The Legend And The Fall - Recap

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The episode begins with Sydney and John having dinner at a restaurant and Frank joins them at the table. Frank then thanks John for saving his life. Sydney learns that Frank was having some mild chest pains and John discovered a blockage and put in a stent. Frank goes on and on about how John saved his life and how thankful he is. Just then Frank collapses and there is chaos in the restaurant. At the hospital, Michelle is diagnosing a guy who is complaining about headaches. Jorge thanks Tina for her help. Sydney arrives with her new patient and Jorge is surprised as to every time Sydney goes out on a date, she comes back with a patient.

The guy Michelle was diagnosing falls on to the ground and is having a seizure. Jorge takes him to trauma. Tina, Michelle and Jorge work on the boy. Park is in the OR and an elderly surgeon walks into the surgery. He is happy to see Park and asks him why he is in the OR. Park is confused. The surgeon tells Park that this is his patient and that the meningioma in his head needs to be removed. Park tells him that it is night and that the patient is a female and she is being operated for aneurism. The surgeon walks out of the OR looking confused. The assisting doctors wonder what the hell that was. Park tells them to respect the surgeon who is actually a legend. Sydney and John run some tests on Frank and Sydney notices the infection that has spread in his heart.

She then checks the lesions on his hands and feet and declares that Frank has bacterial endocarditis. She tells Frank’s wife that they need to pump in some antibiotics and surgically replace the valves. Sydney tells her that this infection could have happened when Frank went to his dentist to get his teeth cleaned. This normally happens. John looks upset. Later, Jorge and Michelle talk to the boy who had the seizure attack and learn that he is a swimmer. His reports and tests come out clean. Jorge asks him if he took steroids and he denies. Park tells Hooten that there is something not right about the elderly surgeon, Dr. Arvin Wayne.

Buck overhears Park telling Hooten about Wayne and he too tells Hooten that he had a similar, strange experience with Wayne where Wayne seemed a little off. Hooten is not at all pleased to hear this. Michelle checks on the swimmer and he tells her that this is the first time he has seized. He assures her that he doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t smoke or do anything wrong. He also says that he never was in any accident. Tina and Michelle think that the boy is healthy but Jorge feels that they are missing something. Frank is pissed about his infection and he tells Sydney that he is going to sue the hospital. Hooten watches Wayne performing a surgery and Wayne realizes that he is under observation.

The assisting doctor gives an OK signal. Jorge wants to perform a venography on the swimmer and Tina is skeptical. Wilson thinks they should listen to the Big Cat and he then takes Tina aside for a quick talk. He assures her that he will always be there for her and they hug. Park walks in on them, but he quickly leaves. Hooten talks to Wayne and Wayne knows that Park or his assistant went running to him after the earlier episode. Wayne tells Hooten that it was his own fault. Sydney talks to John and asks him if he checked for spots on Frank’s hands when Frank came back after the surgery, complaining about fatigue.

John is upset to see that Sydney is blaming him for whatever happened with Frank. He leaves. Jorge has the results from the venography and he points out that there is no blood flow in the boy’s head, cerebral thrombosis. He tells them that he followed his gut on this one. Tina and Michelle admit that this is an extremely rare condition and they need to remove the clot before the brain swells. Jorge and Michelle talk to Daniel, the swimmer. Jorge tells Daniel that he knows that he has been blood doping. Jorge knows that Daniel used to draw blood from his body, separate the red blood cells and the plasma and then re-inject the good stuff back into his blood.

This was done to increase the supply of oxygen which would boost Daniel’s performance. This also resulted in thickening of the blood and because of that there is a clot formed in one of the veins in his head. Next, Wilson and Buck talk to Hooten about Wayne. They tell him that it is risky for him to perform any surgeries. They know that Wayne is Hooten’s mentor and they all have learned a lot from him. Wilson states that he has learned from Hooten that they cannot compromise with the hospital standards. Tina asks Wilson to assist her in Daniel’s surgery. Michelle meets Daniel and Daniel is embarrassed. He tells her that he wanted to win the Olympic trials and then ask her out for dinner.

Michelle tells him to call his parents because this is a serious surgery. Tina performs the surgery and everyone present in the room is really impressed by the way Tina handled the surgery. Hooten has lunch with Wayne and Hooten takes a sip of water. Wayne knows that is his tell and he also knows that he is in Hooten’s crosshairs. Wayne then reminds Hooten of one of his M&Ms, where he was called to take the stand because Hooten walked in on a wrong surgery at the wrong time. Wayne knows that when one is young, all this doesn’t matter, but when one becomes old, the others around him start getting bothered.

Hooten tells him that he doesn’t doubt his ability, but the others need to see it. He tells Wayne that he needs to take the stand during the M&M. He tells Wayne about the instances that are going to be brought up. Next, the group gathers and Wayne is called to the stand. Hooten asks him the questions and Wayne is ready with his answers. Hooten notices that Wayne’s left hand and realizes that something is off, but he doesn’t say anything and winds up the meeting. Everyone finds this weird. Jorge stops Hooten and wants to know what is going on. He too knows that something was not right. Hooten doesn’t reply and asks him to step aside.

Later, Hooten goes to meet Wayne. He tells him that he noticed that his left limb fell limp. He knows that at that very moment, Wayne had a transient ischemic attack. He also knows that Wayne has been having such episodes for a while and he fears that this could lead to a stroke. Wayne is adamant that there is nothing wrong with him. Hooten hands him the stethoscope and asks him to listen to his carotid artery. If it is clear, then he would hear nothing, but if it isn’t, there would be a whooshing sound. Wayne does the same and tells Hooten that it is clear. He does not allow Hooten to listen to it.

He tells Hooten that he gave him his life and his job and now he is trying to take away his. He asks Hooten to leave and come back only when a patient’s life is compromised because of him. Hooten leaves. Next, Hooten is at the bar with Jorge and he wonders why is it that when Jorge gives a diagnosis, everyone is all praises and when he does, people call him an arse. Jorge says “Charisma baby, some have it and some don’t”.

Tina and Michelle walk into the bar and Hooten commends Tina for the difficult surgery she performed on Daniel. At the hospital, Wayne is lost in a deep thought. He then picks up the stethoscope and checks his carotid artery. He hears the whooshing sound. The episode ends.