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Dr. Connor and company are summoned by the US Army to investigate four Gulf War soldiers who recently came back with a lethal pulmonary disease. Powell believes it's Gulf War syndrome, until Connor finds out that several old citizens who haven't gone to war, also have it too.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 40547003
Airdate: Friday September 17th, 2004

Director: Rick Wallace
Writer: Mark Israel

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Veronica) Aug 23, 2009

Guest Stars
Chris J. KellyChris J. Kelly
As Jack Connor
Clare CareyClare Carey
As Lisa Connor
Shea WhighamShea Whigham
As Barrett Fidler
Alissa DeanAlissa Dean
As Shelly
Carmen ArgenzianoCarmen Argenziano
As Lt. Col. Bartek
Daniel GravesDaniel Graves
As Pharmacist
David RountreeDavid Rountree
As Officer Gorden
Jacory GumsJacory Gums
As Soldier
Julia SilvermanJulia Silverman
As Shirley Morris
Lesley FeraLesley Fera
As Gladys Halperin
Marc D. WilsonMarc D. Wilson
As Officer Cortez
Marshall CookMarshall Cook
As Richard Henderson
Theo RossiTheo Rossi
As PFC Joe Vasquez


The episode starts out with Connor and his son spending their free time together. Then, two US soldiers appear and tell Connor there is a code yellow. Like always, Connor has to leave again and go to work. Four soldiers are having a lethal pulmonary disease that Powell claims its Gulf War syndrome. So are these soldiers having Gulf War syndrome? ..

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Episode Notes
The song "Mad World" played twice in the end, when Dr. Connor is folding an army uniform and prepare to deliever the bad news to the family of the soldier the bad news, and after Connor hugs his son in the last scene.

Ratings: 5.4/10

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Boss HouseHiding in the Light 
Gary JulesMad World 

Episode Quotes
Jack: Wasn't that part when the helicopter crashed into the roller coaster cool? It was (he makes some explosion sounds.)
Stephen Connor: Maybe next time, we'll see a comedy. Wat do you say?
Jack: "Yeah, I want to see that new Adam Sandler movie.
Stephen: soon as you turn 18

Bartek: Our fear is we're dealing with a new kind of agent. Perhaps, a biological weapon with an incubation period.

Stephen: Colonel, why aren't there more reported cases overseas? We've been there for over a year. Why now?
Bartek: Stephen, the truth is, we don't know. But, if this is the result of some undiscovered biological agent...
Stephen: Then the war has entered the next phase

Eva Rossi: Here's a cheery way to start the day. The Institutional Review Board is threatening a review of our clinical trial

Eva: Fortunately, the Pentagon doesn't want this leaking any more than we do. Not until we know absolutely what we're up against. They're sending someone to liaison with you - a Gladys Halperin."
Frank Powell: "Just what we need - more government

Frank: This is a nasty-ass bug. What the hell are we dealing with?

Stephen: Interesting. Do you know if they had any direct contact with the soldiers?
Frank: No, not yet. (He sees Stephen's computer screen.) What is that, mustard gas?
Stephen: Yeah
Frank: Is it me or is this investigation beginning to smell an awful lot like the inoculation program we went through for the Gulf War?
Stephen: " knew I should have turned my computer off as soon as you came in the room"
Frank: Listen, all I'm saying is...
Stephen: Nothing I haven't heard over and over and over again"

Dr. Natalie Durant: You okay?
Stephen: I need you to broaden your testing
Natalie: To include?
Stephen: Potential reaction to the Army's ongoing inoculations for smallpox and anthrax
Natalie: Really? Did that Halperin woman get to you?
Stephen: No. Powell did

Barrett: The tumors are getting bigger because I'm not getting the real drug. In fact, I think I've put on a few pounds taking all those sugar pills.

Dr. Miles McCabe: It doesn't add up. We've got two women from different parts of the city sick, with no apparent connection to the five, maybe eight, deaths at the convalescent home.
Stephen: And four soldiers who showed no signs of being sick overseas. It's impossible. There isn't a biological or chemical weapon that strikes so randomly, unless it's...This isn't a medical Code Yellow. This has nothing to do with Iraq. The disease we're fighting is right here, in our backyard.

Stephen: Yeah. Let's break out the masks and gloves. Hey! Walk lightly. Don't kick up any dust. Sweeping up the mouse droppings, this guy could have inhaled millions of particles of infected mouse urine.

Stephen: All right, here's the deal. No more action films for a while, okay? Next time, we're going to rent one of my favorites, "The Sting".
Jack: Huh?
Stephen: You know, Paul Newman, Robert Redford?
Jack: Who are they?
Stephen: Who are they?!

Jack: Jack: I know. You and Mom are splitting up for good. I could tell. It's okay, Dad. Now, I can be like all my friends

(Stephen, with tears in his eyes, hugs his son, Jack)

Connor: If you can't go to God, God will come to you.

Episode References
Gulf War Syndrome: is usually found in people who has been to a Gulf War (Iraq, Kuwait, etc.). When soldiers are starting to have the syndrome, the US Government claims it's from the stress. However, a chemical agent could also cause the syndrome and some believe it's the result of biological warfare conducted by the U.S. Government on US soldiers, therefore blaming the US Government. For more on Gulf War syndrome, click here.

It is reveal that Frank Powell served in the US Army before and his CO (Commanding Officer) died of Gulf War syndrome, so Frank was very emotional when he said, " the military blames it on fatigue or pre-existing conditions, instead of admitting the shots we took made us even sicker. It's the Gulf War Syndrome all over again"

When her identity is exposed, viewers are left wondering if it is Gulf War Syndrome. Did the US Government send that woman there to cover it up, maybe from some biological warfare the Government conducted on the sick soldiers. Did the Government really do it in real life? As of today, no real evidence supports they did and the episode left it at that.

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