Deus Ex Machina - Recap

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The episode begins with Wilson waking up after a nightmare. Next, John briefs Sydney about a newly admitted patient. They are unable to figure out what is wrong with her. She asks him to call Jeorge, the trauma chief. John finds the idea ridiculous but Sydney is sure. Park is consulting a 13 year old patient who has a severe neurological condition (tumor) and she doesn’t want to go in for surgery. She tells Park that she knows what she is asking for and also that she knows more about her condition than any neurosurgeons. She says that she is tired. Park tells her that if she doesn’t, she will be dead.

Next, Buck wants Michelle to pronounce a patient dead. The patient is in a BAD shape. He is shot in his head and is most likely brain dead. Buck tells her that he is a donor and that he cannot harvest his organs till he is pronounced dead. The patient’s name is Gavin Jasper. Michelle is reluctant and tries talking to the patient. Buck is getting impatient and calls for Jeorge. We then see that Gavin responds to Michelle’s instructions. Everyone is shocked. Jeorge examines Mrs. Gonsalves. John is sure that Jeorge won’t be able to diagnose. Jeorge asks the lady if she likes to cook and if she prepared pork recently.

She says a yes. Jeorge tells them that the woman has worms in her. She has a cut on her finger and he feels that she must have touched the pork which gave her the worms. John loses the bet with Sydney. Next, Hooten calls another meeting. This time he asks Tina to come up and talk about the surgery of Miss Cash. He asks her if the patient was made aware of the risks before the surgery. She tells her that she personally did not hear the risks being stated to the patient because it is the responsibility of the resident doctor. In this case, it is Michelle. She then proceeds to describe the surgery. But we then learn that Tina had asked Michelle to perform the surgery. Tina thought that Michelle was totally capable of handling meningioma.

But Cash ended up losing her olfactory senses when she was a chef. Hooten thinks that it was irresponsible of Tina to turf the responsibility of this surgery to a resident doctor because it affected Cash’s livelihood. Tina tries to defend her actions by saying that this is how surgeons are trained. Hooten thinks that because of this, Cash will never be able to pursue her career again. Next, Wilson is with a patient and, he hallucinates that Allison is standing at the door talking to him. Allison is the mother of the boy who died on his OT. Next, Tina questions Hooten what the meeting all about. He tells her that he was only preparing her to face Cash’s attorney; she is being sued. Park then explains the 13 year old’s case to Hooten and tells him that the family has refused surgery.

Hooten thinks that Park wasn’t able to explain the consequences of their decision. Park is offended and he tells him to explain it to them. Buck arrives to talk to Jeorge about Gavin. Jeorge tells him that Gavin was declared dead. Buck is relieved; but he sees that Gavin’s mother is present there. He apologizes for his insensitivity. Tina tries to comfort Michelle by telling her that nuisance claims are a common feature for surgeons. Michelle thanks her for standing up for her. Hooten tries to talk to Trisha, the 13 year old, to convince her to go in for the surgery. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to undergo chemo or be hooked up to wires for the rest of the days she lives.

She wants to be with her family and do things she loves to with them. Hooten gives up. Jeorge tries to bully the parents to convince them for the surgery. Park tells them that they should try and not give up. Wilson is still not over Quinn’s death and he calls up Allison and asks her if he could meet her. Allison is surprised. Tina thinks that it is a bad idea because whatever he says could have legal implications. Tina is worried. Sydney knows that there is something going on between Tina and Wilson. She then tells Tina that she made John asks her out. Tina is happy for her. Buck tells a family that the transplant was successful. But just then he sees Gavin’s mother sitting in the waiting room.

He walks up to her and tells her that Gavin’s heart has made life beautiful for six other people. He tells her that his heart has saved someone who could make significant contribution to the society as he is an engineering student. The woman slaps Buck and tells him that she knows that he is trying to imply that her son was a gang member and didn’t mean anything to the society. But now that his heart has gone to someone significant, he too will matter. She is hurt and leaves. Next, Jeorge manages to convince Trisha for the surgery. She is being prepared for the same and her hair is shaved off. She asks Hooten if he will cry in case she dies. Hooten tells her heart that he will because she has touched his heart in a way none of his patients have.

That is exactly why he so badly wants the scalpel inside her head and tumor out. She wants him to do something for her to make her smile. Hooten agrees to do anything. We then see that Hooten has shaved off his hair. Next, Trisha is wheeled into the OT. Hooten calls another M&M. The surgeons are shocked to see a bald Hooten and they laugh. But their delight does not last long enough. Buck is asked to take the stand. Hooten tells Buck that he has been really bad. Buck admits to the fact that he was extremely insensitive towards Gavin’s mother and he apologizes for his behavior. But Hooten tells him that is not the issue. We learn that Buck had contacted three hospitals and deployed six transplant teams and all this while the donor was not deceased.

Michelle tells the room that Gavin was responsive to voice commands when she examined him. Hooten states that Buck is a predator who scavenges around the OR awaiting a dead body so that he can harvest the organs. Buck is hurt and angry. He tells the room that he is not a scavenger. He tells them that he puts in a lot of effort and his line calls in for a lot of precision and timing. He says that he has given life to six people today and is proud about it.

He also states that there are hundreds of thousands of patients who require a transplant as opposed to a few thousand donors. He cannot let things go wrong and he has largely contributed to the hospital’s success rate. He will not accept the title of a scavenger. He walks off. The room is quiet and so is Hooten. Next, Park operates on Trisha and the whole team watches. The surgery is successful. Trisha wakes up and she is able to remember her name. She sees is happy to see that Hooten shaved his head because she wanted him to. Park is now confident that she is alright. He goes to inform her parents. The episode ends.