Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a patient being rushed in to the hospital; attempted suicide. Just then we see a big guy walk towards the patient; his approach is scary and suspicious. But just then he flashes his light in to the patient’s eye and declares that there is a bomb that went off in the patient’s head; it is no suicide. He orders that the patient should be put on ventilator. He calls for Dr. Wilson. Next, another doctor, Tina Ridgeway, tells an old coupe that Wilson would be performing a surgery on their daughter; Wilson is one of the elite neurosurgeons. Tina joins Wilson in a surgery. The surgery goes well and Wilson tells the old couple to get some rest and come back the following day.

Everyone is relieved. next, Dr. Sydney Napur is surprised to find a patient yelling and shouting at the nurses and doctors. The attending doctor tells Sydney that the woman has been admitted over a period of time for various problems. Sydney was supposed to get engaged; but when the doctor asks about the same, she tells him to check if the woman was exposed to some air borne infection. Next, Dr. Buck Tierney arrives and he is pissed that Tina was rude with a rep in the OR and he thinks that it would jeopardize the relations with the company. Well, it is the company that Buck is closely associated with! But the Chief of Staff tells Wilson and Tina that the rep was authorized to be there. Just then they all get paged; it is from 311; David Martin!

The doctors gather in the conference room. The doctor who gave the spot on diagnosis on the trauma patient in the beginning, Dr. Jeorge Villanueva arrives. Dr. Harding Hooten, Chief of Staff presides over the meeting. He asks David Martin to come up and talk about Mary Macledos. Mary was an avid runner and she came in with a sore hip. Martin prescribed some heavy painkillers and then Mary left. There was no other tests run on Mary; not even the basic or preliminary tests. Later, she came in with hip cancer which later resulted in her death. Hooten announces that Martin’s privileges will be withdrawn. Jeorge is pissed and he yells that had it not been for Martin, three people would still have been alive.

He walks out of the meeting. He then goes to attend a young boy, Quinn, who is a soccer player. He had a head to head collision in a match and since then has been having headaches. He later learns that Quinn is having a large tumor in his temporal lobe. Wilson breaks this news to the mother. they need to operate; now! The mother is shocked. Next, the fat, yelling woman has still not recovered and her attending doctor tells Sydney that he has done every possible test and he found nothing. Tina arrives and takes a pissed off Sydney with her. She then asks Sydney about her engagement. Sydney tells Tina that her fiancée proposed to her but just then she got paged and they broke up! Next, Dr. Sung Park has a patient; her hands just don’t stop shaking; looks as if she is possessed.

The woman and her husband are strong believers and she tells Park that this trembling stops when she drinks wine. Next, Quinn is in surgery. But all of a sudden the brain starts bleeding and Wilson is not able to stop it. Tina arrives to help. Quinn’s heart rate is dropping. They put him out and Wilson tears open the heart and manually pumps it as no other methods seem to work. The blood doesn’t stop oozing and they lose Quinn on the OT; TOD 11.47 am. Wilson is a wreck and he decides to go talk to the mother. Tina tells him to change his clothes as it is covered with blood. Park tells his patient with tremors that death is the worst case scenario. He is very blunt about it. But the woman agrees to go ahead with the surgery. Wilson goes to tell Quinn’s mother about her son’s death.

He then remembers the time when he was young and a surgeon walked up to him and his mother and break the news that “he” could not make through the surgery. Wilson breaks the news to Quinn’s mother; she collapses. Next, Tina arrives home and looks like her husband is pissed. She tells him that she was called to the Or; but he cares less. Tina is upset to see that her marriage is on the rocks. At the hospital, Sydney wakes up a resting doctor and orders some tests for Joanne Whitman. Sydney tells the doctor to call in for the doctor who was looking into Joanne’s case; else his career would be in deep trouble. Jeorge has a talk with Sydney who is walking the hospital corridors at 2 in the morning. She is upset that her ex told her that she would make a horrible mother.

He tells her that she is only doing her job. But now she needs some rest. He asks her to go home. The next day, John thanks Sydney for her diagnosis on Joanne; he admits that she was right. Joanne thanks her for saving her life. Just then she gets paged; 311.7. Another M&M! Park is operating on the woman with tremors. Wilson is recollecting the time the surgeon tells him that he will be okay. Wilson tells Tina that the mother did not once question him about her son’s death. He tells her that in fact the mother was consoling him. In the surgery, Parks manages to stop the tremors and everybody claps for him. The woman can now move her hands perfectly. Hooten commends on Park’s successful operation. But he asks park if he had ruled out every operation before doing a DBS.

Well, Parks is not to well- versed with English and he asks Hooten if he is trying to insinuate him. Hooten corrects him by telling him that he wasn’t trying to insult him; he only wanted to be sure. Hooten also tells him that he needs to work on his language skills! They then head for the meeting. This time it is Wilson who is the doctor in question. Wilson tells them about Quinn’s case. He states that the decision to operate was an immediate one which was taken by him. Hooten asks him as to why he did not seek a second opinion. He did consult with Jeo0rge; but Jeorge is a trauma specialist; not a surgeon! Wilson then says that the boy did not have any remarkable medical history. Wilson then narrates the procedure. Everyone is upset on hearing the whole thing; it is indeed very sad.

Hooten then asks Wilson why he did not try to get in touch with the boy’s father. Hooten then hands over a paper to Wiulson which states the biological history of the boy’s father. The father had a particular type of disease; its main symptom is uncontrollable bleeding. This means that there was a 50-50 chance of Quinn being an uncontrollable bleeder. Everyone is at a loss of words. Hooten thinks that it was arrogance that led to the boy’s death. Wilson did not find it necessary to consult another doctor. He was negligent. Hooten points out that this is what happens when their training is subjugated with arrogance. Tina tries to talk to Wilson; but he doesn’t want to hear anything.

Jeorge arrives and tells Wilson that these sessions are what make them a better surgeon. Jeorge tells him that this is no time to be down and out. They have a critical case on their hands. Wilson pulls himself together and walks in to attend to the patient. We see that all the surgeons are working on this one! Wilson wants to start with cervical fusion. The episode ends.