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Men into Space: Moon Probe

XMP13 - Experimental Moon Probe 13 - is a planned three-man circumlunar flight. It runs into a snag, and the word "brenschluss" is introduced to an American popular audience.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Wednesday September 30th, 1959

Director: Walter Doniger
Writer: Arthur Weiss

Guest Stars
H.M. WynantH.M. Wynant
As Major Joe Hale
Charles MaxwellCharles Maxwell
As Technical Officer
Charles HerbertCharles Herbert
As Pete McCauley
Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson
As Mary McCauley
Paul Burke (1)Paul Burke (1)
As Major Billy Williams
Paul RichardsPaul Richards
As Air Force Liaison Officer (Paul)
John VivyanJohn Vivyan
As Ground Controller
Robert CornthwaiteRobert Cornthwaite
As Reporter #2
Stacy HarrisStacy Harris
As Reporter #3
James Anderson (1)James Anderson (1)
As Reporter #1
William PhippsWilliam Phipps
As Technical Officer
Ed KemmerEd Kemmer
As Communications Officer
Susan DornSusan Dorn
As Oregon Mini-Track
John BleiferJohn Bleifer
As Russia Mini-Track
Jacques GalloJacques Gallo
As France Mini-Track
Robert KinoRobert Kino
As Japan Mini-Track
Moody BlanchardMoody Blanchard
As Florida Able-1 Mini-Track
Main Cast
William LundiganWilliam Lundigan
As Col. Edward McCauley


An Air Force liaison officer escorts reporters in to document the historic event from next door to the control room. The experimental moon probe, XMP-13, is preparing for launch. The liaison officer asks the reporters to stick to the release schedule for press stories and assures them that there are hot lines to all the major press outlets. The reporters ask to see McCauley and the liaison officer says that they’ve allowed some time, but warn that they’re on a tight schedule...

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Episode Notes
The following special credit appears on-screen: We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation, technical assistance, research and facilities furnished by Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Air Research and Development Command, Office of the Surgeon General, School of Aviation Medicine. Space suits worn in outer space sequences provided by the United States Navy.

Episode Quotes
Reporter #3: Mrs. McCauley, may I ask you one question?
Mary McCauley: But I’ll answer it. As long as I’ve known my husband, he’s been reaching for the sky. And I like to think that this flight means going just a little higher.

Reporter #3: Will you attempt a landing on the Moon?
McCauley: No, no we don’t have the know-how. Yet.
Reporter #3: Colonel, are you scared?
McCauley: No comment.
Reporter #3: Well, then, why…?
McCauley: There’s a mountain somebody has to climb it. Mountains on the Moon just happen to be a few thousand miles higher. Let’s call it a way of life.
Reporter #3: Going to the Moon, a way of life?
McCauley: Let’s say science is a way of life.

Ground Controller: Control to XMP. You are drifting at 25,600 miles an hour. Seven degrees off planned trajectory.
Reporter #3: What does he mean, “drifting”?
Air Force Liaison Officer: You know what infinity means? Well, that’s exactly what he means. They can’t stop themselves.

Narrator: Destination, infinity. Was that to be the fate of the XMP-13? Speed 25,600 miles per hour. No power. No way to alter its course. Magnetic shoes will counteract weightlessness, but what repairs will counteract the malfunction?

Narrator: McCauley--a man lost in space. Helpless. Repeating his name, getting no answers. Not even knowing if he’s being heard. What goes on in the mind of such a man? How long will it be? Is it a matter of hours, miles, or is it an eternity?

Air Force Liaison Officer: But I can sum it all up for you. Missiles can be repaired in flight. Now, you’ve proved that beyond any doubt.
McCauley: Something else was proved, too, let’s not forget it. For one half hour, the entire world made one human life more important than anything else.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerIvan Tors  |  Maurice Ziv
ProducerLewis J. Rachmil
Music EditorMilton Lustig
Set DecoratorLucien Hafley
Production CoordinatorHarry R. Sherman
Director of PhotographyEdward Cronjager
Art DirectorRobert Kinoshita
Production ManagementJoe Wonder
Sound EditorLarry Kaufman
Main Title ThemeDavid Rose (1)
Film EditorThomas Scott (2)
WardrobeTommy Thompson (4)
Technical AdvisorMaxwell Smith (2)
Makeup ArtistGeorge Gray (2)
Audio SupervisorAl Lincoln
Special Photographic EffectsJack Rabin  |  Louis Dewitt  |  Irving Block
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