Who's Sorry Now? - Recap

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The episode begins with a man being rushed to the hospital. His wife is with him and Jeorge tells her that her husband is having a stroke. Michelle and Wilson arrive at the psych ward where Michelle briefs him about their new patient. He is a homeless guy who was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. Wilson tells Michelle that they need to get an MRI done. Next, Tina and Buck are arguing about something and Hooten arrives and tells Tina that her case has gone away; the hospital settled. But now the attorney has his eyes set on Buck because of Buck’s incident on declaring an alive patient dead. Jeorge tells the old man’s wife that there is a swelling in his brain that is causing the stroke and so they will have to do a surgery and create room for the brain.

They will remove a part of the skull and preserve it in the abdomen while he recovers. The wife tells them that her husband has got some directive made where he states that he doesn’t want to be put on the machine if something goes wrong. Jeorge and Park tell her that it is a risky surgery. Wilson looks at Carter’s MRI and tells Michelle that there is a large tumor in Carter’s front lobe and it has been there for 5+ years. Wilson tries to explain to Carter his condition. But obviously Carter does not understand a word. Wilson makes him sign the consent form and Michelle is not happy about the way the consent was taken. Wilson says that Carter has no guardians or relatives and he is in no mental state to sign the consent.

So, he did what he had to. Tina tells Sydney that the hospital settled. Sydney tells her that she should be happy that she doesn’t have to face Mitch Tompkins. Park asks Tina and Sydney to assist him in the old man’s surgery. On the other hand, Wilson is about to have Carter sedated but Carter who thinks that the CIA is after some information that he has with him, asks for a lawyer. The anesthesiologist is not comfortable continuing with the surgery. Once again Wilson explains how crucial this surgery is in order to save Carter’s life. Park, Sydney and Tina complete their surgery and things look good. But just then there is severe edema and he has a seizure. Later, the doctors tell the wife that her husband is brain dead and he is on the ventilator.

Next, Sydney and John are on a date and John tells her that the whole day he was thinking that he would kiss her; but since she is so worked up about the surgery that didn’t go well, it might not happen. Just then a woman chokes on her food and Sydney and John rush to help her. They manage to get the food out but then the woman has some sort of an attack and she collapses. They call 911. Sydney declares that she is not breathing. Wilson and Michelle talk to Carter and Carter tells them that his name is Bryan Cooper. He then asks them to get in touch with his wife. Cooper realizes that it is 2013 and he thought that it was 2006. Sydney arrives at the hospital with the woman and rushes her to surgery. John exclaims that Sydney is an extra ordinary woman and Jeorge tells John that he is over matched.

A woman from Risk Management arrives to meet Park. She gives him some pamphlets that would tell him how to talk to a patient’s relatives post mortem. It also explains that the word “sorry” could work wonders. But Park isn’t interested in listening to this. Next, Buck is being deposed by Mitch Tompkins. Mitch gives him a really tough time. Buck runs out of answers. Wilson tries to get Cooper to remember his past. Michelle arrives and tells Cooper that they were able to locate his wife Marilyn and his two daughters. But then since Cooper went missing, the court granted her divorce and she remarried. Michelle tells Wilson that Marilyn is on her way to the hospital. Buck is outraged at Mitch.

Hooten wants to settle the case and Buck asks him not to settle it. He tells Hooten that he has done nothing wrong. But Hooten tells his lawyer to settle it. Sydney asks Jeorge why he interfered in her relationship with John. Jeorge tells her that he was looking out for her and given her past record with men, he stands by what he did. Hooten congratulates Sydney on saving a life. But going by his tone, Sydney realizes that she had done something wrong. Hooten tells her that she declared that she was from Chelsea General at the restaurant and therefore the hospital will be held liable for any mishaps that could have occurred. He wants her to avoid the singing and dancing the next time.

Wilson and Michelle talk to Marilyn. She tells them that Cooper started behaving erratically and then one day he disappeared and never came back. She thinks that what happened is a miracle. Michelle tells her that Cooper is really scared and that he misses his family. Wilson tells her that Cooper is meeting a counselor and he suggests that she too should meet one before she meets one. It is M and M time and Hooten asks Wilson to explain his case. He then asks Wilson how hard he looked for Cooper’s family. Wilson tells him that he did not have the time. Michelle supports Wilson and tells the room that Cooper was lucky to have Wilson as his surgeon. She knows that the other doctors would walk away from the opportunity gladly and it was only Wilson who dared to perform the surgery without paying any heed to the bureaucratic BS. Next, Hooten calls Park to the stand. He asks him why he displayed such insensitivity towards the wife of the old man when he had advance directives that he did not want to be hooked up to a machine.

Park tells Hooten that any such directives are invalid during the surgery. Hooten asks him then why did he bother asking the wife if she wanted to put her husband on the ventilator. Park says that he did it for courtesy. Hooten tells Park that the reason the old man went through all the hassle to make those legal documents is that he did not want his wife to make the excruciating decision to pull the plug at the last moment. He also points out that Park did not even care to say sorry to the wife. Park feels bad about his actions. Buck is called to take the stand. Hooten tells him that he was callous and he displayed indecency towards Gavin and his mother and also during his deposition.

Hooten is disappointed in them and leaves. Next, Marilyn is ready to meet Cooper and Michelle asks her present husband to stay back. Wilson readies Cooper for the meeting. Marilyn walks into the room and she is surprised to see Cooper. Cooper’s daughters are glad to see their father again. Sydney is in her office and she goes on and on about restaurants serving unhealthy food and the dangers of cigarettes. John arrives and asks her if she ever stops. She says no.

He kisses her. Next, Buck arrives at a pub and sees Jeorge sitting at the bar counter. He walks up to him and asks Jeorge for an honest answer. He wants to know if he is a bad person and Jeorge says a yes. Park goes to the old woman’s house and tells her that he is really sorry. The wife smiles. The episode ends.