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Dr. Connor, Miles, and Frank are summoned to a Bahama resort to investigate why adult vacationers are starting to fall ill. But when the children also start to fall ill, the team realize they don't have much time left. Meanwhile, Durant and Rossi are in Miami to investigate an illness of an old man.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 40547002
Airdate: Friday September 24th, 2004

Director: Marc Buckland
Writer: Daniel Arkin

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Veronica) Aug 30, 2009

Guest Stars
Alyssa ShaferAlyssa Shafer
As Gracie Harring
Andrew AbelsonAndrew Abelson
As Vaughn Kazerian
Christina ChangChristina Chang
As Jenny Small
Johnny SneedJohnny Sneed
As Dan Harring
Kristen ArizaKristen Ariza
As Staff Babysitter
Lonnie HughesLonnie Hughes
As Dr. Clement Morris
Lydia BlancoLydia Blanco
As Anel Diaz
Patrick FabianPatrick Fabian
As Gary Riesen
Sarah AverySarah Avery
As Julie
Tony PerezTony Perez
As Raymond Diaz
Tracy MiddendorfTracy Middendorf
As Anne Harring
Wil AlbertWil Albert
As Gerald Borman


As the respiratory problem is starting to get worse and with the disease starting to spread fast, the NIH team is summoned to investigate. As the disease starts to spread further, Connor makes a bold move to quarantine the entire island. He’s afraid if people leave, the disease will spread to the US mainland..

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Episode Notes
The feature song, Island in the Sun, was played in the first scene of the episode.

Ratings: 3.2/10 in 18-49,
8.3 million viewers overall

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
WeezerIsland In The Sun 

Episode Quotes
Dr. Stephen Connor: Run down what we have, Dr. McCabe.
Dr. Miles McCabe: For whose benefit?
Frank Powell: Yours.

Eva Rossi: No high-end resort is going to set aside space for a clinic when they can book a room for $600 a night.

Stephen: I need a list of all the guests - who's sick, who's not, what rooms they're in, what they've been eating and drinking. I need a record of every illness documented here in the last two years, as well as every suspected case of TB on the island.
Jenny: My God, that's going to take time.
Stephen: You strike me as competent.

Stephen: Remember, there's enough fax machines and cell phones to create a panic. Let's keep this think quiet, okay?
Miles: Okay.
Frank: Got it.

Eva: So, how are things going with that hockey player?
Natalie: Excuse me?
Eva: That guy, Jeremy...Joe...
Natalie: Jordan. It's over...Why do you ask?
Eva: You don't see that many women who are beautiful and brilliant. I would think men would be all over you.

Miles: Quarantine? Don't you think that's a little drastic? This thing isn't airborne.
Stephen: The point is, we know the source is here. If the patients disperse to the mainland and the infection spreads, we won't know where to look.

Gary Riesen: I've chartered a boat from Miami to pick up the patients. I pulled every string I had to get it.
Stephen: Tell it to turn around.
Gary: Why should I? The people who work for me, the people who I care for, are getting sicker. I had two more employees go down this last hour.
Stephen: That's my point, exactly. As bad as this seems, at least we're in a closed, controllable environment. If one sick person were to reach the mainland, there's no stopping runaway infection.
Jenny Small: You have no jurisdiction, Dr. Connor. Your team is here at the invitation of the local Ministry of Health. You can't, personally, place the island under quarantine.
Stephen: You're absolutely right, Ms. Small. I have no jurisdiction. But, what I do have is fifteen years of experience, all over the world, seeing first-hand what infectious disease can do, how fast it can spread and how viciously it can kill. So, if closing this place down for a few days means saving thousands of lives, so be it.
Gary: I'm trying to understand, Doctor. But, you yourself said that you didn't know what this is. Maybe, it's nothing.
Stephen: Suppose it's not? Suppose we don't contain it here? Do you want your company or your company (to Jenny) associated with the legal and financial responsibilities of exposing hundreds of thousands of people? But, it's your call, Mr. Riesen.
Gary: Okay. I'll tell the boat to hold. For now.

Kazerian: I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be uncooperative, it's just that this has been a very trying two weeks for me. First, Elli passes away and now, the NIH thinks I have something in my gallery that's killing people.

Miles: Hey, Kim, you are not going to die. Dr. Connor is the best. I know you don't know him, but he's a brilliant man.

Gary: The healthy people are going home. The sick people are going to the hospital. As you said, it's my call.
Stephen: Your arrogrance is impressive.
Gary: Right back at ya, Doctor.

Frank: You know, it's ironic that people from the city come here to get close to nature and nature bites them in the ass.
Stephen: Yeah, nature's funny that way. Take the biggest animal in the world, the blue whale, pit it against the tiniest microscopic bacterium, the bacterium kills the whale every time.

Stephen: The child's blanket could have been contaminated here in the room, which explains how the little girl got sick, but what about the others? If he stashed the marijuana in the luggage or under the bed, it still doesn't explain how those in the other rooms got infected.
Frank: Smitty.
Stephen: What?
Frank: James Peter Smith. My third year bunkmate in the Navy. Nice guy, an okay sailor, but a major pothead. Anyway...every time the NCO came around, ol' Smitty would hide his stash up in the vent.
Stephen: The vent.

Frank: Cow feces in art. Who would've thought.
Miles: My dad always said modern art was crap.

Natalie: You're not going to give me one of your "we may have won the battle, but not the war" speeches, are you?
Stephen: I'm too tired.
Natalie: Good, because I think we did a damn good job and I don't want to hear it.

Episode References
Frank: The '76 outbreak was linked to air conditioning, wasn't it?

The 1976 outbreak infected more than 180 people and killed 29 American Legion members at the Philadelphia hotel. The disease is later named as Legionnaire's disease.

Stephen: Get blood, urine, mantoux scratch and full history.

That is the first sign on this series where Stephen trusts Miles and want him to help out treating patients. Remember from the first episode how he doesn't quite trust Miles yet.

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