Moesha, the second show created by Ralph R. Farquhar along with the writing team of Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears (Family Matters), premiered on UPN in the winter of 1996 as a vehicle for Grammy-Award winner/teen idol Brandy and Sheryl Lee Ralph's return to prime time television.
Moesha was the second series by Farquhar after the demise of the highly regard South Central in 1994. Moesha was about Moesha Mitchell as she lives her life and adjust to her new stepmother, Dee. Moesha had always taken care of her father, Frank, and brother Myles before Dee came along. When not at home, Moesha is with her friends, Kim, Hakeem and Niecy at Crenshaw High School or The Den, a local teen hangout.
Following graduation, Moesha and Niecy head off to college together, Kim goes to another college (and series in the form of The Parkers) and Hakeem starts working. The Mitchells gets a new gift in the form of Dorian, Frank's wayward nephew with a secret.

Theme song lyrics:
Mo to the E to the Mo to the E
Up in the Morning
A new day is dawning
Its me, Its me
Now realizing my responsibilities, Its me
My best friends always on my mind, If you wanna be down come on
Gotta do what I what gotta do
Gotta move on
Mo to the E to the Mo to the E

Episode Info

Final: 6x22 -- Paying the Piper (May/14/2001)

Niecy wants to share an apartment with Moesha over the summer because she can't afford the rent. Hakeem wants Moesha to move in with him since Jerome is going away to clown college. Moesha asks her friends for advice and that doesn't help the situation. EveAs everyone is set to leave, Jerome discovers a positive pregnancy test in his hand. Elsewhere, Dorian gives Myles a tour around the recording studio when his former acquaintance, Lamont, arrives with his girlfriend, Diamond. Since Lamont wants a half interest in Dorian's band, "What!." Dorian refuses and Lamont says he understands. Later, Lamont and his sidekick, Big Norm, visit Dorian and reiterate their demands for half of "What!." When Dorian refuses again, Lamont becomes even more threatening. Later in the night Frank and Dee are frantic with worry when Myles fails to return home. When they go out to search for him, Diamond unexpectedly stops by the Mitchell home where Dorian was left to mind the phones. She informs him that Lamont is holding Myles captive until all demands are made. Moesha and Hakeem soon arrive to reveal their news to Frank. Dorian interrupts them and explains that Myles has been kidnapped, Moesha faints.....
As Moesha Denise Mitchell
As Moesha Denise Mitchell
William Allen YoungWilliam Allen Young
As Frank Mitchell
William Allen YoungWilliam Allen Young
As Frank Mitchell
Marcus T. PaulkMarcus T. Paulk
As Myles Mitchell
Marcus T. PaulkMarcus T. Paulk
As Myles Mitchell
Lamont BentleyLamont Bentley
As Hakeem Campbell
Lamont BentleyLamont Bentley
As Hakeem Campbell
Countess VaughnCountess Vaughn
As Kim Parker (S01-S04)
Yvette WilsonYvette Wilson
As Andell Wilkerson (S01-S05)


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6x20: Creepin' recap: Moesha develops writer's block while trying to finish her paper. So she turns to Hakeem for help in hopes of curing her writer's block. But they develop yet another mutual attraction to each other. Niecy has an unexpected fling with Jerome. Moesha promises Niecy that she will not tell anyone if she can keep her and Hakeem's new-found relationship a secret. Hakeem soon becomes confused about their relationship. Later, Hakeem and Moesha discuss reconsidering their relationship. Moesha reveals that she still has feelings for Hakeem, but she isn't ready for a serious relationship again (probably because she was hurt by him kissing Niecy or breaking off her engagement to Q). Hakeem thinks that if they both feel the same way about each other; why hide their feelings. Hakeem expresses that he loves Moesha in front of everyone at The Pendulum. She returns her expression with a kiss. Meanwhile, Frank is not thrilled to learn that Dorian is cutting school to go to the beach with his new girlfriend Lenae who is older than him... read more.

5x2: Fired Up recap: Kasey, the former receptionist, has Moesha follow up on some incomplete messages she took. Niecy drops by Moesha's job because they've made plans to go to the movies. Moesha answers a phone call who happens to be Dr. Maya Angelou and decides to seize the moment to set up an interview with Dr. Maya Angelou as writer at the magazine. Moesha convinces Niecy to pretend to be her secretary. She then interviews Dr. Angelou in Joe's office. Dr. Angelou clues in on the fact that Moesha is hungry for recognition. Moesha confesses that she has decided to bypass college so she can work on her writing career. Dr. Angelou gives her a profound reason to reconsider college. Later, Joe praises Moesha on her writing, but apologizes that he will have to fire her for misrepresenting herself as staff writer. Moesha later tells her family that she has decided to go to college... read more.

recap: Only hours before her senior prom, Moesha gets a call from her date's mother explaining that her son had an injury and will not be able to accompany Mo to the prom. But because she has waited so long for this event, Moesha decides to go alone. Although Kim, Niecy and Hakeem have dates, their prom experiences are far from perfect. Kim's date, Andre, spends more time worrying about his hair than Kim. Hakeem's date uses him as a cover so she can meet with her boyfriend. And Niecy's date, Antonio, chose a dress for her that's so tight that she can't move. After dancing with her father, Moesha meets a handsome mystery man wh asks her to dance. When his beeper goes off at midnight, he thanks her for a wonderful night and dashes away, leaving only a button behind with his initials on it. The next day, the girls go through the last four years of school yearbooks to find Mo's "Cinderfella." But they can't find a match. They realize that R.C. are the initials for the hotel their prom was being held and deduce that he must be an employee. Moesha returns to the hotel to find him, but a hotel supervisor informs her that he has fired the young man for socializing with hotel guests. Moesha waits for a pizza delivery as she tells Kim and Niecy what happened. They try to encourage her, but Moesha is giving up hope. When the doorbell rings, Moesha asks Frank to answer it. The delivery man turns out to be Moesha's "Cinderfella." When Frank hands the pizza to Mo, he tells her that she would have really liked the delivery guy. She jokes about the chance of her liking someone that he likes.
.. read more.
Recurring Guests

Shar Jackson as Gail (20 eps)
Alexis Fields as Alicia (20 eps)
Lahmard Tate as Jerome (17 eps)
Bernie Mac as Uncle Bernie (16 eps)
Fredro Starr as Quinton "Q" Brooks (15 eps)
Jon Huertas as Antonio (14 eps)
Shortie Mac as Nice (14 eps)
Sheryl Lee Ralph as Dee Mitchell (12 eps)
Ricky Harris (1) as J.W. (11 eps)
Dru Mouser as Haley Dillard (9 eps)

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Network: UPN ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 23, 1996
Ended: May 14, 2001
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