Season 1

1 :01x01 - Saving the People Who Save People, Part 1

Two best friends work at a secret hospital for superheroes. In the opener, the guys discover a doorway leading to the hospital and learn that one of their favorite heroes, Tecton, is in for treatment, and needs them to save him from nemesis Megahertz.

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2 :01x02 - Saving the People Who Save People, Part 2

Two best friends work at a secret hospital for superheroes. In the opener, the guys discover a doorway leading to the hospital and learn that one of their favorite heroes, Tecton, is in for treatment, and needs them to save him from nemesis Megahertz.

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3 :01x03 - Frighty Med

Oliver creates a Frankenstein-inspired play to cover up his secret work at the hospital so his dad won't find out. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar investigate the disappearance of superhero Brain Matter.

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4 :01x04 - I, Normo

Skylar pretends she's Kaz' girlfriend to help him back up a story in return for him teaching her all about the normo world. This makes Oliver jealous.

5 :01x05 - Sm'oliver's Travels

Oliver performs CPR on a popular girls poodle and finds that he is all of a sudden popular. Kaz gets jealous so uses a shrinking ray.

6 :01x06 - Pranks For Nothing

The Great Defender takes things too far when he gets involved in Kaz and Oliver teaching Skylar how to pull off pranks.

7 :01x07 - It’s Not the End of the World

When Kaz and Oliver meet Timeline, a superhero who has the ability to see into the future, they discover that villain Crimson Demon and his three brothers have a plan to destroy the world.

8 :01x08 - Evil Gus

When Gus contracts a strange illness, he develops formidable powers and turns evil. Kaz and Oliver devise a plan to sneak him into the ER for treatment, where they must figure out a way to cure their maniacal friend before he destroys everything in the hospital. Meanwhile, Horace pretends to be Skylar's father for her parent-teacher conference but gets overly carried away with the idea.

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9 :01x09 - Alan's Reign of Terror

Alan is put in charge of the hospital for a day, but he abuses his power and makes life miserable for everyone.

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10 :01x10 - So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick

Kaz applies to be Tecton's sidekick, but Oliver is chosen instead; Alan and Benny form a superhero team of their own.

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11 :01x11 - Lockdown

Kaz plans a surprise birthday party for Oliver at The Domain, but there is a security lockdown at Mighty Med just as they attempt to leave. Convinced that it’s a false alarm, Kaz persuades Oliver to sneak out, but accidentally lets in the villain Revengeance. Patton Oswalt (“The King of Queens”) guest stars as Ed, a former villain, who Wallace enlists to help stage an intervention to get Clyde to give up his evil ways.

Source: DiSNEY XD

12 :01x12 - All That Kaz

Oliver gets a mind-altering superhero to help him become more carefree and spontaneous like Kaz.

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13 :01x13 - The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy

Skylar introduces Kaz and Oliver to her longtime friend Experion, a cool and charming teenage superhero. But when Oliver catches Experion in an evil act, he must convince Skylar that her bestie is not as nice as he seems.

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14 :01x14 - Atomic Blast from the Past

Kaz and Oliver revive a frozen-in-time superhero from the 1950s named Captain Atomic. After Captain Atomic is wounded during a battle with a contemporary villain, the boys must travel back in time to save him.

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15 :01x15 - Growing Pains

Oliver accidentally steps into the line of fire of a superhero's beam.


16 :01x16 - Night of the Living Nightmare

Kaz and Oliver are exhausted and stuck working the overnight shift during a lunar eclipse.


17 :01x17 - Mighty Mad

Logan believes that a substitute teacher is really Dr. Wrath in disguise. Oliver attempts to help Alan.

18 :01x18 - Fantasy League of Heroes

Kaz launches a superhero league at the hospital. However the members become obsessed with their stats.

19 :01x19 - Copy Kaz

Wallace decides to uses an optical image replicator to make Clyde look the same as Kaz.

20 :01x20 - Guitar Superhero

A rockstar discovers she has super hero powers.

21 :01x21 - Free Wi-Fi

Kaz accidentally unleashes a super-villain known as Wi-Fi.

22 :01x22 - Two Writers Make A Wrong

A musical opera, featuring the cast of regular characters.

23 :01x23 - Are You Afraid of the Shark?

Oliver and Skylar feed Horace's pet shark the wrong food, which causes it to become a man-shark.

24 :01x24 - The Pen Is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword

Horace introduces the others to an all-powerful device that looks just like a pen.

25 :01x25 - There's a Storm Coming Part 1 / There's a Storm Coming Part 2

Oliver and Kaz throw Skylar a party to celebrate their friendship.

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Season 2

26 :02x01 - How the Mighty Med Have Fallen Part 1 & Part 2

Kaz and Oliver are trapped in the ER by an evil Skylar and the Annihilator and the two villains plan on taking over the hospital and eventually, the world.

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27 :02x02 - Lair, Lair

Oliver and Kaz attempt to visit the Annihilator's lair to take his collection of superpowers and restore them to the superheroes.

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28 :02x03 - Mighty Mole

Kaz and Oliver suspect that there could be a hospital mole that is working with the Annihilator.

Source: Disney XD

29 :02x04 - The Claw Prank Redemption

Two teenage best friends land after-school jobs at a secret hospital for fantasy characters.

Source: Disney XD

30 :02x05 - Do You Want to Build a Lava-Man?

Oliver and Kaz travel to Skylar's home planet, Caldera, to search for the Annihilator's former mentor, Hapax the Elder.

Source: Disney XD

30 :02x06 - Storm's End

Skylar realizes her powers are greater than the Annihilator's and no longer wants to take orders from him.

Source: Disney XD

31 :02x07 - Future Tense

Kaz from the future visits the boys to warn them about a villain.

32 :02x08 - Stop Bugging Me

Oliver, Skylar, Alan and Gus work on a school project together.

33 :02x09 - Less Than Hero!

In an attempt to recruit new superheroes, Kaz holds superhero tryouts; Oliver takes Skylar to a dance tournament.

Source: Disney XD

34 :02x10 - Oliver Hatches the Eggs

Oliver needs to look after a sack full of highly valuable eggs.

35 :02x11 - Sparks Fly

Spark makes a connection with Kaz; Horace puts Skylar in charge of security to keep villains out of Mighty Med.

Source: Disney XD

36 :02x12 - Wallace and Clyde / A Grand Day Out

Oliver rehabilitates Wallace and Clyde; Kaz tries to give himself super powers.

Source: Disney XD

37 :02x13 - The Key to Being a Hero

The Key Keeper announces his retirement; Oliver meets his mother's new boyfriend.

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38 :02x14 - New Kids Are the Docs

Gulliver and Chaz are employed by Horace. Skylar creates a suggestion box.

39 :02x15 - It's a Matter of Principal

Jordan theorizes that superheroes could be real. Stefanie talks to Skylar about having a fake identity.

40 :02x16 - Living a Dream

Oliver has a dream that manages to inspire a story for a Tecton comic. Alan helps Horace.

41 :02x17 - Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

Chase and Davenport come up with a groundbreaking energy source using a new piece of technology.

42 :02x18 - Thanks for the Memory Drives

Kaz, Oliver and Skylar look for a flash drive containing some important information.

43 :02x19 - The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar

Kaz and Skylar look for an all-powerful Arcturion. Oliver recruits an unlikely candidate to help protect him from Mr. Terror.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: DiSNEY XD ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 2013
Episode Order: 25
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