Season 1

1 :01x01 - Moon Probe

XMP13 - Experimental Moon Probe 13 - is a planned three-man circumlunar flight. It runs into a snag, and the word "brenschluss" is introduced to an American popular audience.
Guest Stars: Angie Dickinson as Mary McCauley | Paul Burke (1) as Major Billy Williams | Paul Richards as Air Force Liaison Officer (Paul) | H.M. Wynant as Major Joe Hale | John Vivyan as Ground Controller | Robert Cornthwaite as Reporter #2 | Stacy Harris as Reporter #3 | James Anderson (1) as Reporter #1 | William Phipps as Technical Officer | Ed Kemmer as Communications Officer | Charles Maxwell as Technical Officer | Susan Dorn as Oregon Mini-Track | Ashley Cowan as TBD | John Bleifer as Russia Mini-Track | Jacques Gallo as France Mini-Track | Robert Kino as Japan Mini-Track | Sam Capuano as TBD | Moody Blanchard as Florida Able-1 Mini-Track | Charles Herbert as Pete McCauley
Director: Walter Doniger
Writer: Arthur Weiss

2 :01x02 - Moon Landing

Col. McCauley commands a four-man lunar landing mission, but one of the men is injured en route only to conceal his injury rather than abort the mission.
Guest Stars: Joe Maross as Maj. Patrick Donon | Paul Lambert as Gen. Roberts | Dean Harens as Dr. Russ Russell | Karl Swenson as Senator Jim Sloane | Don Oreck as Maj. Mason Trett | Ernestine Barrier as Mrs. Russell | Jack Mann as Major Hall | Edward Paul as TBD | Andrew Glick as Pete's Friend | Charles Herbert as Pete McCauley
Director: Walter Doniger

3 :01x03 - Building a Space Station

The first two sections of a circular space station are mated in orbit, but not without incident.
Guest Stars: Don Dubbins as Lt. Bill Smith | Christopher Dark as Capt Les Forsythe | Nancy Hadley as Paula Smith | Bartlett Robinson as General Robert Hicks | Don Kennedy as Capt. Dan Michaels | Jack Mann as Major Hall | Michael Galloway (1) as Worker #1 | Walter Stocker as Worker #2 / Chuck
Director: Otto Lang

4 :01x04 - Water Tank Rescue

Col. McCauley's team suffers a casualty while setting up the beginnings of a moon base, and are told that he cannot survive the acceleration of takeoff.
Guest Stars: Jon Shepodd as Lt. Rick Gordon | Joan Taylor as Carol Gordon | Paul Langton as Major Warnecke | Gar Moore as Capt Hal Roberts | Stephen Talbot as Tommy Gordon | Richard Travis as Prof. George Grayson | Peter Walker (1) as Lt. Frank Werner | Barry Brooks as Ground Control Captain
Director: Otto Lang
Writer: Ib Melchior

5 :01x05 - Lost Missile

When the first remote-controlled nuclear missile goes off course and threatens a lunar expedition, its guilt-ridden creator insist on accompanying McCauley to try and remove the nuclear pile before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Dr. William Thyssen | Marcia Henderson as Helen Thyssen | Ken Lynch as Gen. Thomas | Gavin MacLeod as Dr. Dave Parsons | Jeremy Slate as Capt. Parrish | Jim Stockton as Lt. Hargraves
Director: Walter Doniger

6 :01x06 - Moonquake

McCauley leads a team to the moon to conduct seismographic experiments, but communications officer Tom Farrow is distracted by news that his wife was in a car accident. Things take a turn for the worse when a moonquake knocks the ship over and Tom disappears down a fissure.
Guest Stars: Arthur Franz as Capt Tom Farrow | Denver Pyle as Dr. Peter Riber | Bek Nelson as Jane Farrow | Ross Elliott as Dr. George Batton | Britt Lomond as Bruegel | Robert Karnes as Sy Robbins | Ann Doran as Nurse | Michael Keene as Dr. Strauss (as Mike Keene) | Leonard Graves (1) as General | Sumner Williams as General's Aide
Director: Lee Sholem

7 :01x07 - Space Trap

McCauley is sent on a rescue mission when manned probe MR127 goes silent halfway home from the moon.
Guest Stars: Peter Hansen (1) as Dr. Charles Cooper (as Peter Hanson) | Robert Gist as Capt. Dan Freer | Russ Conway as Gen. Devon | Ron Foster as Lt. Neil Templeton (as Ronald Foster) | Dallas Mitchell as Lt. Pat Warren | Michael Chapin as Lt. Rick Staab | Joe Haworth as Ground Control
Director: Charles Haas

8 :01x08 - Asteroid

Skyra, a three-mile asteroid, has unexpectedly settled into Earth orbit at 3,000 miles altitude, and McCauley leads a mission to investigate the possibility of turning it into a space station.
Guest Stars: Bill Williams (1) as Dr. Stacy Croydon | Herbert Rudley as Dr. Waring | Joyce Meadows as Lynn Croydon | Walter Reed as Gen. Barker | Richard Crane as Maj. Emery | Lionel Ames as Capt. Draper | Richard Bull as Radio Operator
Director: Lee Sholem

9 :01x09 - Edge of Eternity

When a meteor strike takes out the reserve oxygen supply on McCauley's ship, he and his two crewmates must do whatever it takes to survive for their rendezvous with Space Station Astra before they asphyxiate.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Corey Allen as Lt. Johnny Baker | Kem Dibbs as Maj. Harvey Sparkman | Mary Webster as Ellen Baker | Louis Jean Heydt as Summers | Sue Carlton as Patsy Sparkman | Clark Howat as Maj. Gordon Briggs | Hal Hamilton as Westlake
Director: Nathan Juran

10 :01x10 - Burnout

A new alloy holds the promise of an improved re-entry vehicle, but during the first manned test astronaut Gibson is forced to eject, overruling Stark's objections and what the instruments say.
Guest Stars: John Sutton as Vice Marshal Malcolm Terry | Lance Fuller as Capt Bob Stark | Robert Clarke (2) as Major Gibbie Gibson | Donna Martell as Molly Gibson | Barbara Bestar as Nan | Ken Drake as Prof. Emerson | Tom McNamara (1) as Committee Member
Director: Alvin Ganzer

11 :01x11 - First Woman on the Moon

The Air Force decides to determine how woman can handle living on the moon, and choose Major Joe Hale's wife Renza. Joe is initially happy to have his wife along, but the couple soon begin bickering when Renza feels cooped up, forced to cook for the men.
Guest Stars: Nancy Gates as Renza Hale | H.M. Wynant as Major Joe Hale | Harry Jackson (1) as Major Markey | Tyler McVey as Major General Norgath | Norman Leavitt as Doctor | Denny Niles as Moonbase Tech #1 | Max Huber as Moonbase Tech #2
Director: Herman Hoffman

12 :01x12 - Christmas on the Moon

McCauley takes two astronomers up to the moon on Christmas Day, but when one of them is trapped in an isolated observation post with appendicitis, only a miracle can save him.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Keith Larsen as Jim Nichols | Whit Bissell as Oliver Farrar | Patricia Manning as Edith Nichols | Paul Langton as Major Warnecke | Del Russel as Johnny McCauley | Sean Bartlett as Col. Stan Adams | Charles Herbert as Pete McCauley
Director: Richard Carlson

13 :01x13 - Quarantine

A physicist and biologist don't get along on Earth, but each makes sure that they're assigned to the same two-week workshift on Space Station Astra. However, when one of them is endangered, the other one must put his life at risk to help his associate.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Dr. Randolph | Simon Oakland as Dr. Horton | John Milford as Dr. Hamilton | Guy Stockwell as Lt. Murphy | Ray Teal as General Sam Warren | Donald Freed as Ground Control
Director: Walter Doniger

14 :01x14 - Tankers in Space

McCauley recruits two brothers to handle the precision flying necessary to do inflight refueling in space.
Guest Stars: James Drury as Maj. Nick Alborg | Murray Hamilton as Lt. Col. Bill Alborg | Phillip Terry as Col. Stoner | Robert Brubaker as Gen. Warren | Mary Newton as Mrs. Alborg | Helen Mowery as Dorothy Alborg | Jenifer Lea as Helen | Jack Emrek as Operations Chief
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Arthur Weiss

15 :01x15 - Sea of Stars

A pair of new astronauts find out the hard way why McCauley is such a stern taskmaster.
Guest Stars: Fred Beir as Lt. Art Frey | Nan Peterson as Ann Hammond | Audrey Clark Caire as Jerry's Girlfriend (as Audrey Clark) | Jack Ging as Lt. Jerry Rutledge | Tom Brown (1) as Major Franklin | Angus Duncan as Franklin's Assistant | Jim Cody (1) as Radio Operator
Director: Lee Sholem

16 :01x16 - A Handful of Hours

A solar electrical disturbance leads to a crash landing on the far side of a mountain range from the moonbase. McCauley must get his co-pilot and two scientists to the moonbase... but one man must die so the other three can live.
Guest Stars: Peter Baldwin (1) as Lt. Bob Kelly | Mark Dana as Dr. Prescott | William Schallert as Dr. David Orrin | Logan Field as Col. Adams | Bill Lundmark as Lt. Denny (as William Lundmark) | Del Russel as Johnny McCauley | Scott Davey as Jerry Kelly | Wade Cagle as Lt. Cagle | Robert Emmett O'Connor as Sgt. Sparkman (as Robert O'Connor)
Director: Alvin Ganzer

17 :01x17 - Earthbound

A cocky electrical technician who aspires to be an astronaut stows away on McCauley's flight, but his presence leads to an electrical short that deprives the ship of power. And without power, the spaceship will soon plummet into Earth's atmosphere and burn up.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Robert Reed as Russell Smith | Anne Benton as Julie Wills | Byron Morrow as Glen Stillwell | John Garrett (1) as Captain Bill Williams | Don Edmonds as Lt. Eden
Director: Nathan Juran

18 :01x18 - Caves of the Moon

A scientist driven by a secret personal tragedy attempts to validate his theory of ice on the moon. However, his obsession soon puts McCauley and his crew at risk.
Guest Stars: John Howard (2) as Dr. Rowland Kennedy | Paul Comi as Major John Arnold | Donald May as Capt. Doug Bowers | Lillian Hamilton as Mrs. Bennett
Director: Lee Sholem

19 :01x19 - Dateline: Moon

A cocky reporter wins a drawing to go to the moon and plants a fake story that he plans to announce on a worldwide live broadcast, assuring him high ratings.
Guest Stars: Harry Lauter as Jimmy Manx | Ray Montgomery as Paul Carlson | Lisa Gaye as Joyce Lynn | King Calder as Morrison | Patrick Waltz as Henry Gorman | Rand Brooks as Ron Carlson | Dennis Moore as Moonbase Crewman | Dana Enlow as Hal | Brad Forrest as Moonbase Crewman |
Uncredited: Bill Lundmark as Lt. Denny

20 :01x20 - Moon Cloud

McCauley accompanies two geochemists on an expedition to the moon to confirm the existence of radioactive deposits. However, the jealousy of one scientist threatens the other.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Perry Holcomb | Douglas Dick as Dr. Harold Carter | Allison Hayes as Mandy Holcomb | John Cliff as General Tunney | William Masters as Captain Van Fleet (as Bill Masters)
Director: Otto Lang
Story: Sidney Kalcheim | Teleplay: Michael Plant

21 :01x21 - Contraband

When a sample of the rare Specimen 9 turns up in the hands of an industrialist, McCauley realizes that someone on his last expedition brought it back from the moon. Now he must take the four scientists back to the moon and trick the guilty party into revealing himself and the location of the deposit.
Guest Stars: James Coburn as Dr. Narry | Robert Christopher as Dr. Bromfield | Robert Osterloh as Dr. Jack Rice | Don Ross as Dr. Orr | John Close as Colonel Ferretti | Pat McCaffrie as Major Stubblefield
Director: Alvin Ganzer

22 :01x22 - Dark of the Sun

Three astronomers apply for a mission where only two can be chosen. The two men fight over the opportunity to marry the third, Muriel, to assure that they are the ones chosen. Meanwhile, Muriel deals with their romantic interests as well as what she perceives as condescending treatment from McCauley.
Guest Stars: Carol Ohmart as Dr. Muriel Catherine Gallagher | Manning Ross as Dr. Torrance Alexander | Bill Lechner as Major Paul Ellis (as William Lechner) | Dennis McCarthy as Dr. Caleb Fiske | John McNamara (1) as General A.W. Withers | Robert Darin as Sergeant
Director: Alvin Ganzer

23 :01x23 - Verdict in Orbit

McCauley must choose between duty and retribution when he discovers that the scientist he's escorted to Space Station Astra was the hit-and-run driver that struck his son Peter.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Peter Adams (2) as Dr. Arnold Rawdin | Tod Griffin as Lt. Col. Vern Driscoll | Norman duPont as Sgt. Wilson (as Norman DuPont) | John McCann (1) as Sgt. Wilson | Robert Dornan as Radio Operator | Charles Herbert as Pete McCauley
Director: Nathan Juran
Story: Sidney Kalcheim | Teleplay: Michael Plant

24 :01x24 - Is There Another Civilization?

A piece of manufactured metal from a debris cluster strikes a spaceship as it returns to Earth, and McCauley is assigned to go up and recover more specimens. However, meanwhile the three members of the original crew die one by one in mysterious accidents.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Paul Carr as Captain Swanson | John Compton as Major Summers | Tyler McVey as Major General Norgath | John Bryant as Major John Bowers | Joe Flynn (1) as Carey Stoddart | Mike Rayhill as Major Al Lewisham | David Bedell as Major Johnny Ferrell | Howard Vann as Major Dolan
Director: Nathan Juran

25 :01x25 - Shadows on the Moon

McCauley and his three-man team encounter mysterious phenomena on the moon which suggests that some alien life form is stalking them.
Guest Stars: Gerald Mohr as Dr. Bernard Bush | Mort Mills as Dr. George Coldwell | Harry Carey, Jr. as Major Jim Blythe
Director: Alvin Ganzer

26 :01x26 - Flash in the Sky

Scientist Guthrie Durlock is determined to help recover his errant Venus rocket. McCauley refuses to let him go because Guthrie disobeyed him on a previous mission, but Guthrie goes over the colonel's head. However, the recovery mission becomes dangerous when the two ships become magnetically charged, making it impossible to approach safely.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | John Lupton as Dr. Guthrie Durlock | Joan Marshall as Lorrie Sigmund | William Hudson (2) as Major Hardwin | Mark Houston as Lt. Walker | Robert Emmett O'Connor as Sgt. Sparkman (as Robert O'Connor)
Director: Walter Doniger

27 :01x27 - Lunar Secret

Captain Kyle Rennish loses his wife in a car accident and his daughter has trouble accepting her mother's loss. Nonetheless, he goes on a photo recon mission to the moon with McCauley, and discovers a strange manmade metal object.
Guest Stars: John Hudson (1) as Captain Kyle Rennish | Sally Bliss as Dr. Alice Roe | Kort Falkenberg as Lt. Rudy Manton | Mimi Gibson as Jenny Rennish | Robert Courtleigh as Captain Jerry MacIntyre
Director: Franklin Adreon

28 :01x28 - Voice of Infinity

Two scientists come aboard Space Station Astra to test equipment that allows them to determine when a crewman has reached the breaking point and must be relieved of duty. However, when a malfunction causes the station to rotate out of control, McCauley must go beyond his breaking point to save the lives of his men.
Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Major Steve Hawkes | Charles Cooper as Dr. Thomas Ward | Ralph Taeger as Cpl. Fred Jones | Charles J. Stewart as Major Canell (as Charles Stewart) | Rand Brooks as Captain Reeve | Barnaby Hale as Cpl. Saunders
Writer: Ib Melchior

29 :01x29 - From Another World

McCauley makes an unconfirmed sighting of a fossil impression on an asteroid. However, his superiors suspect that he may be suffering from stress and order him grounded, leading McCauley to wonder if his friends are turning against him.
Guest Stars: Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | Russ Conway as Major General Charles G. Devon | Edward Platt as Dr. Luraski | Alan Dexter as General Frank Brereton | Rand Harper as Major Patrick
Director: Herman Hoffman

30 :01x30 - Emergency Mission

When the son of a friend is trapped on a spaceship rocketing out into the solar system, McCauley launches a desperate rescue attempt aboard an experimental ship.
Guest Stars: Donald Woods (1) as Col. Jim Benson | William Leslie as Captain Ron Benson | John Baer as Major Hodges | Anne Neyland as Anne Benson | Wayne Mallory as Joe | Edson Stroll as Second MR-28 Crewman | Taldo Kenyon as Peters
Director: Alvin Ganzer

31 :01x31 - Beyond the Stars

McCauley and two men take up duty at a lunar observatory on the far side of the Moon. When one of them is injured, they start picking up strange rhythmic signal from a planet 200 light-years away.
Guest Stars: Gene Nelson as Major Charles Randolph | Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley | James Best as Lt. John Leonard | Sally Fraser as Donna Talbot
Director: Jack Herzberg

32 :01x32 - Mission to Mars

The arrivals of the Russians on the Moon sparks off a friendly rivalry when both sides work to launch a Mars flight first. Both ships launch, and when the Russian ship suffers an accident, McCauley has to decide whether to go to their aid or reach Mars.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Slate as Capt. Jim Nicholls | John van Dreelen as Col. Tolchek | Jack Hogan as Major Ingram | Don Eitner as Major Ralph Devers | Tyler McVey as General Miles | David Janti as Major Golov | Ted Roter as The President | Wil Huffman as Cmdr. Mikhail Markov
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Lewis Jay

33 :01x33 - Moon Trap

McCauley launches a desperate rescue attempt to save two officers trapped on the Moon with only two hours of oxygen. The men take refuge in a cave and boil off liquid oxygen to breathe... but an avalanche seals off the cave mouth.
Guest Stars: Dan Barton (1) as Major Tom Jackson | Don Burnett as Capt. Dick Jackson | Robin Lory as Harriet Jackson | Michael Keene as Colonel Swenson (as Mike Keene) | Richard Emory as Dr. Parker | Jim Cody (1) as Captain Henry
Director: Otto Lang
Writer: Lewis Jay

34 :01x34 - Flare Up

A Russian commander crash lands his ship on the Moon. To cover up his apparent incompetence, he sneaks into the American moonbase while McCauley and his men conduct a search, and then locks them out as their oxygen supply dwindles away.
Guest Stars: Werner Klemperer as Major Kralenko | Skip Ward as Captain Webb | Eric Feldary as Col Alexandrov | Preston Hanson as Capt Mel Rumbough | Edgar Barrier as Russian General | Jay Warren as Russian Captain | Larry Thor as Major General Mallon | Lee Raymond as Lt. Lou Marlowe
Director: Herman Hoffman

35 :01x35 - Into the Sun

McCauley supervises a project to launch atomic waste into the Sun for safe disposal. He finds himself working with a former Air Force pilot who retired after a re-entry accident, and discovers that the man now has a dangerous lack of confidence in his work.
Guest Stars: Paul Picerni as Bob King | Harp McGuire as Major Tex Nolan | Nelson Leigh as General R.E. Adams | Mack Williams (1) as Mayor Clark
Director: Jack Herzberg
Story: Fred Freiberger | Teleplay: Lewis Jay

36 :01x36 - The Sun Never Sets

McCauley is sent to England to help the British Rocket Group develop their Vega Rocket. When he learns that they plan to use first-stage rockets as second-stage boosters, McCauley advises against it. His advice is ignored and he soon has to mount a rescue mission when Vega tumbles out of control.
Guest Stars: John Sutton as Vice Marshall Malcolm Terry | Robin Hughes as Captain Tom Hetherford | David Frankham as Neil Bedford Jones | Mavis Neal Palmer as Lady Alice Bedford Jones (as Mavis Neal) | Roy Dean as Flight Lieutenant Sopwith | Sydney Smith as General
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Lewis Jay

37 :01x37 - Mystery Satellite

En route to the Moon, McCauley and his crew spot a mysterious object that holds to a parallel course. A later ship spots the object and follows it, and disappears under mysterious circumstances. Now McCauley vows to find the object and solve the mystery.
Guest Stars: Brett King (2) as Major Tim O'Leary | Edward Mallory as Capt Don Miller | Harry Ellerbe as Maj. General Albright | Charles Maxwell as Col. Frank Bartlett | Mike Steele as Major Vic Enright | George Diestel as Maj. Bob Williams | Mel Marshall as Sgt. Tucker
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Lewis Jay

38 :01x38 - Flight to the Red Planet

McCauley leads the first expedition to Phobos, the moon of Mars. Dr. Morrow, the lead scientist, insists on making his observations. When a fuel leak forces them to cut the mission short, Morrow disappears and McCauley has to find him before they are forced to depart.
Guest Stars: Marshall Thompson as Major Vic Devery | Michael Pate as Dr. Morrow | Tom Middleton as Captain Jim Nichols | Harry Ellerbe as Maj. General Albright | John Zaremba as Dr. Tola
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Lewis Jay
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1959
Ended: September 14, 1960
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