Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  Season 5 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 05/May/2006 Daisy-Bo-Peep
02 01x02 06/May/2006 A Surprise for Minnie
03 01x03 07/May/2006 Goofy's Bird
04 01x04 13/May/2006 Mickey Goes Fishing
05 01x05 14/May/2006 Donald's Big Balloon Race
06 01x06 20/May/2006 Donald and the Beanstalk
07 01x07 03/Jun/2006 Minnie's Birthday
08 01x08 10/Jun/2006 Donald the Frog Prince
09 01x09 24/Jun/2006 Goofy on Mars
10 01x10 08/Jul/2006 Mickey-Go-Seek
11 01x11 22/Jul/2006 Daisy's Dance
12 01x12 05/Aug/2006 Pluto's Ball
13 01x13 19/Aug/2006 Mickey's Treasure Hunt
14 01x14 16/Sep/2006 Pluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure
15 01x15 16/Sep/2006 Daisy in the Sky
16 01x16 22/Sep/2006 Pluto's Best
17 01x17 28/Oct/2006 Mickey's Treat
18 01x18 04/Nov/2006 Minnie Red Riding Hood
19 01x19 17/Nov/2006 Sleeping Minnie
20 01x20 16/Dec/2006 Mickey Saves Santa
21 01x21 12/Jan/2007 Mickey's Color Adventure
22 01x22 13/Jan/2007 Goofy the Great
24 01x24 09/Mar/2007 Goofy's Petting Zoo
25 01x25 12/Mar/2007 Donald's Lost Lion
26 01x26 27/Jul/2007 Donald's Hiccups

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 02x01 26/Jan/2008 Fancy Dancin' Goofy
28 02x02 26/Jan/2008 Season 2, Episode 41
28 02x02 26/Jan/2008 Goofy the Home Maker
46 02x20 17/Nov/2008 Secret Spy Daisy
54 02x28 04/Apr/2009 The Friendship Team
66 02x40 20/Feb/2010 Mickey's Big Surprise

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
67 03x01 27/Feb/2010 Goofy's Goofbot
80 03x14 03/Jan/2011 Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar
83 03x17 11/Apr/2011 Minnie's Masquerade
88 03x22 12/Sep/2011 Space Adventure Part 1
89 03x23 26/Sep/2011 The Go-Getter's
97 03x31 13/Jul/2012 Donald Hatches an Egg
98 03x32 28/Sep/2012 The Golden Boo-Boo

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
99 04x01 05/Nov/2012 Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!
100 04x02 08/Mar/2013 100th Episode: Quest for the Crystal Mickey
101 04x03 05/Apr/2013 Daisy's Pony Tale
102 04x04 02/Jul/2013 Space Adventure Part 2
103 04x05 16/Aug/2013 Mickey's Farm Fun-Fair!
104 04x06 20/Sep/2013 The Wizard of Dizz
105 04x07 18/Oct/2013 Super Adventure!
106 04x08 04/Nov/2013 Mickey's Mystery
107 04x09 22/Nov/2013 Minnie's Pet Salon
108 04x10 14/Feb/2014 Minnie-rella
109 04x11 01/Apr/2014 Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks
110 04x12 18/Jul/2014 Sea Captain Mickey
111 04x13 10/Oct/2014 Mickey's Pirate Adventure
112 04x14 18/Nov/2014 Mickey's Happy Mousekeday
113 04x15 05/Dec/2014 Minnie's Winter Bow Show!

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
114 05x01 19/Jan/2015 Around the Clubhouse World
115 05x02 03/Apr/2015 Mickey's Mousekeball
117 05x04 26/Jun/2015 Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure
118 05x05 10/Oct/2015 Mickey's Monster Musical
119 05x06 13/Nov/2015 Pop Star Minnie!
120 05x07 19/Feb/2015 Chef Goofy on the Go!
121 05x08 06/May/2015 Oh, Toodles!

  Season 5 »
Type: Animation
Genres: Children Cartoons, Children
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 am
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: May 05, 2006
Episodes Order: 32
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