up our daughter's head on some damn hypothesis. No. Let's go.

Stephen: Check their makeup, their shampoo, their hygiene products. See if they introduced anything new into their bloodstreams!
Frank: Look, what's gotten...
Stephen: Just do your job!

Natalie: It's high school. I mean, you're nothing unless somebody has a grudge against you.

Stephen: This is the list of pesticides Don Raymond uses. If Charlotte used any of those, we have to figure out what it is and start treatment.
Eva: Hold up on that. Charlotte didn't use any of them. I just got a call. Eleven more cases, same symptoms. In Kirkwood, a few counties over.
Stepehn: Do they fit the pattern?
Eva: Only three of them are teenagers. All the others are older...and they're all strangers.
Stephen: We've lost our commonality. We've got nothing.

Frank: What's in your head?
Stephen: Look, we may have been looking in the wrong direction. What if the disease wasn't ingested or inhaled? What if it was in their clothing?

Miles: Ruby, how did you lose the weight? Did someone sell you some kind of a pill?
Ruby: Maybe...
Miles: Did the other girls take it, as well?
Ruby: No, just me. I found it on the Internet
Miles: Do you know what was inside it?
Ruby: The package said it was a "natural antagonist".
Miles: That's a slick way of saying "parasitic worm".
Ruby: All I know is that it worked. I lost 25 pounds. Marisol and those girls finally talked to me.

Miles: Ruby, look at the screen
Ruby: No way. Forget it.
Miles: Look at it
Ruby: You're a real jerk, you know that?
Miles: I'm going to give you five seconds to look towards me. Five...four...three...two...
(Ruby looks at the screen and is shock a worm is crawling inside her stomach)
Ruby: Get it out. Get it out of me! Get it out of me!
Miles: Nurse, get me a dose of Praziquantel

Stephen: That's it. The leak only came into contact with the two bottom boxes. The size zero headed to St. Louis, the size 14 bound for Kirkwood. The jeans in the top of the boxes were never affected in St. Louis, but by the time they got to Kirkwood, which is further down the delivery route, the boxes had more time to absorb the pesticide. That's why there are more victims in Kirkwood.
Frank: If so many pair of jeans were sold, why did so few get sick?
Stephen: Maybe, they never wore them or they washed them before they put them on, which diluted the pesticide.
(Stephen calls Natalie on his cell)
Stephen: We found the source. Start both clusters on atropine. We're on our way.

Miles: Oh, no can do. I'm a vegetarian.
Frank: Are you serious?
Miles: Yeah
Frank: I always wanted to know a vegetarian, to ask how you do it - not eating meat.
Miles: It's easy when meat is murder
Frank: No, meat is delicious

Stephen: When's your wedding anniversary?
Frank: May 6. Eleven years
Stephen: What's the traditional gift for eleventh anniversaries?
Frank: A convertible
(Stephen and Frank laugh)

Eva: You two should be ashamed of yourselves. Miles isn't making much more than minimum wage and you are about to take advantage of that young man.
Frank: How is that your business?
(Eva sits down at the table)
Eva: Because I'm going to take his money. Deal me in.

Episode References
Miles: I just got a page and all it says is "555".

555: The "5" stands "S", and triple "S" stands for "Syndromic Surveillance System"

Stephen: We believe your daughters have encephalitis.

Encephalitis: an inflammation to the brain, usually caused by a viral infection or bacterial infection

Stephen: It can be brought on by any number of viruses. In this case, it's herpes encephalitis.

Herpes: a disease that is mark with watery blisters in the skin or mucous membranes, or blisters on the genitals

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