Forks Over Knives - Recap

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The episode begins with Tina telling a group that she is treating a patient named Benjamin Takeda who is suffering from OCD and he is now not even able to feed himself. His parents have to force feed him and have kept him alive on protein shakes. They have gathered this morning because Tina wants to seek approval for an unconventional surgery using a gamma knife. This is a psycho surgery. And Jeorge, Park and Buck are against it because the results of such surgeries are always devastating. But Wilson supports Tina. Hooten then asks Tina about her married life and wants to know if it is going well. Everyone is shocked at this question.

Hooten tells the room that they are human beings; but they are the kind which is designed to succeed. And if they fail in any aspect, they try to over compensate. Hooten thinks that Tina’s decision to perform this surgery is a sign of such overcompensation. Tina walks away. Next, a girl is rushed into the hospital. She was horse riding and she fell and the horse kicked her in the chest. Her trainer is with her. Jeorge asks for any medical history, but the trainer doesn’t know anything and she was unable to reach the girl’s mother. They want the trainer to sign the consent to treat. But the trainer is reluctant because the girl belongs to a family who are Christian scientists.

Jeorge calls for Sydney. Tina is pissed at Hooten for bringing up her marriage. Sydney explains that this hospital doesn’t support psycho surgery and so she has to expect some push back. The woman who Park had operated on to treat her tremors, visits him once again. She tells him that she has insatiable sexual desires and it is very embarrassing for her. But Park tells her that sex is good and reduces stress. He asks them to go home. Sydney tells Jeorge that they cannot do anything; the girl whose heart is being crushed with her own blood is also a Christian scientist and she is concentrating on healing herself. A woman arrives and tells them that they were able to contact the parents and they are on their way.

Tina barges into Hooten’s office and wants an explanation. She thinks that Hooten wouldn’t have doubted the procedure if Wilson were to propose it. Hooten tells her that her focus is compromised; but he also knows that Wilson’s focus cannot be nicked. He then tells her that he wants to meet the OCD guy. Next, Hooten meets Park and he tells him that he is being sued for telling the couple, “sex do good. Helps you pee better”. Park is going to have to face Mitch Tompkins. The girl’s parents arrive and they insist on having the tubing removed. Jeorge tries his best to convince them. But they don’t budge. He then asks them to let him bandage the wound which will help her during the travel.

The parents agree. Jeorge and Sydney draw the curtain. Jeorge then puts in a needle and draws the blood collecting around the girl’s heart. Sydney is shocked but she stays with him. Jeorge then tells the parents that their daughter is fine; looks like some miracle. Hooten meets Ben. He then schedules the surgery for Thursday. He tells Tina that he will be assisting her on this surgery. Hooten then explains the procedure and its risks to Ben’s mother. She wants to reduce her son’s suffering and so she wants this surgery to be done. Sydney arrives to meet Jeorge and tells him that she cannot turn a blind eye to what happened. But Jeorge tells her that she has to; else things could get messy.

At home, Tina tells her husband what happened at the hospital. She then tells him that she is having an affair with someone and that she is sorry. The next day, she tells Sydney about the conversation with her husband and Sydney tells her that she should come and stay with her for a while. Park is at his deposition. Hooten asks Sydney about the Christian Scientist girl. Sydney tells him that she was alright and so she was sent home. Just then Mark, Tina’s husband, arrives and serves her the divorce papers. Hooten tells her to gather herself and prepare of the surgery. She tells him that she wouldn’t let him down. Later, Jeorge tries to comfort Tina and tells her that Mark would never understand her because he is not a surgeon.

He then tells her that he needs someone to work the night shifts in the ER and it would be her. He tells her that there is no point in going back to an empty house. At the deposition, Park loses his calm and tells the woman that she has no honor. Two weeks ago, she had tremors that were so bad that she could not hold a pen; and now after he treated her, the first thing she does is signs papers to sue him. Ben is being prepared for the surgery and Hooten calls for another Medical Malpractice Hearing. This time it is Jeorge on the stand. Jeorge defends his actions by telling the room that he did what he had to save a 15 year old girl’s life. The room is silent and no one has anything to say against Jeorge.

Hooten has a comment. He tells Jeorge that he too would have done the same thing; but he also adds that all Jeorge had to do was recognize the girl as an individual and her sovereignty. Next, Park’s patient arrives to meet him and tells him that she is totally ashamed of what she did. She tells him that she has withdrawn the suit. She realizes that her judgment on this one was wrong and she cannot understand what came over her. She apologizes once again and tells Park that the first thing she did after her tremors stopped is draw his picture. She hands Park the picture and leaves. We see that she has taken the liberty to add a smile to his face. Ben’s surgery goes well. Arbra Rivers, the 15 year old girl, arrives to meet Jeorge.

She knows what he did. She tells him that she might have appeared unconscious but she was fully aware of what was happening. She is grateful to him that he gave her life back; but she also states that he took away her faith. She feels that God left her to die. Jeorge tells her that she shouldn’t lose her faith if it helps her. He tells her to believe that God and he tag teamed to save her. Next, after a long day, Tina arrives home and her father calls. She tells him about the complicated surgery that she performed.

Her father then asks her about Mark and she tells him that Mark is alright. She cannot lie to her father any further and so she tells her father that she will call back in a while. She hangs up the phone and bursts into tears. Hooten arrives at Jeorge’s regular hangout and sits next to him. Jeorge inquires about Ben and Hooten tells him that things are looking bright. They have a drink together. The episode ends.